Release 2.19n
Mis-dealt Board 15th January

Unfortunately Board 30 in last night SIMS was misdealt.  I have advised the EBU and they will mark this board separately in the overall SIMS results.  

Janet Dowdle

Lost Property at NBC

If you leave any property at the bridge club, look first in the club cupboard. 

If not found,  ring the school Librarian on 01531 820550 who looks after Lost Property for the school.

Scoring Errors

If you notice a scoring error, please notify the NBC Directors by midday on the day following the event.

Any correction must be authorised by the TD from the event and agreed by the opposition. Scores will have been entered by one pair and accepted by the other so subsequent correction isn't mandatory.

Emergency Contact

Please note that the Emergency Phone Number is no longer in use.

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A limited amount of your information (name, EBU number, county, post town) will be listed in the EBU's database made available for use
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Information relating to your National Grading Scheme (NGS) grade and master point rank, together with your county of affiliation, will be
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