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Competition Results
Ronaldson Bowl 2016
Ronaldson Bowl 2016


Iain Sime & Julia Palmer being presented the Ronaldson Bowl by Bron McWhinney at the 2016 AGM

Iain Sime, John Murdoch, Troy van-de-l'Isle, Jake Corry, Dougie Munroe, Julia Palmer 88
Derek Sanders, Laura Middleton, George Plant, Tim McKay, Stephen Peterkin, Judy Pearson 64
Brian Short, Alex Adamson, Alan Goodman, Sheila Adamson 57
Fiona Greenwood, Veronica Guy, Carolyn Peploe, Judith Louch, Fiona McQuaker 57
Rona Moss, Diana & Reg Drysdale, John P Hamilton, Dave Sharp 56
Eric Door, Willie Clemie, John Cowan, David King, Damien Byron, David Briggs 50
Liz McGowan, David Liggat, Lucia Barrett, David Weir, Anne Perkins 48
Westchester Mixed Pairs 2016
Westchester Mixed Pairs 2016

Fiona Lawson being presented with the Westchester Mixed Pairs Trophy at the 2016 AGM

Fiona Lawson and Eric Door won the club's annual mixed Pairs championship (the Westchester) with a score of 58.58% over the two weeks.

Manson Cup 2016
Manson Cup 2016

Bron McWhinney presents the Manson Cup to Mike Ash & Finlay Marshall at the 2016 AGM













1st Mike Ash, Alan Goodman, Brian Short, Alex Adamson, Arend Bayer & Finlay Marshall

2nd Anne Perkins, Fiona Lawson, Julia Palmer & Dougie Munroe

3rd Iain Sime, Sheila Adamson, Jake Cory, Jun Nakamru-Pinder & John Murdoch

4th Derek Sanders, Stephen Peterkin, George Plant, Tim McKay & Jack Paterson

Westchester Shield Winners

Liz McGowan, David Liggat, John Hamilton & Dave Sharp

Westchester Shield 2015
Westchester Shield 2015

Bron McWhinney presents the Westchester Shield to Liz McGowan at the 2016 AGM

The Westchester Shield 2015 was won by Liz McGowan, David Liggat, John Hamilton & Dave Sharp

Purves Clock 2015
Purves Clock 2015

Bron McWhinney presents the Purves Clock to Iain Sime at the 2016 AGM

Iain Sime's team, which included Fiona McQuaker, Sheila Adamson, Brian Short and John Murdoch have won this year's Purves Clock with a score of 101 IMPs. They were well ahead of the Goodman team in second place with 53 IMPs.

This year the trophy was played for over three weeks as a Pivot Teams event where each team member must parter somebody different in each of the three weeks.

Anne Perkin's team was third with David Brigg's team taking the fourth spot.

McEwan Cup Individual 2015
McEwan Cup Individual 2015

Bron McWhinney presents the McEwan Cup Individual Trophy to George Plant at the 2016 AGM


George Plant won the McEwan Cup Individual tournament with a score of 65.63% at the New Melville on Wednesday night.Thirteen players took part.

Pinkhill 'No Fears' Individual 2015
Pinkhill 'No Fears' Individual 2015

Bron McWhinney presents the Pinkhill No Fears Individual Trophy to Robert Thornton at the 2016 AGM

Robert Thornton won the Pinkhill No Fears Individual tournament with a score of 66.67%. Sixteen players took part.

Calvert Cup 2015
Calvert Cup 2015

Bron McWhinney presents the Calvert Cup to Liz McGowan at the 2016 AGM

Liz McGowan and David Liggat  won this year's Calvert Cupwith an average score of 59.45%. Iain Sime and Fiona McQuaker  won the Hamilton Trophy for the highest single score over the three nights (other than that of the winners).

Hamilton Trophy 2015
Hamilton Trophy 2015

Bron McWhinney presents the Hamilton Trophy to Iain Sime at the 2016 AGM.

The trophy is awarded to the pair in the Calvert Cup who score the highest single percentage score over the three nights of the competition. Fiona McQuaker was Iain's partner in this competition. 

Melville Trophy 2016
Melville Trophy 2016

Bron McWhinney presents Rose Simpson with the Melville Trophy  at the 2016 AGM

The Melville Trophy is awarded to the player who wins the most number of Master Points on a Monday evenings between the 1st October 2015 and the start of the Accumulator.

Pinkhill Trophy 2016
Pinkhill Trophy 2016

Bron McWhinney presenting the Pinkhill Trophy at the 2016 AGM to the winning team of:

David Hamilton

Fred Namdaran

Tim Lambert

Robert Thornton

(With Amanda Aberdour and Ed Meachem)

Ronald MacDonald Salver 20016
Ronald MacDonald Salver 20016

Bron McWhinney presents David King with the Ronald MacDonald Salver at the 2016 AGM

The salver is awarded to the player who bids and makes the most number of slams over the course of the year.

Ranked Pairs Winners 2016
Ranked Pairs Winners 2016

Bron McWhinney presents Bill Rae & Peter Bowbrick with their Ranked Pairs shields at the 2016 AGM

*Master Bill Rae

Master Denise King

District Master Stewart Morris

Local Master Peter Bowbrick

Club Master Phyllis Whyte

Pinkhill Pairs 2016
Pinkhill Pairs 2016

Bron McWhinney presents the Pinkhill Pairs Trophy to Robert Thornton & Tim Lambert at the 2016 AGM

CONGRATULATIONS to Robert Thornton and Tim Lambert who have won this year's Pinkhill Pairs Trophy with an average score of 57.3%.

Accumulator 2015

Donald Fraser won Accumulator ahead of John Hamilton in second place and Troy van de L'Isle and Julia Palmer tied for third.

Pinkhill Trophy 2015
Pinkhill Trophy 2015

CONGRATULATIONS also go to Elspeth Burnside, Ian Fraser, Sheila Cochrane and Ann Shepherd who have won this years's Pinkhill Trophy which is a teams event for players below the rank of District Master. They were 25 IMPs ahead of the second placed team scoring a total of 92 IMPs.

Ronaldson Bowl 2015
Ronaldson Bowl 2015

CONGRATULATIONS go to John Hamilton, Mike Smith, Liz McGowan, David Liggat and Reg & Diana Drysdale who have won this year's Ronaldson Bowl with 51 VPs two ahead of the Adamsons, Ash, Goodman, Greenwood and Matheson who scored 49 VPs.

Westchester Mixed Pairs 2015
Westchester Mixed Pairs 2015

Congratulations to Mike Ash and Laura Middleton who won this years Westchester Mixed Pairs. Fiona McQuaker and Iain Sime were runners up with Brian Short and Fiona Greenwood in third place.

Manson Cup Winners 2015

CONGRATULATIONS to Iain Sime's team which won the Manson Cup on Wenesday night. This is the Club's premier teams championship. Team members included J Matheson, J Murdoch, J Nakamaru-Pinder and P Barton. The runners up were Brian Short's team.

The consolation event, the Westchester Shield was won by T McKay, G Plant, L Middleton and L Barrett.

Westchester Shield 2015
Westchester Shield 2015

The Westchester Shield 2015 being presented to George Plant and Lauara Middleton by the club chairman Alan Goodman.

Pinkhill Pairs 2014
Pinkhill Pairs 2014
1 Christine Mclaren & Brenda Wingate 61.97%
2 Jean Scott & Jacquelyn Dick 57.41%
3 Allan Ainslie & Jim Russell 56.67%
4 Sheila Cochrane & Lillian Bain 50.93%
5 Edward & Lynette Clutton 50.46%
6 Frances Mayes & Rosemary Braid 48.60%
7 Alan Thomson & Margaret Anne Byron 44.30%
8 Gail Harvey & Caron Letham 41.45%
9 Angus MacPherson & Eilidh Wiseman 38.10%
Calvert Cup 2014
1 Derek Sanders & Martin Garvey 61.62%
2 Alan Goodman & Mike Ash 59.20%
3 John Matheson & Liz McGowan 58.48%
4 Andrew Muir & Jeff Bond 54.15%
5 Fiona Lawson & Judith Louch 53.30%
6 George Plant & Tim McKay 53.01%
7 Carolyn Peploe & Veronica Guy 52.02%
8 David King & Donald Fraser 51.21%
9 John Ferguson & Willie Clemie 51.11%
10 David Briggs & Eric Door 51.05%
11 Anne Perkins & Fiona Greenwood 50.64%
12 Fiona McQuaker & Iain Sime 48.20%
13 David Weir & Julia Palmer 46.75%
14 Andy Jamieson & Lucia Barrett 45.97%
15 Deirdre Sanders & Marion Cantley 45.62%
16 Damien Byron & Nigel Wolfendale 43.86%
17 Dave Sharp & John Hamilton 43.23%
Hamilton Cup 2014
Hamilton Cup 2014

Jeff Bond being presented with the Hamilton Cup by club chairman Alan Goodman.

Accumulator 2014
1 David King 58.37%
2 Troy van-de-l'Isle 57.80%
3 Judith Louch 57.69%
4 Tim McKay 57.41%
5 John Hamilton 57.19%
6 Anne Perkins 56.69%
7 Deirdre Sanders 56.07%
8 Donald Fraser 55.73%
9 Julia Palmer 55.26%
10 Fiona Lawson 54.64%
11 Eric Door 54.29%
12 Nigel Wolfendale 54.24%
13 David Weir 54.16%
14 Andrew Muir 54.07%
15 Dave Sharp 53.98%
16 Fiona Greenwood 53.79%
17 Damien Byron 53.57%
18 Mike Gallacher 53.23%
19 Iain Sime 53.18%
20 David Briggs 52.80%
21 Anne Havard 52.74%
22 Gill Colston 52.66%
23 Alan Goodman 52.25%
24 Jeff Bond 52.03%
25 Eileen Carmichael 51.73%
26 Margaret Anderson 51.25%
27 Marion Cantley 51.18%
28 Lucia Barrett 51.11%
29 Jane Stephenson 50.70%
30 Liz McGowan 50.08%
31 Dougie Munroe 50.01%
32 Linda Roy 46.59%
John Frame Charity Pairs

Was won by John Cowan and Deirdre Sanders with a score of 67.71%


Melville Trophy 2014
Melville Trophy 2014

Was won Marjorie Gibbens who accumulated 354 Master Points on Monday evenings between the beginning of October and the 12th May.

Band A for Scottish Masters and above was won by Deirdre Sanders with 290 Master Points.

Band B for Masters and Star Masters was won by Marjorie Gibbens

Band C for Club, Local and District Masters was jointly won by Marald Thomson & Rose Simpson with 314 Master Points

Band D for Novices was won by Graham Spinardi with 286 Master Points

Ronaldson Bowl 2014
Ronaldson Bowl 2014


Goodman(2), Short, S Adamson(2), A Adamson (2), Ash (1), Matheson(2)



Sime, Wolfendale, McGowan, Liggat









D Sanders, Bond, D Sanders, Paterson








McQuaker, Louch, Youngs(1), Greenwood(1), Guy(2), Peploe(2)





Perkins, Nesom (1), Weir(2), Palmer, Munroe, Middleton (2)






Clemie, Door, Muir(2), Briggs(2), Byron(2)








Hamilton (2), Sharp, Jamieson(2), Barrett






Clow, McKay, Corry, Van d'lisle








(Numbers in brackets indicate weeks played if less than 3.)

Pinkhill Trophy 2014
Pinkhill Trophy 2014

The Pinkhill Trophy

1st          David King, Denise King, Kairen Bergius, Amanda Aberdour   +68 IMPs

2nd          Walter Pearson, Linda Greig, Allan Ainslie, Jim Russell  +58 IMPs

3rd          Iain Ritchie, Malcolm Lee, Pat Syme, Margaret Tait -2 IMPs

4th          Walter Pearson, Linda Greig, Allan Ainslie, Jim Russell -7 IMPs

5th          Ian Fraser, Elspeth Burnside, Hilarie Howarth, Mary Brown  -14 IMPs

6th          Stewart Morris, David Land, Pat Scott, Rosemary McPhee -17 IMPs

7th          Jane Neville, Jean MacDonald, Anne Mcgill, Fiona Ford --86 IMPs

Westchester Mixed Pairs 2014
Westchester Mixed Pairs 2014


Brian Short & Fiona Greenwood   52.96%
2nd Alan Goodman & Anne Perkins   52.21%
3rd Iain Sime & Fiona McQuaker   51.73%
4th Trevor Ward & Deirdre Sanders   51.70%
5th John Hamilton & Judith Louch   51.36%
6th Eric Door & Fiona Lawson   50.07%
7th Liz McGowan & David Liggat   48.81%
8th Nigel Wolfendale & Julia Palmer   41.16%
Manson Cup 2014
Manson Cup 2014
1st   Goodman, Short, Ash, Adamson
2nd  Sime, Matheson, Marshall, Ward
3rd   Clow, McKay, Van d’Lisle, Corry.
Westchester Shield 2014
Westchester Shield 2014

The Westchester Shield

1st          Fiona Lawson, Lucia Barrett, Andy Jamieson, Derek Sanders, Laura Middleton

2nd        Peploe, Guy, McQuaker, Louch, Rhona Moss

Summer Accumulator 2013

In 2013 this competition was won by Andrew Nesom.

Melville Trophy 2014
Melville Trophy 2014

Rose Simpson being presented with her Melville Trophy prize by Judith Louch.

Calvert Cup 2013
Calvert Cup 2013


John Matheson, Liz McGowan



Jeff Bond, Andrew Muir



Fiona Lawson, Judith Louch



Julia Palmer, David Weir



Mike Ash, Patrick Home



David Briggs, Eric Door



Alan Goodman, Brian Short



Robert Clow, Tim McKay



John Hamilton, Mike Smith



Fiona Greenwood, Anne Perkins



Jake Corry, Troy Van-De-L'Isle



Lucia Barrett, Andy Jamieson



Laura Middleton, Deirdre Sanders



Nancy Galloway, Rose Simpson


The Hamilton Cup which is awarded to the pair with single highest percentage score (excluding the winners of the Calvert Cup) goes to:

Fiona Lawson & Judith Louch who scored 61.98% in the third week of the competition.

Hamilton Cup 2013
Hamilton Cup 2013

The Hamilton Cup being presented to Judith Louch & Fional Lawson by Alan Goodman. They scored 61.98% in the third week of the Calvert Cup competition which was single highest percentage score over the three weeks (excluding the winners of the Calvert Cup).

The Purves Clock


Tim McKay & Derek Sanders  

+ 68 imps


Anne Perkins & David Weir  

+ 36.63 imps


Jake Corry & Paul Barton  

+ 36.5 imps


Jeff Bond & Deirdre Sanders

+ 34.5 imps


Nigel Wolfendale & George Plant  

+ 29.25 imps


Lucia Barrett & Andy Jamieson  

+ 22 imps


Judith Louch & Fiona Lawson  

+ 9.5 imps


John Hamilton & Dave Sharp  

+ 7.12 imps


Troy Van de L’Isle& Robert Clow  

- 3.75 imps


Julia Palmer & Dougie Munroe  

- 8.5 imps


Fiona McQuaker & Iain Sime  

- 11.87 imps


David Briggs & Eric Door  

- 22.12 imps


Keith Youngs & Fiona Greenwood  

- 57.25 imps