Standby Players

Please help the club by volunteering to be a standby player on Monday & Wednesday afternoons and on Thursday & Friday evenings at least once a year.

You will be given a free game or a voucher for a free game if it turns out you are not needed.

Click below to visit the Sign Up website.

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Improvers Resources Page

Below are some links to the third year Academy lessons.

Please ask your tutor for the password for the lessons on this page.

Opener's Rebid

Responder's Rebid

Cue Bids


Card Play - communication

Defence - counting

Transfers - Minor Suits

The take-out double revisited

Card Play - cross ruff

Quantitative no trump bidding

Opener's strong re-bids

Negative Doubles

Defence: Second hand play

Card Play: the danger hand

Bidding Opponents Suit

Coping with Interference

1NT response revisited

Card Play: Elimination & Endplay

Defence: More about signals