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NCBA Committee Meeting

The next County Committee Meeting will be held,
Wednesday 5th February 2019 at 7 pm in Nottingham Bridge Club.

Match Results

Team Captains are invited to email match results to the appropriate League Secretary Jane Hall  for Team of 8 results and Shirley Ashtari
for Team of 4 results

7 September 2016

Minutes - Nottingham Contract Bridge Association

7th September 2016

1.     Apologies for absence  

Keith Spencer is in hospital so was unable to attend.  All other members present.

2.     Minutes of the Last Meeting

The minutes of meeting held on 6th June 2016 were approved.

3.     Matters arising.  

There were no matters arising.

4.     Chairman’s Report

The chair felt that the committee needed to interact more with clubs.  The committee should use their initiative to develop new ideas.   As treasurer, Ian needed to be kept informed about the costs of such developments

5.     Received Correspondence

Clare Batten explained that the EBU was changing the way it organised the various committees it runs.  Although all members of the committee had received a copy of the letter from the chair of the EBU via the county secretary, they were not sure what it meant.  It was explained that the EBU would appoint members directly to sit on the committees, rather than ask for nominations, which were then voted on by the shareholders. It was decided that the committee would feed back to Clare their views on this, before the shareholders meeting in November.  There had been a invitation to play in the President’s Cup, but as the county had never sent a team in the past it was decided not to send one this time.  The new master point handbook had some changes to novice events.  Clare informed the committee that Robert Proctor (Chair of Oxfordshire CBA) had invited all members of the existing Midlands Working Group to a separate meeting following on from the problems caused by the resignation of Nicky Bainbridge and the subsequent disagreement over the minutes of the last meeting.  This meeting is not sanctioned by the EBU.  The committee could see no purpose to be gained from sending anyone to this meeting and Clare was asked to politely decline.  Clare will be chairing the next official meeting of the group on 15th September.

6.     Treasurer’s Report  

Ian stated that the current account held £1760 and that the reserves for the county held in a deposit account were around £10,000.

7.     County Captain’s Report

Keith Rodgers reported that he had plenty of people wanting to playing in the second game of the season, although he had struggled to find a team for the match on Sunday.  He was working on a team for the Tollemache and was still considering dates for the proposed friendly with Derby.

8.     Teams of Eight 

Chris Clark thanked Jane Hall for her help in sorting out the rules for the teams of eight league.  All the captains now had a copy of the new rules. Cosmos were now playing under the auspices of the Sunday Tigers Bridge club, so there was no need to have any squads, and therefore this concept had been removed from the rules.

 The fees had been increased as Clare Batten had pointed out to Chris that the teams of eight league was making a loss once the pay to play monies had been taken by the EBU.  Whether to continue with prize money for the first and second placed team will be reviewed at the next meeting.

9.   Teams of Four

Although Keith Spencer was absent, it was generally agreed that it playing these matches over the summer had proved successful.  It was hoped that more teams will enter next year.  It was agreed if more than ten teams entered then two divisions will be created.


10.  Events secretary’s Report 

The green point event had gone smoothly but the numbers were down on the previous year leading to a reduced profit.  In order to avoid congestion in January, the mixed pairs event needed to be moved to a date before Christmas and 4th December was suggested.  Graham will look at the other dates for Sunday county events, as the proposed date for the Journal Cup clashed with a national event.  The date of the knockout teams has not been decided.  Graham also felt that the cost of the events needed to be increased to £10 per person.

11.  Tournament Director Courses

Toni Smith had arranged for the EBU to run a TD course at Nottingham Bridge Club. This will be organised by the EBU, who will pay the bridge club for the use of it premises.  Toni asked for funding for a second course which would be a refresher course for existing TD’s and also cover the basics for general bridge players. The bridge club had agreed to waive the room hire fee, as this was a training initiative by the county.   The committee agreed to subsidise this course.

12.   Universities Bridge Club

Toni had been working with a student at Nottingham University, who was a keen bridge player, to get this running again.  She had obtained a grant from the EBU and offers of help.  Although both Nottingham and Woodborough bridge clubs had agreed to host a website for a university bridge club it was agreed that the county would fund the setting up of one on bridgewebs.  Anthony agreed to do this   Toni explained that twenty five students were needed to sign up for this club for it to have the backing of the students union. The county agreed to match the funding given by Nottingham Bridge Club for the university club.

13.   Communications Update

Toni will be sending the latest newsletter out tomorrow.  She wanted it to go to non-affiliated clubs, as well as to all members and EBU affiliated club secretaries.

14.   Trophies

Irene has taken over the role of looking after the trophies and she will be doing an audit to ascertain who has the various trophies.  She has agreed to ensure that they are available for an event and will be engraved with the winners’ name soon after the event.

15.   Wednesday Afternoon Improvers Sessions

These had not attracted large numbers.  The committee agreed to leave the decision to continue to run it with Graham, but felt that they may get more people attending as winter approached.

16.   Promotion of Green Point Events

Clare Batten pointed that not many Notts players competed in our green point event. Given the standard of players at these events was high, it was thought that people bridge skills would improve by playing in GP events.  The committee could not find any answers to overcome this problem and said that this was not a new thing.  They rejected Clare’s suggestion that we offer free places to Nottinghamshire clubs.

17.    AOB 

There was no other business.  The date of the next meeting was fixed to be Wednesday 18th January 2017.