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Emergency Contact

Please note that the Emergency Phone Number is no longer in use.

Winter Teams 1 result.

Winter teams 1 There is a scoring error to resolve so I have deleted the results from the EBU website.

I will also reupload the results with the hand reocrds as soon as I can access the club PC.

Apologies for any inconvienience



Lost Property at NBC

If you leave any property at the bridge club please look in the club cupboard. 

If not found, try ringing the school Librarian on 01531 820550 who looks after Lost Property for the school.

Scoring Errors

If you notice a scoring error, please notify the NBC Directors. by midday on the day following the event at the latest.

Note that any correction must be authorised by the TD from the event and agreed by the opposition. Scores entered at the table will have been entered by one pair and accepted by the other so subsequent correction isn't mandatory.

Need a Partner Facility

The system that will display a request to find a partner is only available to registered members of the club and can only be accessed after you've logged in. You can control the data that will be made available to anyone viewing the system and will be limited to data you have supplied.

To start the system click the "Membership" button. This will take you to the Members Only log in screen. Enter your email address or name or your Ebu number. Note that the email address or name must be the ones held in the database. Enter your password unless this the first time you've logged in or you've forgotten it. If so click the Forgotten Password and you will be sent a link so you can get in.

Once the name and password have been accepted, the Welcome screen in the Members area will be displayed. The screen has a series of pages, each accessed by the tabs along the top of the screen, but should start with the "Need a Partner" page displayed.

The top part of the panel show what will be displayed when a request is posted onto the calendar page. You can opt for having your email address shown, your phone number or your mobile number depending on which ones have been entered into the database. These options are either ticked or unticked as required, but if you make any changes you must click Confirm to save them.

In the lower part of the panel (the Find a Partner/Book an event area), each forthcoming event is listed in chronological order. If the event is not displayed you can scroll down to find it. For each event there are three tick boxes and a space to add notes or comments. These tick boxes are (left to right): "Partner Required", "Not Available" and " Playing". There are headings above the buttons but they don't always line with the boxes. These tick boxes are mutually exclusive, so ticking any box will automatically untick any others already ticked. You can add any notes are required but you must click Confirm or the entry wont be saved.

This same procedure can be used to update or remove an entry if a change if required.

Once you've saved your entry, "(Partner?)" will be shown next to the event on the home page if the event is one of the next three and in the full calendar lists of all events. By clicking the word (Partner?) your name and email/phone/mobile will be displayed together with any notes from the note box.