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14th Sep 2020 09:31 CDT
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65 years


Update - June 10 2020

10 June 2020

Hi folks


Its been some time since the Board reached out to give you an update so here goes!


Covid: We continue to receive Covid updates from a variety of sources. Barb has been posting what we do get on our website so keep checking there for current information. In addition to this information we are getting updates from a number of Clubs as to specific cautions and procedures they are taking and implementing as they work towards reopening. The Board does review these and much of what we see will serve as good input as we develop out local plans for reopening. It would appear that before we can move at all towards a reopening the Province/Health Unit will have to lift the restriction on large group gatherings.


So; while we continue to mull what a reopening would look like, its probably not on our near- term horizon.


BBO: Thanks to all who have taken to the games offered through the Sudbury Virtual Club on BBO. Norm Mallette is doing yeoman service setting up and running the games. He is personally directing the 6 games a week that run (3-hours+ each) as well as a couple of weekly conferences with ACBL and BBO to make sure everything stays on track.


As noted, a number of our members are taking part in these games. They are all Open games but they are all stratified and it was really nice to see Judy Cardwell and Gisele Lynch come in 3rd in the Thursday morning game and come home with 0.90 masterpoints. That really warrants a Tip-‘o-the-NBDBC-Cap.


On another note, we have had a number of our members looking for help in managing the BBO software. A couple of guides have been passed along already and now, here is a link to the ‘Official BBO Help File’. If you are one of the ones with questions you might give it a look:

One last thing regarding BBO – their games are awarding a 50% bonus in masterpoints. So, in a game where you place and would have normally won 0.80 masterpoints – your award will be adjusted upward to become 1.20 masterpoints. It may take some time for you to see this at the club level but you will see it in the recap published on the back page of your Bulletin and you will see it when you check your masterpoint history at ACBL.


Passings: We are an aging group and sadly we recently lost one of our members a few days ago. Joyce Robinson; one of our Novice/Beginner group passed away on April 16 of this year. Her obituary was published in the Nugget on June 6 and it can be viewed at:

Joyce enjoyed the game and she enjoyed the people. She will be missed.


In Closing: While we are not gathering at the club your Board continues to meet (thanks to Zoom) and we continue to the business of the club. If you have any questions, issues, or suggestions none of us are more than an email away. Please do get in touch if you have any concerns.


Stay safe and stay happy – Your Board.







Hi Folks,


It has come to our attention that some of you are getting messages to the effect that the North Bay Bridge Club has used Dropbox to share a file with you.


This is a scam/phishing email.  The club does not use "Dropbox" to share anything with anyone.


The club has not been infected with a virus; rather, these emails are on a par with those you get telling you that you have won $1M.  All you have to do is send a lawyer in Nigeria $1000 to process the payment.




Thanks and keep safe.









We sadly announce
the peaceful passing of


Joyce Robinson

A novice player who loved the

game & its members

Bill Morland

beloved father of
Marg Barnes
Barbara Wellard

Scott MacLean

beloved brother of
Judy Blahut

Doris Lovell

our longtime
valued member







The Sudbury Bridge Club has formed a virtual club on BBO.  This allows players to play bridge with a local group of players.  They have been averaging 6 to 10 tables.  They have set times for the games 6 times a week at a cost of $5 per session, $4 would be sent back to your local club.


We are asking those who are interested to sign up with BBO and register their ACBL number and send an email to Andy.
This doesn't mean that you have to play in any game but if you think it may be a possibility then send your name and ACBL to andy and we can join in with the Sudbury virtual club.
We would like to know by Saturday April 18th so we could join their club next week.










Letter to Members







Tournament Cancellations &
Club information

Check Before You Go






The latest news from ACBL





Our bridge club is

For the foreseeable future
Due to the Covid-19 virus

Message from our Board

Dear members,

Coronavirus Update

It appears that the norm for personal safety has become the avoidance of gatherings involving 50+ people, & an acceptance of Social Distancing in our interactions with others.

Neither of these would be practical or enforceable at a bridge tournament.

As a result the executive has opted to cancel the April Sectional. We don’t know if or when it will be possible to reschedule.

This was a decision not taken lightly but the executive must take the safety of the membership as its first & foremost priority.






We sadly announce
the peaceful passing of

Howard "Howie" Bondett

Loving father-in-law of
Mary Lynne Bondett

Loving mother of

Beth Beatty
Barb Burlington

Karen Pedersen

James Oman

Father of
Doug Oman

Caring thoughts are
with you Doug

Peter Greco

Our beloved member
Our hearts are with Lucia &
their family

Margaret Bourassa

Mother of
Paul Bourassa

Caring thoughts are with
Paul & his sisters
& families

Bob McKinnon

Husband of
Ruth McKinnon

Caring thoughts are with
Ruth & her family

(click on name to go to obit)





Please carpool
as often as possible!

  • to share the parking lot
  • to socialize
  • to save fuel $
  • to save our planet






Memo from the Nugget

New Postmedia design/design rules

make it difficult to find a space for
bridge results in The Nugget


They will now appear in the Nugget Extra 


A big thank you to the Nugget for
their long time & continuing support



Greetings to all local and visiting bridge players


We are housed in a modern building
at the corner of Wyld and Oak Streets.
Steps away from our beautiful waterfront.

Free parking at the rear of our building
where our entrance is located.

Our warm and friendly club
offers games for all skill levels:
Swiss Teams, Novice, Open & 0-499 Pairs.
See our calendar for game times.

Our thriving club owes its success
to our attitude of GRACIOUSNESS.

Join us for an enjoyable game of bridge!


Webmaster contact



Sun  1:15 pm OPEN PAIRS
Mon 1:15 pm *0-499 PAIRS
Tue 9:45 am **0-99 PAIRS
Tue  1:15 pm SWISS TEAMS
Wed 1:15 pm OPEN PAIRS
Wed   7:00 pm *0-499 PAIRS
Thu 9:45 am **0-49 PAIRS
Thu  1:15 pm *0-499 PAIRS
Fri  1:15 pm ***
*Non life master
Partner guaranteed
***1st & 3rd Swiss Teams
Other Fridays-Open Pairs
& Special Games


June-Dec 2019

Tue Aft Swiss Team
John Biondi
Wendy Champaign
Carol Dellandrea
Doug Oman
Brian Thomas

Individual Winners

Sun Open
Brenda Geden
& Joe Sauro

Mon 0-499
Mary Jane Norman

Tue Novice
Alf Moore

Wed Open
Brenda Geden
& Joe Sauro

Wed 0-499
Ted Kerr
& David Shields

Thu Novice
Ian Fettes

Thu 0-499
Katy Hunter
& Cathy McKenny

Fri Open/Swiss
John Biondi

Brenda Geden



500 Invitational Pairs
Open Pairs
500 Invitational Pairs
Swiss Teams
500 Invitational Pairs
Open Pairs
Open Pairs swiss