North Birmingham Bridge Club
Annual subscriptions

Would all members please pay their Club Membership Subscriptions in the normal manner - by post, if necessary.

(The club still has outgoings to meet during this protracted closure.)

2020 AGM

The club's AGM is delayed.

It will take place as soon as possible after normal access to the club is permitted .

In the meantime, the existing Board members have agreed to extend the term of their duties during this interim period.

Release 2.19n
Welcome to North Birmingham Bridge Club
NBBC is currently CLOSED

 We will advise Members of re-opening. 


If you are ill (whatever the cause), please let one of the Directors know.  Also, if you know of another club member who is ill,  please let one of the Directors know (provided that the member is happy for you to do so)

Information about Online Bridge (BCL) offers Online Bridge for players of all levels.

The first step is to Register your name and basic details.  Once registered, there is restricted FREE membership which allows you to play up to 96 hands per day, but only in the Social Bridge room. Full membership will give you access to the NBBC club area.

A 30-day FULL membership (allowing access to all "Rooms") is currently on offer for £1 (provided that you sign up by 31st March 2020).

To sign up, on the first page, click on the 4th tab (which says “Subscriptions”) and you will see a drop-down menu; the second option in that menu is “Buy/Renew Membership”; clicking on that takes you to a new page where the first entry is the SPECIAL - 30 Day . . .   Click the ORDER button on the right and follow the instructions.

Within the BCL (BridgeClubLive) website there is a Local Club entry for NBBC members. (At 23rd March : 1 member in the list; at 26th March : 15 members)

Once you are a member of BCL, to join our Local Club, click on the "Members" tab on the main page, then on the "Clubs" entry in the sub-menu and choose North Birmingham Bridge Club from the list on the right.

Members happy to receive phone calls

This is an alphabetical list (by surname) of club members who are happy to receive phone calls from other members

Geoff Evans,       Tony Ferneyhough,     Joe Gleeson,     Keith Hulin,        Harvyn Hughes,      Will Hawkesworth,     Sue Jones,       Jane Lea,         Jeannette Willetts

NBBC WhatsApp group

Jeannette Willetts has offered to set up a WhatsApp group (NBBC) and act as the Group Leader.  If you wish to join the group, please send a text to Jeanette on 07743 831 518