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Welcome to Northampton Bridge Club


Last updated : 18th Sep 2021 16:43 BST


Encon House

1 Owl Close



Tel 01604 644622


Registered Charity Number 1192969



Last updated : 19th Mar 2021 12:08 GMT
What's on Offer?
What's on Offer?


A friendly club

Offering Face to Face Club Bridge and  On Line bridge with RealBridge - See Calendar

Table money £4

Membership £10

A forward looking management committee

Division 1, 2 or 3 interclub league

Players from club beginners to county standard



Last updated : 30th Sep 2021 16:11 BST
Bridge Problems


Please click on the second box down on the left hand menu to find some fascinating bridge problems to tease you.

Some of the problems are from long ago.  They are amusing  - however they do make you think about some fundamental card play techniques. 

Last updated : 11th Sep 2020 16:02 BST
Northants GP Swiss Pairs
Scorer: Gary Conrad
On Line Pairs
Director: Richard Gibson
Director: Kevin Fogarty
Scorer: Roger Morton
23rd May 2022
Lesson 24
Director: Ross Stacey
Scorer: Margaret Lack
23rd May 2022
Director: John Josephs
Scorer: Ross Stacey
23rd May 2022
Social Bridge
Director: Kevin Fogarty
24th May 2022
On Line Pairs
Director: John Josephs
 RealBridge Login
24th May 2022
Social Bridge
Director: Ross Stacey
Doris Moss

It is with great sadness that we are reporting the passing away of Doris Moss on Wednesday 5th May. Doris was aged 99.

Doris was a keen member of the the club who joined in the 1980s with her husband David.  Doris stopped playing just before we moved to Moulton Park.  Doris was a partner of Margaret Bryant and between them they had some lively discussions.

Doris was very active - walking to the club from her home in Birchfield Road - and that was after walking into town to help regularly at the Hope Centre in Bailiff Street to help the "old folk" as she called them, despite being in her 80s and 90s.

Amazingly Doris was on the last ship out in the early 40s when Ypres was evacuated after the invasion. She said she would never go on a ship again having travelled up the North Sea and around Scotland in a storm.  Then after that Doris worked in Bletchley Park during the war and was sworn to secrecy!

We believe Doris and David first lived in Bedford and then moved to Northampton.

Our deepest sympathy goes to her family.

Further information on funeral arrangements will be added when known. 

Last updated : 14th May 2022 17:23 BST
Team Make Up Required for Monday 9th

Lyn Haywood and Jan Blinch were looking to make up a team on Monday 9th May - this has now been quickly fixed.  However in the longer term Lyn and Jan are hoping to form a team with another pair.

For those who have not tried teams they are enjoyable and are popular. 

Ring Ross Stacey for details   01604 946143 or

Last updated : 29th Apr 2022 12:22 BST

On 12th October we restarted our Tuesday morning sessions between 10-00am to noon.

This is aimed at those who want to get into bridge without the competitive element of pairs and also those who want a relaxed game and a chat. Good to have a chat and a cup of tea and biscuit.

A rota of experienced players will be on hand to give advice if required - but only if asked.

Cost £3 - no partner required. 

Please spread the news of this offer to friends who want to get into bridge. 

Last updated : 2nd Nov 2021 13:56 GMT
Short of a Partner

If you are short of a partner or wish to make yourself available as a partner please contact 

Margaret Lack  07793 381 373 or 

Ross Stacey 946143

to register your interest.  We will do the best we can to fix you up including a box on this web page.

We will monitor demand to see if this service is worthwhile. 

Last updated : 9th Mar 2022 11:11 GMT

The following is in operation from 1st October.

Monday Evening 7-30pm Club Bridge started 19th July

Tuesday Morning 10-00am Casual Bridge started 12th October 

Tuesday Evening 7-30pm On Line Bridge started 20th July  

Wednesday Afternoon 1-30pm Club Bridge started 21st July

3rd Friday Afternoon Teams  1-30pm Club Bridge started 22nd October 

Friday Evening 7-30pm  On Line Bridge started 16th April

Beginners Lessons 1-15pm started 11th October - Monday afternoon

Chicago /Social 10-00am started 12th October - Tuesday mornings 

Events will be mainly pairs - Teams as shown on the calendar- first Monday

Last updated : 2nd Nov 2021 13:59 GMT
Difficulty Joining RealBridge

If you sometimes have connection issues joining an on on line session you can always log in say 20 minute beforehand to check your computer has connected okay - you can then stayed logged in, leave the screen and have a cup of tea etc.

If you leave logging in to the last minute and you have problems it makes life more difficult for partner and the director setting up the movement (panic and phone calls) .  There are no issues with logging in early and walking away from your screen and returning to the table a few minutes before play starts..

Last updated : 16th Sep 2021 19:26 BST