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Open Game - Fridays at 10:30

Come join our vibrant Friday morning game!  Visitors welcome.  Text or call Margaret at 778-873-6420 to be added to our friend's list!

Margaret & Paul Welcome You!


Newer players or those not members of the ACBL - there are options for you!  Do you want to play more but don't want to always compete against the more advanced and expert players? Duplicate Lite (located in Surrey with an incredible group of volunteers and bridge enthusiasts) and Northshore Bridge both offer games designed with you in mind. 

The games are fun and designed to encourage more play and increase a player's confidence! Duplicate Lite has 2 virtual BBO games per week - Wednesday and Thursday at 10:15 and our club has one on Fridays at 10:15.  The two clubs are joining forces to promote the limited games and get more people learning and playing the game.

The steps to "friend" yourself and your partner and to register for a game can be a bit confusing the first time.  If you don't have a regular partner, that's not a problem. We can help you find one. Contact Margaret at or text to 778-873-6420. I will be happy to help you.


ACBL Rank Standings!

Northshore Bridge is privileged to have bridge players who excel at the game.
Here is a list of players we regularly see on Fridays and their achievements for 2021 as of the end of March 2021:

The Ace of Clubs - within Unit 430 and from Club play

0-5 Masterpoints
Patti Davis - 7th with 6.24 MP

5-20 Masterpoints -
Alison Donoghue - 2nd with 9.81 MP
Rockford Wells - 5th with 9.20 MP
Holly Bennett - 6th with 8.65 MP
Colleen Smart - 10th with 6.11 MP

20-50 Masterpoints
Janet Hutchinson - 2nd with 26.75 MP
Rodger Hutchinson - 2nd with 26.75 MP

50-100 Masterpoints -
Kathy Molnar - 2nd with 29.87 MP
Linda Palm - 3rd with 29.00 MP
Stephanie Hackett - 8th with 20.23 MP

100-200 Masterpoints -
Deb Harris - 1st with 65.77 MP
Viva Goldblatt - 3rd with 47.76 MP
Barb Hoodspith - 6th with 39.23 MP
Susan Craven - 9th with 37.91 MP

200-300 Masterpoints -
Lana Chow - 1st with 70.15 MP
Ken Kaan - 3rd with 37.57 MP
Patricia Hartley - 8th with 20.90 MP

300-500 Masterpoints -
Joanne Emerman - 1st with 52.24 MP
Peter Altridge - 2nd with 50.46 MP
Natalie Warnes - 3rd with 46.10 MP
Paul Pattison - 4th with 44.95 MP

500-1000 Masterpoints -
Merilyn Hicks - 7th with 38.47 MP
Homa Boustani - 8th with 35.79 MP

1000-1500 Masterpoints -
Ann Andres - 1st with 75.26 MP
Wink Andres - 3rd with 68.45 MP
Shameine Ali - 4th with 62.00 MP

1500-2500 Masterpoints -
Julien Levesque - 1st with 80.61 MP
Jim Walker - 8th with 48.33 MP

3500-5000 Masterpoints -
Kathy Bye - 3rd with 43.98 MP
John Demeulemeester - 4th with 42.01 MP

5000-6500 Masterpoints -
Tai Eng - 1st with 63.74 MP
Sheila Sache - 4th with 41.04 MP
Donald Sache - 6th with 27.27 MP

All Western 99er Club

The West Coast ACBL districts have started games for players with 0-20 and 0-99 ACBL masterpoints. 
Northshore Bridge Club has opted into this program so that our players can play in these games. 
Click on this link for the flyer with the details: The All-Western 99er NiteClub

There is a Zoom meeting at 6 pm before each game for any players who might have questions. 
The same Zoom link is used for the post-game discussion.  This is the llink:

Meeting ID: 305 010 1825

Passcode: BRIDGE

North & West Vancouver Virtual Bridge Games

Weekly Schedule

Monday 10:30-12:30 Vancouver Bridge Club - St. David's
Tuesday 3:15-5:15 Shelley's Bridge Club
  7:00-9:00pm North Shore Winter Club
Wednesday 10:30-12:30 Vancouver Bridge Club - St. David's
7:00-9:00pm Shelley's Bridge Club
Thursday 10:30-12:30 Hollyburn Country Club
Friday 10:15-12:15 299er Northshore Bridge Club
  10:30-12:30 Open Northshore Bridge Club
Saturday 3:15-5:15 Shelley's Bridge Club