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Welcome to North Orlando Bridge Center

Location:           Venue on the Lake - Maitland Civic Center

641 S. Maitland Ave., Maitland FL 32751

Phone:               321-460-2083 (Club Number)

                           407-435-5123 (Glen Martin)

                           407-808-7900 (Perry Poole) 



We will be closed for all Face to Face bridge activities until further notice.

Please stay safe and restrict yourselves socially for the foreseeable future. 

In the meantime, here are four ways to support our club

Play in our virtual club games on BBO - please take survey by clicking here and see below

Sign-up for Bridge lessons provided on Zoom - see below

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Make a Donation to our club - please use our special PayPal link.

Thank you!


David Loeb is offering a new series of classes starting January 14th

Replays of past classes are also available - See "Replays of Classes" in Menu at left

The following classes are entitled the "Jan-Feb" series:  The schedule and topics are:

The schedule and topics are:

  • Jan 14 - 1X-1Y-2NT Auctions
  • Jan 19 - Splitting honors, 2nd hand play
  • Jan 21 - 1m-1M Auctions with a minimum opener
  • Jan 26 - 1M Auctions with a strong opener
  • Jan 28 - Meckwell Notrump Defense
  • Feb 02 - 2/1 Game Force 1 of 5
  • Feb 04 - Slamming after Stayman
  • Feb 09 - 2/1 Game Force 2 of 5
  • Feb 11 - Advancing an overcall
  • Feb 16 - Trump Coups
  • Feb 18 - 2/1 Game Force 3 of 5
  • Feb 23 - 2/1 Game Force 4 of 5
  • Feb 25 - 2/1 Game Force 5 of 5

Description of Classes:  

  • 1X-1Y-2NT Auctions:  Learn the best and the easiest way for responder to proceed when opener shows a 18-19 HCP balanced hand.  Most play New Minor Forcing in this situation.  Learn how to use transfers which are both easier and better.  
  • Splitting Honors:  Improve your 2nd hand play by learning when to split honors.  This class will also cover the devastating "Left Jab" play which is a 2nd hand high play used to gain an extra trick or allow your partner to cut communication with a hold up play.  
  • 1m-1M Auctions with a Minimum Opener:  Learn when to raise responder's major with 3-card support and how the auction should then proceed.  Many use something called Quantity and Quality (aka Spiral Raises) which uses an asking bid and artificial responses.  This is memory intensive,  Worse yet, it leaves you guessing when opener shows 3-card support.  This class presents an easier and better approach. 
  • 1m-1M Auctions with a Strong Opener:  Learn how to proceed with a strong opener after a 1H or 1S response.  The class will cover how to proceed with no fit, with 3-card support, and with 4+ card support.  Learn how to game force while showing support and shortness with a splinter bid.  Learn how to game force and show support and a source of tricks in your minor.  
  • Meckwell 1NT Defense:  Learn how to disturb your opponent's 1NT auction using the defense invented by Eric Rodwell, one of the world's best players.  The class will cover the easy and effective parts of the Meckwell defense.  Additionally, optional material will be provided to handle interference and to look for game.  
  • Slamming after Stayman:  Learn how to look for slam after you bid Stayman over a 1NT (or 2NT) opener.  Approaches to show a fit and invite slam are covered, as well as approaches to deny a fit and invite slam.  
  • Advancing an Overcall:  Learn how to proceed after your partner's overcall.  The lesson covers how to show your strength and support, how to compete in another suit, how to use cue bids, and how to handle interference.  
  • Trump Coup:  How do you pick up Kxxx of trump on side when you have AQJTx and dummy has just a doubleton?  Learn how to finesse when you don't have a trump to lead.  
  • 2/1 Game Force Lesson Series:  2/1 Game Force is better than Standard American because it leaves room to find the right game and assess whether a slam is available.  This 5 lesson series provides an easy and effective natural approach to 2/1 Game Force.  No knowledge of 2/1 Game Force is required.  Partnerships already using 2/1 Game Force will benefit from the optional upgrades provided in each lesson.  
The classes will be offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:00 to 10:00 am.  The cost of each individual class is $10.  The price for the 2/1 Game Force series is $30.  Someone who wants all 13 lessons can purchase them for $70.  There is no charge for all the above for those who signed up for subscriptions in November.  If you are unable to attend a session, you receive a link to a replay that you can view any time. You may pay with credit card or use paypal.  If you wish to purchase more than one class, click the "Continue Shopping" button before paying.  

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Support our virtual club games on BBO with an entry fee of $5.00.  See weekly schedule under Special Events

If you are interested in supporting our club by playing on-line, please take our survey by clicking here.

  You will need a computer, tablet or smart phone to play on BBO.  A BBO account is needed (joining BBO is free).  You will also need to purchase some "Bridge Base Dollars" to cover your entry fee.  We hope you enjoy the chance to play with our friends and support the club.  The Sagamore Bridge Club, one of the pioneer clubs getting all this started, has a set of videos you might want to look at if all this is very new to you.  Click here to access these videos.   

If you are interested in playing on-line, perform the following steps:

  1. Make sure you have the latest version of Bridge Base, especially if you've been playing on BBO for a while.  To be sure, use this address to sign-in:  (Don't try to get there with won't work).
  2. If you haven't already signed up for Bridge Base Online (BBO), try to do so at least 24 hours ahead of the game you want to play in. Once logged in, click on “BBO Help” and review how to navigate around BBO.  
  3. These games are meant to support our club therefore, there will be a charge.  You will pay this charge using BBO$.  See the video on the Sagamore website entitled “How to add $ on BBO” for how to do this. Monday’s club game will cost each player $5.00 with 80% of this going to our club. We thank you for this support!
  4. Enter your ACBL number into BBO if you have one.  Do this in BBO as follows: Click on the ACBL World button. Click on Update your ACBL number - the link is in the list of horizontal links immediately below the list of pending ACBL tournaments, on the left side of your screen. Enter your username and password, then click on Submit. If you do not have an ACBL number, you will be unable to play in any limited games, only our open games.  New or Beginner players without an ACBL number can request an ACBL temporary membership for only $7.99.  Temporary memberships last one month but once you have an ACBL number, you can continue to play in our limited games.  This option is only available to players who have never been a full-year member. Enter our club number of “268136” when joining so that you are linked to our club.  Click here to Join Now! "       
  5. In your BBO account settings, you have the option of confirming your bids and plays which is recommended as it is makes it much harder to misclick.  In tournament games like these, the director is not allowed to “UNDO”. However, if there's a real mess because of an error, you can call the Director and he/she may adjust the results.
  6. You can also add a convention card to your profile. In tournament games, you or your partner must have a card or the director will force you to play according to the Standard American Yellow card.  See the video on the Sagamore website entitled “Make a BBO Conv. Card” for how to do this OR see the panel below for the steps needed. .
  7. Starting two hours before game time you can register to play. Go to “Competitive” and then choose “ACBL - Virtual Clubs”.  You'll see our upcoming game listed with how many minutes there are until game time.
  8. If you plan to play with your regular partner, you will need to know your partner's “BBO user name”.  Note: We are adding BBO usernames to our member list. You will enter this when you register for the game. 
  9. If you do not have a partner, you can enter your name on the partnership desk for the game you want to play in.  There you can invite someone already there to be your partner or wait for someone else to come and invite you to be your partner. See the video on the Sagamore website entitled “Want a partner? Learn How” for more on this.
  10. The games are stratified by mps of highest player--a third of the field in each strat. Once you have registered for a game, the program will automatically stratify and seat you.
  11. To see the results of these games, click here or check the results page on our website
  12. Based on the survey responses and lessons learned from this game, we will determine when and how often we will offer additional games. 

Your feedback is important so send us your comments.

Any questions call or email Glen or Perry and we will help.

BBO Convention Cards
If you and your partner are playing agreed conventions not found on the Standard American Yellow Card (SAYC), you really should create a Convention Card that describes your agreements.  
You can do this as follows: 
  1. Log on to BBO and click on your Account tab on the right hand side of screen.  Up at the top you will see Profile, Settings, Convention Card and Deal Archive.  
  2. Click on Convention Card and view the cards already there under Stock cards.
  3. Select one that is closest to your agreements and Click edit to adjust it to what you and your partner actually like to play (or Click on New Convention Card to create one from scratch). 
  4. After modifying or adding what you want, adjust the title of the card to what you like and add your partner's BBO username in the field titled "use with" (this is optional) then click save.
  5. Your new saved card will show up under Personal Cards with the title you entered.   
Now, when you are getting ready to play in a tournament and when your partner is online, select your personal convention card you added and enter your partner's BBO Username in the "use with partner" field and click on "use with partner".  This will load your card for use in that game.  You can also do this during the game if you forgot to do so earlier.  
You can view the cards selected by your partnership and your opponents when at the table by clicking on the little blue box with three lines in it at top left of screen   


Support your Club by Playing in the North Orlando Bridge Center's Tournaments on BBO.  

Our Weekly Game Schedule:

10:05 amMon Thru Sat 0-299

12:25 pmMon Thru Sat Open
Note: Sunday games are cancelled due to lack of participation
Fri January 22, 2021
0-299 Online Game
BBO 10:05 am
Director: Dave Hoyle
Fri January 22, 2021
Open Online Game
BBO 12:25 pm
Director: David Loeb
Sat January 23, 2021
0-299 Online Game
BBO 10:05 am
Director: Dave Hoyle
#22689 0-299 Pairs North Orlando Bridge Cente
0-299 Online Game
BBO 10:05 am
Director: Dave Hoyle
#11793 0-299 Pairs North Orlando Bridge Cente