Standby Players

Please help the club by volunteering to be a standby player on Monday & Wednesday afternoons and on Thursday & Friday evenings at least once a year.

You will be given a free game or a voucher for a free game if it turns out you are not needed.

Click below to visit the Sign Up website.

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Photo Gallery
Xmas Congress 2015
  • Pairs Bronze Prize Winners Caroline Atkins & Andy Bonnes
  • Teams Bronze Prize Winners
  • Pairs Silver Prize Winners Brian Kelley & Donald Fraser
  • Pairs Bronze (B1/B2) Prize Winners David Land & StewartMorris
  • Pairs Winners Liz McGowan & David Liggatt
  • Pairs Joint Second Place Winners
  • Teams Silver Prize Winners
  • Teams Second Prize Winners
  • Teams Third Prize Winners
  • Teams Winners
Christmas Party 2015
  • XmasParty10
  • XmasParty11
  • XmasParty12
  • XmasParty13
  • XmasParty14
  • XmasParty15
  • XmasParty16
  • XmasParty17
  • XmasParty18
  • XmasParty19
  • XmasParty1
  • XmasParty20
  • XmasParty21
  • XmasParty22
  • XmasParty23
  • XmasParty24
  • XmasParty25
  • XmasParty26
  • XmasParty27
  • XmasParty28
  • XmasParty29
  • XmasParty2
  • XmasParty30
  • XmasParty31
  • XmasParty3
  • XmasParty4
  • XmasParty5
  • XmasParty6
  • XmasParty7
  • XmasParty9
April 2014 Congress
  • Congress1
  • Congress2
  • Congress Pairs Winners Dilys Gellatly Marjorie Murray
  • Congress Pairs handicapped runners up Elizabeth Peckham Jane Miller
  • Congress Pairs handicapped third place Norman and Betty Morrison
  • Congress Pairs non handicapped runners up Joan Forsyth Gillian Whyte
  • Congress Pairs non handicapped winners David Weir Doug Mitchell
  • Congress Pairs raw score third place Caroline Atkins Mike Hamilton
  • Congress Teams 2nd Eileen Carmichael Fiona Lawson and Reg and Diana Drysdale
  • Congress Teams 3rd Peter and Heather Braid and Irene Sime and David Kaye
  • Congress Teams Bronze 3rd Margaret Anderson Lyn Cronin Rhona Collins Lilian Flett
  • Congress Teams Joint Bronze Winners the Torkington team and the Clow team
  • Congress Teams Silver winners Laura Middleton Cathy Ferguson Joan Forsyth and Gillian Whyte
  • Congress Teams Winners Jake CORRY Danny HAMILTON Martin STEPHENS John FABEN
2014 AGM
  • AGM
  • Judith Louch being thanked by Alan Goodman for presenting the prizes
  • Mike Louch being thanked by Alan Goodman for his ten years as Treasurer
Christmas Congress 2014
  • Denise & David King receiving their swiss pairs bronze prize
  • Alan Goodman (& Stephen Peterkin) and Robert Clow (& Anthony Bates) who were joint third in the swiss pairs. (Peterkin and Bates not shown)
  • Heather and Peter Braid who were runners up in the swiss pairs
  • Frances McKeon & Eric Nolf Receiving their swiss pairs silver prize
  • Iain Sime and John Murdoch who were the winners of the swiss pairs
  • Congress Teams joint winners Stephen Peterkin, Derek Sanders, Deirdre Sanders and Tim McKay
  • Congress Teams joint winners Douglas Mitchell, Liz McGowan, David Liggat and David Weir
  • Congress Teams joint winners Andy Philip, Jim Hay, Harry Smith and Roy Bennet (not shown)
The Clubhouse
  • Foyer
  • Foyer
  • Mat
  • Match Room
  • Playing Room
  • Social Area
  • Teaching Room
  • The Club

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Opening Reception
  • Reception
  • Reception10
  • Reception11
  • Reception12
  • Reception13
  • Reception14
  • Reception2
  • Reception3
  • Reception4
  • Reception5
  • Reception6
  • Reception7
  • Reception8
  • Reception9
2015 AGM
  • AGM 2015 Being Chaired by Alan Goodman
  • Alan Goodman at the 2015 AGM
  • Alan Goodman receiving his Honorary Life Membership certificate from Damien Byron
BBQ 8 August 2015
  • The BBQ reception in full swing!
  • Elaine Greenslade, Pat Walkingshaw, Rose Simpson & Peter Bowbrick
  • Section A EW winners Hilarie & Richard Howarth
  • Jennifer Marshall & Maureen McMillan receiving their second prize of the day from Jeff Bond
  • Section A NS winners Caron Letham & Margery Gilroy
  • Section B EW winners Jennifer Marshall & Maureen McMillan
  • Keith Clark & Donal Fraser winners of the evenings section A
  • Section B NS winners Alan Goodman & Fiona Greenwood