Standby Players

Please help the club by volunteering to be a standby player on Monday & Wednesday afternoons and on Thursday & Friday evenings at least once a year.

You will be given a free game or a voucher for a free game if it turns out you are not needed.

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Competition Details

The Calvert Cup is a pairs championship played over three evenings with the best two percentage scores to count. In addition the pair with the single highest score (excluding the winners of the Calvert Cup) are awarded the Hamilton Cup.

The Purves Clock is a Butler scored pairs event played for over three nights with the total number of IMPS determining the winner.

Thr Ronaldson Bowl is a mutiple teams championship played for over three nights. Teams can consist of up to six players. Scoring is by IMPS converted to Victory Points.

The Westchester Mixed Pairs Championship is played for over two evenings. The scores will be combined to determine an overall winner.

The Accumulator is a handicapped individual comptetition run over the summer months. Play is on a match point pairs basis. For each night a player's score is adjusted by adding his handicap and that of his partner to the score. Players can only have two counting scores with any one partner and for every player their best six results count.

The Manson Cup is the Melville Teams Championship event with the Westchester Shield being a consolation event for those who fail to qualify for the final. Players enter as teams of four, five or six and play teams over the two qualifying nights. The top four teams qualify for the Manson Cup.

On the third night the top qualifier plays the fourth qualifier and the second qualifer plays the third team. On the fourth night the two winners play for the Manson Cup while the two losers play off for third and fourth place.

Teams that don't qualify for the Manson Cup, along with any additional teams wishing to join, play for the Westchester Shield. This is played as a multiple teams event over two nights.