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Welcome to North Orlando Bridge Center ............... where counting cards is encouraged

Location:           Venue on the Lake

                            Maitland Civic Center

641 S. Maitland Ave.,

Maitland FL 32751

Phone:               407-435-5123  | Glen Martin

                           407-808-7900  | Perry Poole

                          407-252-6446  | Terry Pond 



                      OPPORTUNITIES TO PLAY

Face to Face – Mondays & Fridays NOON-

3 games Fun Bridge, 499 game and Open

Virtual / Online  – Southeast Bridge Club Consortium

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We offer games on Mondays and Fridays- NOON

Our games are located at 641 S. Maitland Ave, Maitland, FL 

Maitland Civic Center / Venue on the Lake / NOBC Bridge

Face-to-Face Open and 499 games. Games are at 12:00 Noon.  

Fees: $8.00 for NOBC members and $10.00 for guests. 

** Annual Membership fee- $35.00


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Fun Bridge is also offered on Mondays and Fridays - free lesson starts at 12:00 noon with supervised game at 12:15. Fees: $6.00 for NOBC members and $8.00 for guests.

If you have any questions we would like to hear from you, please send an e-mail to



Need a partner? See Interactive Spread sheet!!

Looking for partners? Click HERE

Our bridge center will make every effort for any player who arrives without a partner to provide a partner but, here is how it works: A player will first be paired with another player who also arrives without a partner. The next pairing will be with a designated “Fill-in” player IF ONE IS AVAILABLE.  As a final option, the director may be available to play*. The director will make these assignments. Every effort is made to establish a partnership that considers all relevant circumstances. However, any player who is paired with another player, but refuses the partnership forfeits the guarantee of a playing partner. 

*Note: When there are two large sections (over 15 tables total in both sections), the director is not permitted to play. This has been our policy since we began the club.

Turning Tricks- Receive Regular Updates

Mon January 30, 2023
Open & 0-499 Pair Game
Maitland Noon
Director: Glen Martin
Mon January 30, 2023
Fun Bridge Lesson & Game
Maitland Noon
Director: Marsha Wicks
Tue January 31, 2023
ICC Ladies Invitational Game
Interlachen Country Club 12:30 pm
Director: Glen Martin
Friday Afternoon Session
Director: Rick Larkin
Tuesday Afternoon Pairs
Director: Terry Pond
Monday Afternoon Session
Director: Glen Martin