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Welcome to The New Melville Bridge Club

The place to learn and play the game of Bridge in Edinburgh.

As enjoyed by 558 paid up members and 170 students in our Academy

with over 400 members playing in our on-line tournaments

146 tables played on-line in the period Sunday 15 November - Saturday 21 November

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Last updated : 23rd Nov 2020 10:34 GMT
David Weir Passes Away

Sad News

We are sorry to announce that David Weir passed away on Monday 16 November. He died peacefully in his sleep. David had been a member of the Melville for a considerable length of time and will be remembered mostly by the people that play on Monday and Wednesday evenings in normal times. He was a fine bridge player at his prime achieving the rank of Grand Master. David will be sadly missed by all who knew him. We have not been advised of any funeral arrangements so far but if they are forthcoming an announcement will be made.

Last updated : 23rd Nov 2020 10:29 GMT
Gentle Pairs on Thursday Mornings

Why not try our Gentle Pairs sessions on Thursday mornings at 10.30 am? 

These sessions are aimed at inexperienced players and students in classes who would like to have a relaxed game of bridge at a gentle pace of ten minutes per hand.  A maximum of 12 hands will be played and there will be an experienced helper at each table who can answer questions during the bidding and play. The sessions will be limited to 32 people and are being conducted on the new RealBridge platform which incorporates video and audio technology.  

You must sign up in advance using the link below and provide an email address. Partners are not required as we will match people up on the day.

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The entry fee will be £2.00 payable in advance using a payment link which is available on the Gentle Pairs page.

We are also looking for helpers for the Gentle Pairs sessions

We are looking for up to six helpers per session. Helpers will Kibitz at one table and be able to chat to the people at the table. Helpers are provided with hand records in advance. Bridge expertise is not required. We need people who have played in club sessions for a few years or more and who know the basics of Acol bidding. Please sign up using the link below if you can help out.

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Last updated : 15th Nov 2020 22:35 GMT
Learn to play Bridge at The Melville Bridge Academy
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Are you interested in learning to play Bridge?

If so, we offer a full range of classes extending over six terms (three years) which take you from absolute beginner to club player.

Our classes for the autumn term start the week beginning Monday 21 September

During the current crisis the classes will all be conducted on-line.

You can read more about our teaching Academy by clicking on this article. ..........

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Last updated : 15th Aug 2020 10:59 BST
How To Take Part

BBO tournament registration for club games

Please note: Registration for all tournaments will close fifteen minutes prior to the official start time.

Attempts to register after the fifteen minute deadline will fail with the message that the tournament is private.

If you register quite early, then you can log out of BBO as long as you return in good time for the start. 

We will start without you if need be, so don't be late logging back in!

Before you take part in our club BBO Pairs for the first time, please watch a video by clicking HERE.

Last updated : 12th Oct 2020 10:32 BST
Members Swipe Cards

Members Swipe Cards

You can learn how to top up your club swipe card account using a mobile phone or tablet by watching a video. Please click HERE to do so.

Last updated : 2nd Aug 2020 17:11 BST
Community Website
Community Website

Click HERE to visit our new Community Website.

During this Covid19 crisis we have created a community website which anybody can view but where Melville members can register. Registered members can contribute articles, comment on others and take part in our weekly quiz. 

Alan Goodman is providing an excellent set of Daily Bridge Tips in which he poses a problem (or problems) and then allows the reader to reveal the answer(s).

These tips are aimed at all club players from those not long out of classes to the very experienced.

All of Alan's earlier tips are available to view, even by non-registered members.

If you are a member of the New Melville, have you joined the community?

Last updated : 4th May 2020 11:17 BST
Topping Up Swipe Cards
Topping Up Swipe Cards
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We now have a new method of topping up members swipe cards from home which does not involve Internet Banking, or the treasurer. If you look at the bottom of your till receipts you will see a message which says Topup online at www.HowDoIPay. ..........

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Last updated : 19th Sep 2020 14:34 BST

The New Melville Bridge Club is a company limited by guarantee and a registered charity. 

Registered Office: 1 Pinkhill, Edinburgh EH12 7BA. Telephone: 0131 334 4467

Company Registration Number: SC 437291. Charity Registration number: SCO 043594, 

The Club is affiliated to the Scottish Bridge Union and the SBU East District.


Last updated : 22nd Mar 2020 13:29 GMT
MP Pairs
X-Imp Pairs
Friday MP Pairs
Gentle Pairs 19 November
Thursday X-Imp Pairs
Wednesday RealBridge Pairs
Mon 23rd Nov 2020
MP Pairs
1.30 pm $3 Entry
Tue 24th Nov 2020
X-Imp Pairs
7.00 pm $3 entry
Wed 25th Nov 2020
Swiss Pairs Accumulator
7.00 pm $3 Entry
Wed 25th Nov 2020
MP Pairs
1.30 pm 2.40 Entry
Thu 26th Nov 2020
X-Imp Pairs
7.00 pm $3 Entry
Thu 26th Nov 2020
Thursday X-Imp Pairs
7.00 pm 2.40 Entry
Swiss Pairs Accumulator Results Table

Click HERE to see the table

Last updated : 15th Oct 2020 17:00 BST
Our On-line Schedule Week Beginning 23 November

Monday MP Pairs on BBO at 1.30 pm

Monday MP Pairs on RB at 1.30 pm

Monday X-Imp Pairs on BBO at 7.00 pm

Tuesday  X-Imp Pairs on BBO at 7.00 pm

Wednesday MP Pairs on RB at 1.30 pm

Wednesday MP Pairs on BBO at 7.00 pm

(Swiss Pairs Accumulator)

Thursday Gentle Pairs on RB at 10.30 am

Thursday X-Imp Pairs on BBO at 7.00 pm

Thursday X-Imp Pairs on RB at 7.00 pm

Friday MP Pairs on BBO at 1.15 pm

On Monday Afternoons and Thursday Evenings we offer parallel sessions of bridge playing the same hands which are then scored across the whole field.

Last updated : 23rd Nov 2020 10:27 GMT