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Welcome to North Orlando Bridge Center

Location:           Venue on the Lake - Maitland Civic Center

641 S. Maitland Ave., Maitland FL 32751

Phone:               407-435-5123  | Glen Martin

                           407-808-7900  | Perry Poole

                          407-252-6446  | Terry Pond 



We offer Face-to-Face bridge games on Mondays and Fridays.

We are pooling with the Southeast Bridge Club Consortium

(SEBCC based in Knoxville, TN) to bring you expanded online opportunities

(see details below).    

Here are four ways to support our club:

Play in our Face to Face games OR in our Virtual Club games on BBO

Attend Face to Face Bridge Lessons offered by Marsha Wicks

Order online Bridge lessons - see "Replays" button at left. 

When shopping on Amazon simply use the following link:

Make a Donation to our club - please use our special PayPal link.

Thank you!


Our bridge center guarantees a partner for any player who arrives without a partner but, here is how it works: A player will first be paired with another player who also arrives without a partner. The next pairing will be with a designated “Fill-in” player. As a final option, the director may be available to play*. The director will make these assignments. Every effort is made to establish a partnership that considers all relevant circumstances. However, any player who is paired with another player, but refuses the partnership forfeits the guarantee of a playing partner. 

*Note: When there are two large sections (over 15 tables total in both sections), the director is not permitted to play. This has been our policy since we began the club.



We have reopened for Face-to-Face bridge at the Civic Center (Venue on the Lake) only on Mondays and Fridays.  

We continue to offer virtual club OPEN games on BBO via the Sotheast Bridge Consortium (See above)

Face-to-Face Open and 0-299 Games are at 12:00 Noon, Fees: $8.00 for NOBC members and $10.00 for guests. 

Fun Bridge is also offered on Mondays and Fridays - free lesson starts at 12:00 Noon with supervised game at 12:15. Fees: $6.00 for NOBC members and $8.00 for guests.

To ensure the safety of all:

  • We are happy to report nearly all our club members have been vaccinated against the Covid-19 virus.  We encourage participants to be vaccinated (but being vaccinated is not a requirement). 
  • All participants must complete and sign a Liability Waiver form (copies will be available at the club, but you can speed up registration by printing it out and completing it before you come - click here to download the form).
  • Wearing of masks is not required. 
  • Hand sanitizers will be available. 
  • Coffee and Tea will be provided and the soda machine will be available along with cups to get water.
  • Food will not normally be provided by the club, but you may bring in your own for yourself or to be shared.
  • We ask that everyone buy Advance Purchase cards before the game with checks or correct change.  (This way, when the game has started, the director will only need to pick up 4 advance purchase cards from each table and not need to make change.)   
  • Hand Records will be available and Scoring summaries may be requested from the director at the end of the game.  
  • The Civic Center has remodeled and upgraded the bathrooms with touchless faucets and automatically flushing toilets and urinals. And hot (or warm) water is now available in the bathrooms.   
  • The Civic Center has also ensured that the Air Conditioning system is filtering the air to a high degree.   

We look forward to seeing everyone very soon!  We are confident that we are taking all reasonable steps to ensure the safety of the players, but we ask that everyone realize you still come and play “at your own risk”.  

If you have any questions or concerns we would like to hear from you, please send an e-mail to



We are pleased to announce the North Orlando Bridge Center is pooling with the Southeast Bridge Club Consortium (SEBCC based in Knoxville, TN) to bring you expanded online opportunities.  When you are not playing Face to Face in our Bridge Center, please consider playing with SEBCC – this will directly bring revenue to help our North Orlando Bridge Club.  We encourage you to play in these SEBCC online virtual bridge club games. 

All of you that have played in our online games (and many of you that may not have yet) will be added to the membership of the SOUTHEAST Bridge Club Consortium.  You will be able to play in these games any day or time that you like.   
 You register for these games the same way you registered for our North Orlando games but, in case the games do not appear when you go to Competitive=> “ACBL Virtual Clubs”, go to “All Tournaments” and search on “Southeast” or “vacb248732”.   Because of these changes, we are now able to offer games three times each day: 9:30 AM, 1:00 PM, and 7:00 PM. Every session has both Limited and Open games available (Open games are awarded extra Masterpoints when there are also Limited games at the same time). The offerings are lengthy.  The best way to understand all the new offerings is to check out the SEBCC schedule by clicking here
And, after you play, you can find results by clicking here.

Any questions call or email Glen, Perry or Terry and we will help.


Play Face to Face at the Civic Center

Open and 299 Games

12:00 Noon - Mon and Fri


Fun Bridge Lesson and Game

12:00 Noon - Mon and Fri

We also offer ONLINE Games three times each day: 9:30 AM, 1:00 PM, and 7:00 PM.  

Every session has both Limited and Open games available. The online offerings are lengthy.  

The best way to understand all the new offerings is to check out the schedule by clicking here
And, after you play, you can find results by clicking here.

Mon October 3, 2022
Open & 0-299 Pair Game
Maitland Noon
Director: Glen Martin
Mon October 3, 2022
Fun Bridge Lesson & Game
Maitland Noon
Director: Marsha Wicks
Tue October 4, 2022
ICC Ladies Invitational Game
Interlachen Country Club 12:30 pm
Director: Glen Martin
Monday Afternoon Session
Director: Glen Martin
Friday Afternoon Session
Director: Rick Larkin
Monday Afternoon Session
Director: Glen Martin