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Congratulations to Mary Olsen as 3 time winner of the Sunday Night 7pm Jackpot BBO game with Front Range Bridge.  Jackpot reset to BB$26 to be shared by any pair(s) having a big game (>70%).  Mary is a 3 time winner in the last 2 years.  A triple crown.

!  Hope to see you at the Regional. !


New Class offerings at the Fort Collins Bridge Center by Judy Lilly:

May 31th-June 28th Beyond Basics

Have you seen our new column 'Hand of the Week with the GigglyPig'.  The GigglyPig picks a hand played each week on BBO for discussion questions you may want to have with your partner on bidding or defense.

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Unit games and events will be posted to FB.  Need a partner for a game?  You can comment on it in Facebook, wonder about a hand or bidding sequence after our games, you can post it on facebook.


Release 2.19p


June 21st is the Longest Day

(June 18th-24th) 

- - The day with the most light is the day we will fight! - -

This is Northern Colorado's 10th annual participation in THE LONGEST DAY event - Show your support:

  • Play bridge in any Virtual Club Game (BBO) on Saturday or Sunday, June 18th or 19th

  • Play bridge at any Club Game in Greeley, Fort Collins, or Estes Park during the week of June 20-24

  • Donate in person with cash or check at your local bridge club

  • Donate on this website and make an electronic donation

  • CLICK HERE to make your donation to our Unit 363 Team

  • For more information about THE LONGEST DAY – CLICK HERE




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Fort Collins Bridge Center: C5 Riverside Plaza 725 S. Lemay Ave. ............ Monthly News

Cards & Carbs Party Bridge. Prizes and Lots of Fun

SAME PARTNER. Second Friday of every month, 12:30pm &
Last Friday of every month, 6pm

Drop in Rubber Bridge Every Thursday 12:30pm, different partner every round

Drop in Merry Mentor Bridge First & Third Wednesday of Every Month 12:30pm

 Duplicate Club Games: Mondays: 12:30pm - Open & 499er Tuesdays: 12:30pm - Open

Wednesdays: 12:30pm - 750ers Thursdays: 6pm - Open & 499ers ♣ 

Swiss Teams Second Wednesday of Every month at 12:30pm. Open & 750er

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BBO News

Colorado Clubs are combining their BBO games to better offer larger games to our players.  Looks for our games under Colorado and Friends in BBO.

Weekly schedule TBD.

♣ The Saturday evening BBO game hosted by Front Range Bridge resumes at 7pm.  ♣ 

The game is a Charity game will all profits donated to local charities.  We have raised over $8750 for Charity since starting the Saturday night game in June of 2020.  Guests welcome.  Game fee is only BB$4

The Jackpot for the Sunday (May 22th) night BBO game is up to BB$120.  Jackpot to be shared by any pair(s) having a big game (>70%).  No winner, then the jackpot grows BB$1 per table for the next week. (However, capped at BB$120)

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Stac Games

Sectional Tournaments at Clubs (STaC) Games
Silver Points at In Person (F2F) Games!



F2F Games during STaC Week June 6th - June 12

  • All games at Fort Collins Bridge Center
  • Greeley Wednesday Game (Open)
  • Estes Park

2022 STaC Weeks

  • Watch this section for a special, colorful Royal STaC Week
  • June 6th - 12th
  • September 12th - 18th

STaC Pairs games are special events that allow clubs to award SILVER at In Person (F2F) games. All levels are welcomed.

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ACBL Masterpoint Races - Current Year
How are you doing? Select the link below and find your name

  Ace of Clubs

♠  Mini-McKenney

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Unit 363 Monthly Games

Games in person at the Fort Collins Bridge Center
June 11th Single Session Pairs. Lesson at 11:30, game at 12:30pm.

July 30th - NAP Qualifier, Game time 12:30pm

See Complete 2022 Schedule under the Calendar of Events->Unit Game Calendar menu tab.

Nila Hobbs Teaches Bridge in Fort Collins

ACBL Certified Instructor

NILA HOBBS (970) 219-2430

See Winter/Spring 2022 Course schedule and offerings here

Thu May 26, 2022
Drop-in Rubber Bridge
Fort Collins Bridge Center 12:30 pm
Director: Judy Lilly
Thu May 26, 2022
Open Colorado & Friends
BBO Bridge Base Online 1 pm
Director: Marcia or Sharon
Thu May 26, 2022
Open & 499er Ace Of Clubs
Fort Collins Bridge Center 6 pm
Director: Robyn Leming
Fri May 27, 2022
Open Colorado & Friends
BBO Bridge Base Online 12:15 am
Director: Paul Haynes
Fri May 27, 2022
Estes Park Bridge Club - Open Pairs
Methodist Church, Fish Hatch. Rd 1:00 pm
Director: Jim & Ruth Turner
Fri May 27, 2022
Cards & Carbs Party Bridge
Fort Collins Bridge Center 6:00pm
Director: Judy Lilly
Fri May 27, 2022
Mentor + Novice Colorado & Friends
BBO Bridge Base Online 1:15 pm
Director: Elly Larson
Sat May 28, 2022
499er Colorado & Friends
BBO Bridge Base Online 9:30 am
Director: Robyn Leming
Sat May 28, 2022
Open Colorado & Friends
BBO Bridge Base Online 9:35 am
Director: Robyn Leming
Sun May 29, 2022
499er Unit 363 Vail Fort Collins & Friends
BBO Bridge Base Online 3:00 pm
Director: Robyn or Marcia