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Welcome to Newton Abbot Bridge Club
Returning to "face to face" Bridge

As you know our venue, the Racecourse, has a contract with the NHS for Covid testing and vaccination. This involves the use of our bridge room.This contract runs until the end of October 2021. Therefore, our earliest re-start in the bridge room will be from November.

At present we are running online bridge twice a week [ Tuesdays and Thursdays on BBO ] and this will continue until at least then. We may then consider keeping online bridge once a week and running face to face bridge in parallel. We need to see how confidences build up.

By the time we finally get back to face to face bridge we will see how other clubs have fared regarding returning members and risk assessments etc.

We all look forward to getting our normal lives back and we will continue to update you as and when information changes.

Newton Abbot Online Bridge

 Club online sessions will currently be held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

Bridge starts at 6.45pm

Please arrive and be seated by 6.30pm.

This allows the Director time to sort out the movement and resolve last minute problems.


 The results including details of hands and contracts will be viewable as usual on the Results tab. 

You may take part whether or not you are an Newton Abbot Bridge Club Member or  an EBU member.

Entry cost  is 3BB$ per person payable when you and your partner register on BBO to play in a session -

Registration is open from two hours before the scheduled start time of a session. Until then you will not find the event listed. 

If you would like to play online but do not have a partner you can use our partner finding page which you can access here - 


The response to our message asking members to express an interest in playing bridge online has been overwhelming.  Many members have been introduced to online bridge through the practice sessions organised by Don and Betty and it is felt that the club is now ready to offer online bridge games.

If you are new to online bridge and would like to play in a taster practice session please contact 

Don (01626 879407) or

Betty (01626 891004)

New practice sessions may take several days to schedule depending on demand and availability.

For an introduction to playing online on BridgeBase Online (BBO) click here

There is also an excellent FAQ and beginners guide from Bath Bridge club here

During this year the club is planning to offer online RealBridge for people who want a less competitive game. RealBridge is more like "face to face" as you can see the other people at the table as well as talk to them. For information on RealBridge please click here.



Provide BBO User Names for Online Event

In order to play in NABC competitions, the club will need to know your BBO name and other details in advance. 

You do not need to provide information again if you have already provided your BBO username for online events or have received training from Don and Betty.

It is essential that details for players not already known to us are given by completing the box provided below.

This must be done at least 24 hours before the competition is due to start to ensure we can process submissions in time. If we can not then players may be blocked when they register.

Need help with BBO? Check our BBO Introduction

For more information contact Don Pearson 01626 879407 or Betty Golding 01626 891004

Details Provided Since Last Event


Postings/Entries will appear here, but none currently posted !!

Everybody needs to go onto the BBO website and register for the event or tournament from 2 hours in advance.

Please do not leave it to the last minute as we need to resolve any of your problems and finalise the movement before we start.

If there is a pair prepared to act as a spare pair in the event of our having a half table then can they please email Don Pearson

Spare Pairs must be available at the start of the session and will be invited to a table if required - Spare Pairs have free entry into the session.

Click for detailed instructions and screenshots


All About Us

The information below relates to face-to-face events, currently suspended.

As an EBU affiliated club with over 200 members, we offer duplicate bridge for all players from beginners through to Grand Masters.  Situated in the grounds of Newton Abbot Racecourse with ample free parking, we are open 3 evenings a week.

Tuesday – gentle, no fear bridge is available for those who want a relaxed evening.  It suits beginners looking to play duplicate bridge after their tuition and for those who want a less competitive game.  An experienced Director is on hand to answer questions, provide support and guide those who are unsure. Master Points on this night are not issued. However, players will still have their NGS up-dated and will be entitled to their Diary and Magazine.

Wednesday – this is our night for experienced players to play a serious competitive game of bridge

Thursday – a mix of players from the experienced through to those who want to improve their game at the table and take their bridge to another level

We have a reputation for being a very friendly club where there is something for everyone and everyone is welcome.  Visitors are particularly welcome. 

Information about our hosting system can be found in the link on the left under ‘Find a Partner’.  Visitors or members without access to our 'Members only' page are invited to contact Margaret Mardlin on 01626 879888 who may be able to help.

If you fancy a social game within the auspices of the EBU click here  to download instructions.

Please click here to download a letter of thanks from Devon Air Ambulance. 

Bridge Lessons
For Information about Bridge Lessons contact
Jean Harrison on 01392 432476
Table money and subscriptions


Tue 10th August 2021
Bridgebase online Pairs
Director: Don
Scorer: Don
Thu 12th August 2021
Bridgebase online Pairs
Director: Don
Scorer: Don
Bridgebase online Pairs
Director: Ferai
Scorer: Ferai Akyol
Bridgebase online Pairs
Director: Don
Scorer: Don
Bridgebase online Pairs
Director: Don
Scorer: Don
Bridgebase online Pairs
Director: Don
Scorer: Don