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22nd Feb 2023 18:05 GMT
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New Directing Rules
(Red is specific to the Noverre)  EBU Announcing Rules

1. No eating at the table, biscuits excluded for both online and F2F

2. Opening 1C where the suit could be less than 4 should be announced as "could be as short as 1,2 or 3 "
NB Could be as short as 0 is alerted

3. If a bid has extra meaning then it must be announced/alerted

a) When playing weak NT, 5 card majors - if your bid could include a 5 card major or a 6 card minor- Annouce

b) When playing 2 over 1, 2C or 1NT over a 1H/S as they  contain extra/unexpected meaning -c  - -  Announce

c) When playing Strong Diamond CRO 1C-2C is game forcing as well as showing a club suit

Jump overcalls need to be announced as they could be either weak,intermediate or strong in the same way as opening 2H/S bids

5.If a bid is not Alerted - Do NOT ask if it is natural - This will be regarded as potentially Unauthorised Information (UI) and will not be looked upon kindly by the Director

Reminder 1 : You can only ask about a bid if you are intending to bid yourself
NB if you ask and subsequently pass you will be in danger of passing UI to your partner which could lead to penalisation

Reminder 2: Dummy should not interfere with play either verbally or non verbally


GDPR Statement

Statement is in News Page

Welcome to Noverre Bridge Club
Online Bridge with Real Bridge

Realbridge.  Visitors welcome @ £2/head table money. (pay in arrears)
To join click on the following.  Information/Where When Link
NB iPad users note there are "New click and tap options" for bidding and play.. 
. Link to Instructions         
For more information on Realbridge contact Martin Oates (


Web Site

Welcome to the Noverre website.
The Club meets every Thursday evening for Duplicate Bridge via RealBridge

Start time 7.00 pm, please be logged in by 6.50 pm

F2F is temporarily suspended due to cold weather and hall heating problems.

(F2F Veuue - Old Lakenham Community Centre NR1 2NG - Click for Map

Start Time 7.00 pm, please be seated by 6.45 pm

Electronic Scoring using BRIDGEPAL.   -    Visitors Welcome

The Club subscribes to the EBU BB@B policy.

Web Site
Partner Finding service

Please contact John Dolamore or David Ellis

The NDS is an unaffiliated club that runs sessions for Players who wish to improve and achieve their potential. 

Email  address is - Website Link is
NDS Website


Swiss Pairs
Director: Martin Oates
Charity Challenge Sim Pairs
Director: Martin Oates
EBU Club Stratified Pairs
Director: Martin Oates
EBU Strat Pairs Club Stratified result
Director: MO
Scorer: DE
Soutar Trophy (6)
Director: Martin Oates
Swiss Pairs
Director: Martin Oates
Noverre Jubilee Trophy (Pairs)
Director: Martin Oates
New Partner (Amies Trophy) (3)
Director: Martin Oates
Soutar Trophy (5)
Director: Martin Oates
30th Mar 2023
Soutar Trophy (3)
Director: Martin Oates
6th Apr 2023
Director: Martin Oates
13th Apr 2023
British Spring Sim Pairs
Director: Martin Oates
20th Apr 2023
Swiss Pairs
Director: Martin Oates
27th Apr 2023
Pivot Teams Trophy
Director: Martin Oates
4th May 2023
Election day Pairs (No F2F)
Director: Martin Oates
11th May 2023
EBED Spring Sim Pairs
Director: Martin Oates
18th May 2023
Jewson Cups (Ladies & Men's Pairs)
Director: Martin Oates
25th May 2023
Flowers Trophy (Teams of 4)
Director: Martin Oates