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0-299 Limited Game - Fridays at 10:15

Are you interested in venturing into the world of Duplicate Bridge? Are you a player with fewer than 299 Master Points?  This is the game for you. It's a friendly game where developing your skills with players with similar experience is possible. Spread the word!

Margaret & Paul Welcome You!

♠   Fridays @ 10:30 Open or 10:15 0-299 - Northshore  ♣ 

To register -  both you and your partner log into BBO at the same time any time after 8:30 (or 8:40) am. One of you click on Virtual Clubs and select ACBL - North America.  Click on Open Northshore Bridge Club or 0-299 Northshore Bridge Club. Click on Register and type in partner's BBO user name to invite.  Your partner will receive an invitation that should be accepted.  The registration will only be complete once your partner accepts.  Once it is accepted you can log off but make sure you log on 15 minutes before game time.

If you are not familiar with BBO or have any problems please email us at or text to 778-873-6420

BBO Help Desk for Curious Play
BBO Help Desk for Curious Play

Unfortunately, virtual bridge can include suspicious play and the temptation to cheat is greater than in face-to-face bridge.  Some players talk on the phone, others are in the same room as their partner when playing.  Any form of cheating is not acceptable.  Fortunately, most players are honest and every pair can have a run of luck that seems unusual. The ACBL takes cheating seriously and they do have mechanisms for reviewing and analyzing hands.  As players our role is to send ACBL the links to any hands that seem suspicious.  This can be done completely anonymously.  In your History (after the game) find the hand in question and click on the blue "hamburger", select Export and then Send Abuse Report.  This will go to ACBL and they will review the hand and begin to watch the players.  If the ACBL deems them to be cheating, they will notify the players and the Unit board.

North & West Vancouver Virtual Bridge Games

Weekly Schedule

Monday 10:30-12:30 Vancouver Bridge Club - St. David's
Tuesday 3:15-5:15 Shelley's Bridge Club
  7:00-9:00pm North Shore Winter Club
Wednesday 10:30-12:30 Vancouver Bridge Club - St. David's
7:00-9:00pm Shelley's Bridge Club
Thursday 10:30-12:30 Hollyburn Country Club
Friday 10:15-12:15 299er Northshore Bridge Club
  10:30-12:30 Open Northshore Bridge Club
Saturday 3:15-5:15 Shelley's Bridge Club