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Competition Winners
Prize Pairs

A handicap pairs competition is held about once a month.   Each club member is allocated a handicap based on his/her results over the past six months.   The combined handicap of each pair is then used to calculate the results of the prize pairs, with the winning pair receiving a prize of £4.00 each, and the second pair £2.00 each.   Only members with a handicap are eligible to win the prizes, but visitors are welcome and EBU Master Points are awarded as normal to the top third of the field before the handicaps are applied. 

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Club Individual Competition

For a time the club held an Individual competition in one form or another.

Winners Club Individual Competiton



 1985 - 86  Miss P Gardener
 1986 - 87  Miss C Savage
 1987 - 88  D Oxbrow
 1988 - 89  D Oxbrow
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Club Trophy Page

2017 - 2018 Winners

Handicap Pairs:    Ted Shaw and David Pett
Winter Pairs:    Eric Campbell and Peter Morgan
Handicap Teams of Four:    Robert Wright and Keith Fearn + Alison Lloyd and Simon Stokes
Club Championship Pairs:    Alan Sparkes and Eric Campbell
Club Teams of Four:   Fred Allen and Verity Joubert + Ed Graham and Andrew Gregory

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