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Keith Healey is now running Friday afternoons as a handicapped duplicate. We are encouraging beginners and improvers to join in. We would also like more experienced players to volunteer their services and, if possible, pair up with an improver - perhaps once or twice a month. 1.30pm START.  Please contact Keith on 01782 460639

Data Protection

A folder outlining club members' privacy rights under the Data Protection Act has been placed alongside the photocopier in the bar.

DD Posers
4. Charles Solomon
In 1955 he found himself in this rather poor 6H contract.
West led his spade in response to his partner's overcall, and defends perfectly thereafter.
Charles made his contract single dummy; can you do the same double dummy?
Charles saw that he needed diamonds to be 3-3 and the CA with West. The problem is that playing small from KQ2 towards the J8 will not work since West will play the A.
Playing a high card and West will allow it to hold.
So Charles played the AKD and discarded the KQC. Now ruff a diamond and draw trumps.
Now leading the 2 left West without recourse. If he took his A he must play a club next, since that is all he has left. If he ducks the the J is entry to the diamonds.
Contract made.
3. The Whitfeld Six

This is a six card ending where your task (South) is to make all the tricks.
Spades are trumps and South has the lead.
It was composed by a British mathematics professor W. H. Whitfeld.
It was considered to be very difficult  120 years ago (and still is!)

Cash the CA and unblock the 8 from dummy.
Ruff a heart in Dummy.
Cash the last spade, discarding the DQ from hand.
East can afford to discard the diamond.
West, however, is caught in a triple squeeze.
The club leaves partner open to the finesse. [2 spades, one diamond, 3 clubs]
A diamond is immediately fatal. [2 spades, 2 diamonds, 2 clubs]
So he throws the H7.
Dummy's DA is now cashed and East is squeezed.
A club gives South 3 tricks [2 spades, 1 diamond, 3 clubs]
A heart promotes South's 5 [2spades, 1 heart, 1 diamond, 2 clubs]

No. 2

Having bid to the slam can you make it?
You ruff the CA lead and ?

Cash the SA, unblocking the 10. Play to the SK
Cash the HK and DA. Lead spade to the 9.
Cash the SQ discarding the DQ.
Cash the HA discarding the DK.
Concede a trick to the DJ. Ruff the return.

Cliff's Double Dummy Problem

Having backed yourself with the redouble you need to justify your confidence.
Opening lead is the king of hearts.
Just to make it easy Cliff has let you see all four hands.
Isn't that nice of him......

Ruff the HK with dummy's 3 and underruff with the 2.
Play the S4 and cover East's card.
Cash the DAK.
Cash CA and exit with the C5.
East is forced to return a heart.
Ruff with dummy's 6 and underruff with the 5
Play the D10 and follow with the 6.
If East ruffs, overruff, draw trumps and cash the clubs (unblock the 8!)
If East discards, discard club.
Whatever East does you take the remainder of the tricks.

You are allowed to give East your best smirk.