Standby Players

Please help the club by volunteering to be a standby player on Monday & Wednesday afternoons and on Thursday & Friday evenings at least once a year.

You will be given a free game or a voucher for a free game if it turns out you are not needed.

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Welcome to The New Melville Bridge Club

The place to learn and play the game of Bridge in Edinburgh.

As enjoyed by 518 members and over 250 students in our Academy.

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Eastbourne Summer Meeting Successes

CONGRATULATIONS are due to club members Alan Goodman, Brian Short, Iain Sime and John Murdoch who finished 5th in the Four Stars A Final at the EBU summer meeting in Eastbourne. 82 teams took part and after the third round, having played eleven 8-board matches, the Goodman team were lying 7th. The top 8 teams qualified for the A Final. Meanwhile club members Paul Barton and Mike Ash (playing with Chris Chambers and Jun Nakamaru-Pinder) were runners up in the Four Stars B final. Well done to them also!

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Advanced Learner' classes this autumn
Advanced Learner' classes this autumn

The MBA will be running the above classes again this autumn, in the usual Friday afternoon time-slot.

They are aimed at people who have completed the SBU course of 60 lessons, and have been playing in club tournaments. They are also appropriate for club members who have been playing for some time. It should be noted that these modules are below the 'Bronze to Silver' classes, and should certainly be taken first. Our routine is that we run these modules over a 2-year cycle.

This autumn the cycle is re-starting at Module 1 (out of 4), entitled Constructive Bidding.

Please click HERE for the details and sign-up form.

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Bronze To Silver 2019
Bronze To Silver 2019

Bronze to Silver classes this autumn

We're pleased to say that the Bronze to Silver class is definitely taking place, starting in September.

It's aimed at experienced club players who wish to improve their play.

Please click HERE to download an application form.

Last updated : 11th Aug 2019 17:06 BST
Learn To Play Bridge
Learn To Play Bridge

Are you interested in learning to play Bridge? If so, we offer a full range of classes extending over six terms (three years) which take you from absolute beginner to club player.

Our classes for the Autumn Term of 2019 are now announced. Click HERE to download an application form.

More information about our Academy and classes can be found in the Melville Bridge Academy section of our website (see left hand menu) where you can also submit an enquiry.

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Gentle Pairs Bridge
Gentle Pairs Bridge

On Wednesday afternoons we run a Gentle Pairs Bridge Session starting at 1.30 pm.  These are aimed at players who are currently in the second year of classes and above or for those people who have completed all sixty lessons but are not yet ready to take the plunge into tournament bridge.

About 10-12 hands are played under the supervision of an experienced player who will help with the bidding and play.

You can come along without a partner and will either be matched up with another person in the same position or the experienced player. The session cost £3 per person. Non members of the club are welcome to come and give this a try!

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General Bridge Procedures and Etiquette
  • ​​​​DO make your opening lead face down and do so before filling in your score card or operating the Bridgemate (it saves time!).
  • DO call the TD when something goes wrong.
  • DO keep your eye on the timer for your section and try to keep to time.
  • DO make sure your cards are returned to the board in the correct slot.
  • DON’T ask questions about the bidding after the auction until your partner has the opening lead face down on the table.
  • DON’T pick up your cards and return to the board until everybody at the table agrees the result.
  • DON’T pressure your opponents into accepting your interpretation of the rules (call the TD).
  • DON’T make comments about the opponents bidding or play (unless invited).
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Monday Afternoon Pairs
Monday X Imp Pairs
Friday eveninig matchpoint
Thursday MP Pairs
Thursday XImp Pairs
Wednesday Afternoon Gentle pairs
Wednesday Afternoon Pairs
Accumulator 17
Mon 19th Aug 2019
Cross Imp Pairs
Starts at 13.00
Host: Standby Player
Mon 19th Aug 2019
Match Point Pairs
Starts at 19.00
Host: None
Mon 19th Aug 2019
Cross-Imp Pairs
Starts at 19.00
Host: None
Tue 20th Aug 2019
Cross IMP Pairs
Starts at 19:00
Host: None
Wed 21st Aug 2019
Cross-Imp Pairs
Starts at 13.00
Host: Standby Player
Wed 21st Aug 2019
Gentle Pairs
Starts at 13.30
Host: Yes
Accumulator 2019 Leaderboard

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Slam Bidding Competition Leaderboard

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