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Emergency Contact

Please note that the Emergency Phone Number is no longer in use.

Winter Teams 1 result.

Winter teams 1 There is a scoring error to resolve so I have deleted the results from the EBU website.

I will also reupload the results with the hand reocrds as soon as I can access the club PC.

Apologies for any inconvienience



Lost Property at NBC

If you leave any property at the bridge club please look in the club cupboard. 

If not found, try ringing the school Librarian on 01531 820550 who looks after Lost Property for the school.

Scoring Errors

If you notice a scoring error, please notify the NBC Directors. by midday on the day following the event at the latest.

Note that any correction must be authorised by the TD from the event and agreed by the opposition. Scores entered at the table will have been entered by one pair and accepted by the other so subsequent correction isn't mandatory.

Calling the Director
The Procedure

Calling the Director and Appeals


  • The Director is there to make sure that everyone enjoys a fair and pleasant game of bridge. At Newent, the director is also playing, and he/she also deserves an enjoyable game, and this paper seeks to make members aware of procedures to make calling the director easy for everyone.
  • The Director must be called to sort out all of the many small slips and mistakes which are bound to occur from time to time. Only the Director can put them right for you, you cannot do it yourself. This is especially important to ensure that competitions run smoothly – it might just be a social game to you, but others might be trying to win the competition. Please respect this, it takes all sorts!
  • Call the Director without delay, clearly and audibly, and don’t forget to say ‘please’! Your call will be acknowledged, you may have to wait a minute or two.
  • Most slip-ups can be remedied without the need for a ‘judgement ruling’ – no-one should feel embarrassed, even international players are known to revoke! Accept the rectification and move on!
  • If you are subject to a ‘judgement ruling’, ie one in which the score is adjusted either in your favour, or the opposition’s, this is because there has been a technical infringement of the rules. Just as in football, a penalty shot can be awarded, standard ‘penalties’ are available to the Director, who is trying to make things fair, without being partial to either side. Please respect his or her efforts, and try not to get angry or upset.
  • Remember, it is always bad form to argue with the umpire!
  • If you disagree with a ruling, or want more information, please wait until the end of the session and then ask the Director, or lodge an appeal. Please do not make a scene at the table, or upset the other players, including the Director.
  • If you wish to appeal, just tell the Director calmly and politely. He or she may consult fellow directors to ascertain whether a ruling can be offered.  More often than not, you will get a decision immediately, but sometimes, it will be necessary to carry out research. In such circumstances, you will be informed, and given an estimate of when the outcome will be known.
  • The Club also has a formal Appeals Procedure, which may be used if the directors feel unable to give a ruling, or by you if you should be unhappy with any ruling which is made. The entire matter will be handled from then on by the Appeals Chairman, who will arrange a panel of suitable club members (not including the regular directors) to make a ruling on the matter.
  • Exceptionally, the matter will be referred to the EBU, whose decision will be final.

REMEMBER that the Directors are volunteers, who have been trained in their own time, to be of service to the Club and its members. Please support them.