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For more information or help finding a partner,

contact Shirley Crockett, Malena McGrath

or email

Tournament Schedule

2021 Online Event Schedule

All events tentative based upon BBO/ACBL IT capabilities and COVID-19 protocol changes. Plan your tournaments in advance!


 February 13-14

  Valentine’s Weekend    

2x regular club points, 50% red, 50% black in all Virtual Club games

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February 18-21

Hollywood Magic

Regionally rated events

click on PDF below for schedule


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February 22-28

Educational Foundation Week

2x regular club points, 100% black awards in all Virtual Club games

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March 6-8

NABC Robot Individual

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March 11-21

North American Online Bridge Championships (NAOBC)

NAP plus team and pair events open to all levels.

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March 22-28

Stardust Week

2x regular club points, 25% gold/75% black.

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Welcome to Northern Neck Bridge
Northern Neck on BBO

Every Thursday Play in the Northern Neck Duplicate Bridge Club's Virtual Game on BBO

Starting time 1:30 p.m.

Although our game starts at 1:30 p.m. you can log on two hours before the game starts and register so we can make sure you do not have a problem getting in.

To find the game you need to:

• Log into

• Select “Virtual Clubs” 

• Select “ACBL North America” from the menu (if the tournament doesn't come up then go back to Virtual Clubs and select "All Clubs")

 Find the Club Name NORTHERN NECK, either by scrolling through the tournaments listed or by using the "search" option, just type in NORTHERN NECK and the tournament should appear, click on it to register to play. You and your partner must both be on BBO to complete the registration process. One partner invites the other to play in the tournament. If you try to register and get a message saying you are 'blocked', then call or text me at 804 577 0542. Once registered you can go offline, but please be back to the registration page at least 6 minutes before game time. If you are not online when the game starts you will be removed from the game. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A CONVENTION CARD WITH YOUR PARTNER BEFORE THE GAME STARTS

Important Note: Since we all know that Internet is hit and miss in the Northern Neck, it is important that when you see your game is frozen quickly log off and then log back on.  When you see "(Reserved)" after a name that means they are disconnected and may not know it. Please be patient the director is working to get them back or to get a substitute. If and when your partner returns, they will be reseated. 


More Possibilities to Play Online for Members of Unit 109
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Since we are such a small club and have only one game a week on BBO you can also play at the Bridge Center in Richmond (click here for their website), below is the schedule of their games. Please pay attention to the “type” of game as they are either limited or open. In a limited game, all players must be members of ACBL and below the stated limit, for example <3500 = those players that have under 3500 masterpoints. ..........

..... see more


Originally inhabited by eight Virginia Indian tribes who established villages along its shores, Virginia’s Northern Neck is one of the most historic regions in Virginia. In 1608, Captain John Smith referred to it “as a place heaven and earth never agreed better to frame man’s habitation.”

This peninsula rests between the Potomac and the Rappahannock Rivers and spills into the Chesapeake Bay was part of the enormous 1649 land grant by Charles II, known as the Fairfax Grant. The bountiful waters of the Potomac and Rappahannock Rivers, and the Chesapeake Bay supported and induced English settlement. The English built stately homes and farmed tobacco for export to England, which became the basis of the Northern Neck’s economy during the Colonial era. The Northern Neck’s most famous son, George Washington, born on Pope’s Creek off the Potomac River, called the region “the Garden of Virginia.” 

The waters of the Potomac River, Rappahannock River, the Chesapeake Bay and their tributaries provide a haven for boaters and water enthusiasts, and have supported a fishing industry for generations. At the present, Colonial architecture, small-town charm, bed & breakfast inns, eight wineries, seventeen museums, historic sites and marinas are among the valuable assets that attract visitors to the area. The Northern Neck (NNK) encourages you to slow down and reconnect with nature and history. It’s one of the best-kept secrets along the eastern seaboard.

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Look for


See you Thursday Jan. 28th 2021

at 1:30 pm on BBO






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#76759 Pairs NORTHERN NECK 1:30 pm
#53054 Pairs NORTHERN NECK 1:30 pm
#53053 Pairs NORTHERN NECK 1:30 pm
#44595 Pairs NORTHERN NECK 1:30 pm
#19446 Pairs NORTHERN NECK 1:30 pm