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Welcome to Result pages of Bridge Director Nicole Cook
2017 Metropolitan Cup

The Metropolitan Cup is less than a day away!

Format has been finalised: Click here for the seating assignments for each County team.

A Division will play 10 boards against every other county - played as two 5 board matches

B Division will play 8 board matches against every other county - played as two 4 board matches

C Division will play 9 x 5 board matches


Tea and coffee will be available to help yourself on arrival. After that you can buy beverages at the cafe upstairs.

Food may be purchased on site, or you may bring your own. Please order any food BEFORE PLAY STARTS to ensure it is ready for you in the break.

Teams competing are:

A team -Sussex, Kent, Surrey, Essex,London and Berks and Bucks

B team - Sussex x 2, Middlesex,Berks & Bucks, Essex, Kent, Surrey

C Team - Surrey x 2, Kent x 2, Essex, Berks & Bucks, Middlesex x 2, Sussex x2

Play begins at 1pm in all divisions. Details on entry form (click to download)


Have you a desire to put your results online? And be able to see your ranking at the click of a button? Or replay a hand you got wrong?

Ask me about Toscana in the Bridge Cloud.

Would you love to use electronic scoring but bridgemates are a step too far?

Ask me about Virtual bridge - it's modern, easy and android or iphone based.

Patsy's BriAn Trial
Director: Unnamed Director
Round 1 KO
Scorer: Mitch
Lynn, Bev and Mousie
Centenary Cup Overall
Scorer: Ian
Patsy, Ros & Ghita