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BBO "finger trouble"
It has been mentioned that "finger trouble" can result in the wrong bid or play being executed.  To allow Confirmation of any bid or play :            (1) Click on the "Account" tab at the RHS of your screen,           (2) Click on "Settings" at the top RHS of your screen                   (3) Under the "Playing" heading are two on/off buttons :                 "Confirm bids" and "Confirm cards".  Click whichever you require
#22082 Pairs Monday 25th Jan 2021
Scorer: Geoff
#38545 Pairs Thursday 21st Jan 2021
Scorer: Geoff
#38520 Pairs Monday 18th Jan 2021
Scorer: Geoff
Additional notes for BBO tournaments

Points to remember :

  1. Please complete your "Account" details on BBO, including an explanation of your system - enter it in the "Other" field (this is expected of ALL players).  For an example, see below
  2. Alerting is different online. Any player making a non-standard bid must 'SELF-ALERT' at the time of making the bid. (This will only be seen by the opposition - so NO illegal information is passed on.)
  3. Only leave the table because of unforeseen circumstances. It would be polite to tell the TD first!
At the end of the tourney you will be exited by the BBO software. You can stay and watch others if you wish.
To see an example of a completed Account :
  1. Login to BBO
  2. Click the "People" tab in the right hand pane and enter "NBBC 160" in the "Add Friend" box at the bottom of the page.
  3. Set the "Show Offline" tab to on
  4. Click on the NBBC 160 line that appears in the right hand pane and you will see the profile, including system description


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Welcome to North Birmingham Bridge Club
Frank Rose

It is with great sadness that we have to advise members of the death of Andrina's husband, Frank Rose.

Frank (who was a Club Member some years ago) passed away peacefully just before Christmas.

All our thoughts go to Andrina and her family at this sad time. 

Ludvik Kowalski

It is also with great sadness that Members are advised that Ludwik will not be returning to the Club.  It is believed that he is making very slow progress, however he is in need of 24 hour care on a long-term basis.   

He will be remembered fondly by everyone who knew him, particularly by Jean Gregory, his regular partner.   

We all wish him the best possible recovery

Latest news (27th Dec 2020)

As noted in the main panel, we now run two BBO sessions each week.  At the moment, Geoff Evans (NBBC 160) and Pauline Booth (seven 10) are sharing the TD duties, with able assistance from Denis Clarke (B137DenisC).

We have found that, for smoother running, other clubs usually have at least two TDs in attendance at each session. It would be useful for us to have more TDs (even if only part-time) to allow us to replicate this practice and also to allow for TD absences.

N.B. If the situation occurs that none of the TDs is available to run a particular session, it will still run but without a TD.  However, there are potential problems with this :  currently, if a table is slow for some reason (e.g. a dropped connection) the TD can compensate by changing the time for that round - without a TD present, a TIMEOUT will occur and the system will award "averages" for the timed out pairs for that hand(s). 

We have "Ladders" for Monday & Thursday sessions.  To see your position on the ladder, click the "Results" tab in the menu block at the bottom of the LHS Home page and then click on the "BBO XXXday Pairs" or "BBO XXXday Individuals" tab.

Social gatherings at NBBC clubhouse

The current COVID-19 regulations preclude any such social gatherings

NBBC WhatsApp group

Jeannette Willetts has set up a large WhatsApp group (NBBC) and acts as the Group Leader. 

To join the group, please send a text to Jeanette on

07743 831 518

Members happy to receive phone calls

This is an alphabetical list (by surname) of club members who are happy to receive phone calls from other members

Geoff Evans,       Tony Ferneyhough,     Joe Gleeson,     Keith Hulin,        Harvyn Hughes,      Will Hawkesworth,     Sue Jones,       Jane Lea,         Jeannette Willetts