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Welcome to Norfolk and Norwich Bridge Club
Results of 17 March Simultaneous Pairs

Friday's results for the Simultaneous Pairs can be accessed by clicking HERE

N&N League Bridge

The first round of the Spring League will take place this Friday. We have 18 teams and are running 3 leagues of 6 teams with 2 promotions/relegations at the end of each cycle. We are running a separate event for each division, using the same hands. 

Each division has a table named after their captain. Please log in from 6:30pm onwards with your name and EBU number (if you have one) and sit at your captains table.

For Division 1 teams, click HERE

For Division 2 teams, click HERE

For Division 3 teams, click HERE

If you are unsure which division you're in you can check it HERE

Les Carver

We are sad to report the death of Les Carver

Only the older members will remember Les Carver as he has not played Club bridge for some time.  Blessed with a powerful memory he was a regular player for many years and was one of a very strong group of N&N players who dominated Club and County bridge from the 1970's onwards.  His regular partner was Kitty Houston and they often represented Norfolk, playing in the A Team.

Les was an Honorary Member having served as a Committee Member during the 1970's and as Club Treasurer during the early 80's.

At the table Les was calmness personified, accepting triumph and disaster with equal equanimity.  Always polite and friendly to partners and opponents alike.  A role model for us all.

Les was a partner at a local engraving company and engraved Club and County trophies free of charge for many years.

Thanks to Richard Thornley for the above tribute

The Funeral has been booked for 1200 on 22nd March at St Mary & Margaret (parish church in Sprowston, adjacent to cemetery)  The wake will be at the Blue Boar on Wroxham Road.  Bridge friends of Dad will be very welcome and I look forward to meeting you if you are able to attend.  Regards  Stephen Carver

Tom Melvin, our secretary, is running the Find a Partner service.  If you are in need of a partner, please send him an email: and he will circulate the membership.

Convention Cards

Would partnerships please remember that they should always have fully completed convention cards, available for their oponents to see.

This notice is not aimed at scratch partnerships.

Chief Tournament Director and Responsibilities

Peter Cotes has kindly agreed to be our Chief Tournament Director (07494 597772).

The Chief Tournament Director is responsible for organising the TD rota and for arranging suitable appeals committees as and when needed.

Spring League 2023 Round 3 Division 1
Spring League 2023 Round 3 Division 2
Spring League 2023 Round 3 Division 3
Simultaneous Pairs, also Howell (7)
Brown (5)
Pairs: Howell (6)
Fri 31st Mar 2023
No Bridge (Norfolk Congress)
Fri 7th Apr 2023
No Bridge (Good Friday)
Fri 14th Apr 2023
Mixed Pairs: Lee Trophy
Fri 21st Apr 2023
Pairs: Howell (8)
Fri 28th Apr 2023
Spring League 2023 Round 4 Division 1
Realbridge 6:50
Fri 28th Apr 2023
Spring League 2023 Round 4 Division 2