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Bridge Etiquette

      • Bridge etiquette is very important and you should always strive to leave good impressions on the other players at the table.
  • In a notrump contract don't put your long suit on the dummy's right. Declarer might mistakenly think they are trump. In fact, I'd put the led suit on the right side, but I'd put it down LAST to give partner a chance to see the other suits and to think about the entire hand before playing to the first trick.
  • When partner fails to follow suit, politely ask him "Having none?" If partner revokes and you did not ask him, then the fault is your own! I've seen someplayers declare themselves to be out when they themselves have failed to follow suit. This is wrong. You do not bring attention to your own bids or plays.
  • Playing duplicate, if it is not an emergency,stay there and turn your cards when you are the dummy. It is not a break time for you to leave and get a drink or snacks. Asking the opponents to turn your cards is an imposition. How can they effectively concentrate on their defense and also worry about which way to turn your tricks?
  • When playing duplicate do not "muck" or collapse your hand until both sides agree as to the result. When there is a discrepancy you can easily find the trick at stake and rectify the situation accordingly. Sitting there and insisting your opponents are wrong is rude.
Last updated : 28th Jul 2013 21:00 CST

  • If they defend against you magnificently, be gracious and compliment them. If they bid wonderfully, tell them.
  • If they mess up, don't rub their faces in it. Do not thank them for playing badly!
  • If they start arguing with each other (or you), just get up and leave the table.
  • If there is any confusion at the table at all, please call for the Director immediately. Do not try to make judgments at the table. I have one partner who routinely says, "hmmm. I'm a bit confused by all this. Let's call for the Director - "Director, please!"
  • Your opponents at the table are future partners or teammates for you. Always be courteous and tactful the bridge table.
Last updated : 28th Jul 2013 21:00 CST

  • Don't hassle your partner! They are trying their best - are you? (psst! Hassling your partner is even more disturbing to your opponents)
  • Let tablemates know you're glad to see them. Bridge is not a game of solitaire!
  • Don't discuss prior hands at the next round. Your tablemates will think you rude.
  • Don't offer advice or criticism unless it is asked for. Particularly to your partner!
  • You are a true "Dummy" if you suggest what your partner should play from the dummy.
  • When making a claim never fold your cards until everyone agrees with the result.
  • Chit-chat after a round, not before or during. Everyone likes to move when ready.
Last updated : 28th Jul 2013 21:01 CST