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Standby Players Needed

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Please help the club by volunteering to be a Standby Player for our Monday afternoon, Thursday evening and Friday evening  F2F sessions. Standby Players get to play for free and are given a voucher for a free game if they are not used. They can have a free cup of tea or coffee whilst they are waiting in the social area prior to the game.

Click on the Standbys menu button and then the session button which takes you to website where you can sign up for any of the available slots.

You will receive a confirmation email* which you can also use at a later date to cancel your sign up if need be. So it is important that you keep that email!

The SignUpGenius website will send you a reminder email one day before your slot.

*Please take care when filling in your email address on the website otherwise you won't get the confirmation and reminder emails.

Welcome to The New Melville Bridge Club

The place to learn and play the game of Bridge in Edinburgh.

As enjoyed by 636 members and 150 students in our Academy.

A further 50 members are taking part in our advanced classes.

Click here to take a virtual tour of the club.

Last updated : 26th Sep 2022 19:12 BST
Archie Docherty

It is with great sadness that we have to report the death of Archie Docherty. Archie was a longstanding, popular member of the Melville and a tournament director for some years and a member of the Orion league team. He quickly adapted to the new online environment after lockdown and particularly liked RealBridge and the ability to see the other players. Archie's funeral will be held at Warriston Crematorium in the Lorimer Chapel on Monday 3 October at 2.00 pm.

Last updated : 26th Sep 2022 19:25 BST
Bumper Afternoon
Bumper Afternoon

On Monday afternoon 26 September we had our biggest turnout yet since the pandemic with 90 members playing face-to-face bridge in the afternoon.

The club was really buzzing with activity as we also had classes operating in our teaching room that morning, in the afternoon and in the evening.

Please don't forget we also have a Wednesday afternoon tournament and it would be good to get the numbers up for that session as well.

Last updated : 26th Sep 2022 19:44 BST
Bridge, Coffee & Cake Morning
Bridge, Coffee & Cake Morning

On Tuesday 4th October we intend to hold a Bridge, Coffee & Cake morning at the club starting at 10.15. The coffee and cake will be provided for free but the normal bridge fees will apply.

We aim to play about 20 hands of bridge. Stewart Morris will be running this first session which will be repeated if it is successful. Please do try and come along. Non-members are welcome to come and try out the club.

Last updated : 27th Sep 2022 09:20 BST
New Thursday Morning Tournament

We intend to run a new Thursday morning tournament on RealBridge for those who love this platform. This will start on 13 October at 10.30 am and is aimed at all club players. About 22 hands of bridge will be played and table money will be set at £2.50 per head. SBU master points will be awarded.

Please note that this will be a pairs tournament. Standbys will not be available so please only pay your table money if you have arranged a partner. Details of how to pay will be available on on this webpage nearer the time.

Last updated : 27th Sep 2022 09:26 BST
Finding Bridge Partners
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It can sometimes be difficult to find regular bridge partners for F2F games, but don't despair as help is available. You can use the Partners button in our menu to send a message to two members of our Board of Directors who will do their best to help you. They will endeavor to put you in touch with members who are looking to establish a regular or long term partnership. ..........

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Last updated : 16th Aug 2022 10:52 BST
Club Mentoring Programme

We have setup a Mentoring Programme for new players or those returning to the game after a long break. The principal aim of our programme is to provide support to players giving them confidence to participate in club tournaments. It is available to any member. To make an enquiry please use the Mentoring button on our menu. Experienced players who would like to act as a mentor can also use the Mentoring button.

Last updated : 16th Aug 2022 10:52 BST
Learn to play Bridge at The Melville Bridge Academy
Learn to play Bridge at The Melville Bridge Academy

Are you interested in learning to play Bridge?

Our classes have finished now for the summer but will re-start on 26 September. Full details can be found in the Melville Bridge Academy section of our website, where you can also make a general enquiry using an on-line form.

Last updated : 25th Jul 2022 09:46 BST
Gentle Pairs
Gentle Pairs
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Are you a new bridge player who is not quite ready for tournament play?

Then why not come to our Gentle Pairs on Wednesday afternoons where you get supervision and support during the bidding and play. The club's experienced players will be playing in their own separate tournament. ..........

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Last updated : 31st Jul 2022 14:27 BST
Face-to-Face Bridge
Face-to-Face Bridge

We are currently holding four F2F bridge sessions each week at Pinkhill. These are on Monday and Wednesday afternoons starting at 1.00 pm and on Thursday and Friday evenings starting at 7.00 pm. We aim to play 24 hands of bridge with a finish time of no later than 4.00 pm for afternoon sessions so that people can park on the main road if needed.

In addition, the second Tuesday of each month is a F2F teams of four at the club.

Last updated : 15th Sep 2022 07:06 BST
Melville Weekly On-Line Tournaments

We currently hold five on-line tournaments on BBO each week. These are on Monday and Friday afternoons starting at 1.30 pm and on Monday, Tuesday* and Thursday evenings starting at 7.00 pm. The table money for these tournaments is set at $4 and 22 hands of bridge are played.

*Except 2nd Tuesday of each month when we have F2F teams at the club.

Last updated : 31st Jul 2022 14:17 BST
Daily Social Bridge Games
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We offer daily games of Social Bridge on the RealBridge platform for use by players making up their own tables of four. There is a £2 charge for this service which has to be paid by one of the four players who acts as the Host player and who logs in using the Social Bridge Host button in our menu.  Click on this article to read more about this service. ..........

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Last updated : 3rd Apr 2022 07:28 BST
Bridge Laws and Ethics - The Revoke
Bridge Laws and Ethics - The Revoke
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Failing to follow suit in Bridge is known as a revoke and is one of the most common things to go wrong at the bridge table.  But what should happen if a revoke has been discovered or is suspected? Click on this article to read more, as players often get this wrong. ..........

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Last updated : 20th Aug 2022 06:56 BST

The New Melville Bridge Club is a company limited by guarantee and a registered charity. 

Registered Office: 1 Pinkhill, Edinburgh EH12 7BA. Telephone: 0131 334 4467

Company Registration Number: SC 437291. Charity Registration number: SC043594, 

The Club is affiliated to the Scottish Bridge Union and the SBU East District.


Last updated : 12th Sep 2022 19:13 BST
BBO MP Pairs
Friday MPs
BBO X-Imp Pairs
Thursday F2F XIMP Pairs
F2F X-Imp Pairs
Wed F2F pairs
X-Imp Pairs
Monday Afternoon F2F MP Pairs
Afternoon On-Line MP Pairs
Mon 3rd Oct 2022
Afternoon On-Line MP Pairs
BBO 1.30 pm
Director: Rona
Mon 3rd Oct 2022
Afternoon F2F MP Pairs
Pinkhill 1.00 pm
Director: Damien
Mon 3rd Oct 2022
Evening on-line MP Pairs
BBO 7.00 pm
Director: Rona
Tue 4th Oct 2022
X-Imp Pairs
BBO 7.00 pm
Director: Tom
Tue 4th Oct 2022
Coffee & Cake Bridge
Pinkhill 10.15 am
Director: Stewart
Wed 5th Oct 2022
F2F MP Pairs
Pinkhill 1.00 pm
Director: Tom
Basic Bridge Etiquette

Ten Basic Rules of Etiquette

Be polite to your partner and your opponents... Bridge after all is only a game.

1. Be nice, smile... No matter how good or poor you play bridge, you are an Ambassador for the game. You can drive people away or you can  make them love it.... We need people.

2.  Dont Gloat... Dont compliment yourselves on a bid or the play of the hand until the opponents leaves the table. Also, dont thank an opponent for a good board or a trick you shouldnt get... This makes people feel bad and makes you look like a jerk.

3.  Dont give lessons to anyone at the table... If your opponent or partner wants to know what they did wrong or how to better play or bid a hand they will ask.

4. Dont tell opponents or winners how lucky they are... Dont undermine their successes. You only make yourself look like a poor loser and a poor sport... Be gracious.

5. Learn not to get offended when a director is called on you. This is part of the game. The director is there to protect everyone and especially the integrity of the game.

6. Keep your voice even and the gestures consistent when bidding or playing the hands... Dont snap your cards or make any unusual movements to get your point across... Be ethical.

7. When on lead against a contract, LEAD and then write down the contract on your scorecard... Same thing for dummy, lay your hand down and then write down the contract.

8. Dont discuss the hands until the round is over... This takes time like #7 and it is rude.

9. Help the director... His/Her job is tough enough without you adding to their problems.

10. Dont make decisions that the director should be making, even if you know the rule. The number one way we humans learn most things in life, but particularly social behaviour, is by mimicking the behaviour of the more experienced ones.... If this is you, then you are a role model for the newer players.... And, if you feel the need to have a word with someone, always do it one-on-one away from the table, and preferably after play has finished. Maybe say something like would you mind if I offer a suggestion?””

Last updated : 20th Aug 2022 06:43 BST
(20th Aug 2022)