North Birmingham Bridge Club
BBO Thursday "Ladders"

To see the BBO Ladders for the Thursday sessions, click the "Results" tab in the menu below and then the tab for the BBO list  you wish to see

#6293 Pairs Thursday Morning - North B
Scorer: Tony
#46641 Thursday Morning North B
Scorer: Tony
#85036 Pairs Thursday Morning North B
Scorer: Tony
BBO Online Bridge

NBBC Online Bridge Sessions at BBO

A number of local Bridge clubs run bridge sessions online at BBO rather than meeting in the flesh. We will be running similar sessions to allow NBBC members (and others) to engage with each other. 

We are now running Thursday morning sessions, the 2-hour session kicking off at 10:00 with play starting at 10:15. 

Details of how to join a session (participation instructions) are shown in the next column.

If you would be interested in taking part, please contact Keith Hulin, Geoff Evans or Tony Ferneyhough. 

Interest is growing fast with 42 registered members but all are welcome to join in (or just to watch)

External links :

Getting started on BBO 

Getting going but in greater detail

Finding a table and making friends

Bidding and alerting.

Finding a tournament

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Welcome to North Birmingham Bridge Club
Latest news (17th September 2020)
  1. BBO sessions: We will be running the first Monday sessions on 28th September at 14:00.  Please login by 13:45 to enable the TD to set the tables up.
    1. Geoff Evans will be the TD for this first Monday BBO session; however we would like another member to volunteer as BBO TD for these sessionsTony Ferneyhough will provide all necessary guidance.
    2. Currently 22 members have expressed an interest in playing on a Monday and we hope to increase this number and 18 members have confirmed that they will be playing. Click here to see the current list . Would any member (or guest) interested in playing in a Monday session please contact Tony Ferneyhough, Keith Hulin or Geoff Evans.
    3. Thursday 24th September BBO session: We fielded 12 pairs (tables) today, including 3 guest players.  Please invite your friends to play (including non-members).  Please contact Tony Ferneyhough, Keith Hulin or Geoff Evans if in doubt about how to sign up to BBO
  2. Conservatory replacement :  The building work is now complete. All that remains is the painting of the interior

We have now introduced a "Ladder" for Thursday sessions.  To see your position on the ladder, click the "Results" tab in the menu block at the bottom of the LHS Home page and then click on the "BBO Thursday Pairs" or "BBO Thursday Individuals" tab.

Additional notes for BBO tournaments

Points to remember :

  1. Please have a current profile for yourself - there are many who can help. A profile is expected of all members.
  2. Alerting is different online. Any player making a non-standard bid must 'SELF-ALERT' at the time of making the bid. (This will only be seen by the opposition - so NO illegal information is passed on.)
  3. Only leave the table because of unforeseen circumstances. It would be polite to tell me!
At the end of the tourney you will be exited by the BBO software. You can stay and watch others if you wish.
At the present time we are running a Howell movement.
As the numbers increase it will revert to a Mitchell.


Tony Ferneyhough


Ludvik Kowalski

26th September : Ludvik is off the ventilator and is breathing on his own.

We wish him a full and speedy recovery.

Please contact Pauline Booth if you want further details

Social gatherings at NBBC clubhouse

The current COVID-19 regulations preclude any such social gatherings

NBBC WhatsApp group

Jeannette Willetts has set up a large WhatsApp group (NBBC) and acts as the Group Leader. 

To join the group, please send a text to Jeanette on

07743 831 518

Members happy to receive phone calls

This is an alphabetical list (by surname) of club members who are happy to receive phone calls from other members

Geoff Evans,       Tony Ferneyhough,     Joe Gleeson,     Keith Hulin,        Harvyn Hughes,      Will Hawkesworth,     Sue Jones,       Jane Lea,         Jeannette Willetts