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Welcome to The New Melville Bridge Club

The place to learn and play the game of Bridge in Edinburgh.

As enjoyed by 598 members and 190 students in our Academy

with 468 members playing in our on-line tournaments

145 tables played on-line in the period Sunday 11 April - Saturday 17 April

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Last updated : 19th Apr 2021 14:28 BST
One Day Congress Results

Congress Pairs Sunday 18 April

Congratulations to Amanda Morton & Denise King who won the Congress Pairs yesterday with a score of 63.77%. A list of prize winners is below.

1st Amanda Morton & Denise King 63.77%

2nd John Hamilton & Angus Macdonald 63.59%

3rd David Briggs & David King 61.78%

4th Derrick Peden & Lucia Barrett 60.60%

5th Suzie Laughland & Margaret Anne Byron 58.61%

Silver Prize – Norrie O’Neil & Hasan Choudhury 57.97%

Bronze Prize – Fiona Scott & Patricia Gilmore 58.42%

Bronze Prize - Christine McLaren & Rosemary Hartill 57.97%

Congress Swiss Teams Sunday 18 April

A combined result for the two sessions of teams which was won by four non-members can be seen in our results column. A list of prize winners is below.

1st Andy & Janet Philip & Archie & Pam Leith 64 VPs

2nd Muriel Blake & Jane Stephenson & Rosemary McKinnel & Rosemary Steers  54 VPs

3rd Andrew Harborow & Thomas Bagnall & David & Shona Anderson 52 VPs

4th David King & David Briggs & Krzysztof Nguyen & Tadeusz Janowski 51 VPs

Silver Prize – Kevin McCullough, Linda Roy, Judy Pearson & Bryn Tennant 42 VPs

Bronze Prize – Denis Howell, Margaret Anne Byron, Tim Lambert & Robert Thornton 49 VPs

Bronze Prize – Rose Simpson, Kathy Whaler, Pat Walkingshaw & Geoff Bailey 44 VPs

Last updated : 19th Apr 2021 14:27 BST
Learn to play Bridge at The Melville Bridge Academy
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Are you interested in learning to play Bridge?

If so, we offer a full range of classes extending over six terms (three years) which take you from absolute beginner to club player.

Our classes for the Summer term start the week beginning Monday 26 April

During the current crisis the classes will all be conducted on-line.

You can read more about our teaching Academy by clicking on this article. ..........

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Last updated : 19th Apr 2021 14:21 BST
Daily Social Bridge Games
Daily Social Bridge Games

From now until the end of April the New Melville is offering members and their guests free games of social bridge seven days week on the RealBridge platform. There will be a new set of 24 hands each day. Club members will have the ability to login in to RealBridge as a Host player and add a table if need be. To act as a host members of the Melville should use the 'Social Bridge Host' button in the menu. A form will appear that requires a password which will have been provided to members using Pianola. They then login to RealBridge in the normal way and can add a table if the ones showing have all been used, using the + late table button. Their guests should click on the 'Social Bridge Guest' button in the menu which takes them straight to the RealBridge login.

A video demonstrating how a table can be added can be viewed by clicking HERE.

Last updated : 5th Apr 2021 14:12 BST
Gentle Pairs on Thursday Mornings

Why not try our Gentle Pairs sessions on Thursday mornings at 10.30 am? 

These sessions are aimed at inexperienced players who are Melville members and/or students in our Melville Bridge Academy who would like to have a relaxed game of bridge at a gentle pace of ten minutes per hand. 12 hands of bridge will be played and there will be an experienced helper at each table who can answer questions during the bidding and play. The sessions are being conducted on the RealBridge platform which incorporates video and audio technology.  

You must sign up in advance using the link below and provide an email address. Partners are not required as we will match people up on the day.

Sign Up!

We are also looking for helpers for the Gentle Pairs sessions

We are looking for helpers at each table for these sessions. Helpers will Kibitz at one table and be able to chat to the people at the table. Helpers are provided with hand records in advance. Bridge expertise is not required. We need people who have played in club sessions for a few years or more and who know the basics of Acol bidding. Please sign up using the link below if you can help out.

Sign Up!

Last updated : 27th Mar 2021 10:15 GMT
Looking for a club to play Bridge on-line?
Looking for a club to play Bridge on-line?

Are you looking for a club that offers tournament bridge on-line during the Covid19 pandemic? Then you need look no further than the New Melville Bridge Club which offers ten tournaments per week for players of all abilities as well as a special supervised session on Thursday mornings for students of the game who would like to practise their skills at a more gentle pace than our regular games.

Membership of our club costs a mere £30 per annum for players who already have Scottish Bridge Union (SBU) membership, but for those that don't, you can join the SBU though the Melville for an additonal £10 per year. You can apply to be a member on-line by clicking HERE without the need to be nominated or approved. The form is also available from our left-hand menu. Our weekly programme of tournaments is summarised in the right hand column of this page.

Last updated : 27th Mar 2021 10:14 GMT

The New Melville Bridge Club is a company limited by guarantee and a registered charity. 

Registered Office: 1 Pinkhill, Edinburgh EH12 7BA. Telephone: 0131 334 4467

Company Registration Number: SC 437291. Charity Registration number: SCO 043594, 

The Club is affiliated to the Scottish Bridge Union and the SBU East District.


Last updated : 22nd Mar 2020 13:29 GMT
Newcomers Pairs
Evening Imp Pairs
Afternoon MP Pairs
Evening MP Pairs
New Melville Congress Pairs
Melville Swiss Teams 2nd Half
Melville Swiss Teams 1st Half
Swiss Teams Overall Result
Wed 21st Apr 2021
Afternoon Imp Pairs
1.30 pm 2 Entry
Wed 21st Apr 2021
Match Point Pairs
7.00 pm $3 Entry
Thu 22nd Apr 2021
X-Imp Pairs
BBO and RB
7.00 pm $3/2 entry
Fri 23rd Apr 2021
Match Point Pairs
1.15 pm $3 Entry
Mon 26th Apr 2021
Afternoon MP Pairs
1.30 pm $3 Entry
Mon 26th Apr 2021
Evening MP Pairs
7.00 pm $3 entry
X-Imp Accumulator

Click HERE to see the X-Imps Accumulator results table.

Last updated : 31st Mar 2021 16:35 BST
Our 2021 On-line Weekly Schedule

Monday MP Pairs on BBO at 1.30 pm

Monday MP Pairs on BBO at 7.00 pm

Tuesday Newcomers Pairs on RB at 1.30 pm for MBA students, Novices and Club Masters

Tuesday  X-Imp Pairs on BBO at 7.00 pm

Wednesday X-Imp Pairs on RB at 1.30 pm

Wednesday X-Imp Pairs on BBO at 7.00 pm

Thursday Gentle Pairs on RB at 10.30 am - a supervised play session for beginners

Thursday X-Imp Pairs on BBO at 7.00 pm

Thursday X-Imp Pairs on RB at 7.00 pm

Friday MP Pairs on BBO at 1.15 pm

Sunday MP Pairs on RB at 2.00 pm

On Thursday evenings both sections play the same hands which are then scored across the whole field.

Last updated : 11th Feb 2021 15:45 GMT