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Duplicates Are Now Monthly

Since 2017 the Club has switched to a monthly schedule for Tuesday evenings. Duplicates are now held on the THIRD TUESDAY of each month. The Club enjoys a very good playing ambience and has a solid core of keen and loyal players but we have sometimes struggled to maintain the game size. Since the change there has been good support for the monthly dates and attendances have improved.  The next scheduled dates are:

  • Tuesday July 16th 2019 - 7.15pm
  • Tuesday August 20th 2019 - 7.15pm
  • Tuesday September 17th 2019 - 7.15pm

The Tuesday afternoon social bridge sessions at the Tennis Club  (2.00-pm-4.30pm) continue on a weekly basis unchanged.

Ladder Continues With June & December Payouts

With the duplicates switching to monthly, the popular Club Ladder competition continues and the jackpot prize is now paid on standings at the end of June and December.  

Click the 'Competitions' link on the menu to see the current standings.

Please remember you don't need a partner to come to New Chiswick Bridge Club.  All games are hosted and single players will be matched up.

Instant Electronic Scoring

New Chiswick BC duplicates are scored electronically, using either Bridgemate standalone scoring terminals or the BriAn mobile app system.  Players can see the progress of the tournament 'in the running' and final results are available as soon as the tornament is complete.  Results are posted promptly to this website. 

 If we use Bridgemate scoring the termanls are supplied by the club.   If we use the BriAn system (= "Bridge on iPhone and Android") mobile phone technology replaces traditional tabletop scorers and players can use their own smart phones or other devices, such as iPads, or use android scoring tablets supplied by the club. You can read more about BriAn at

Blue Pointed Weekend July 2/3
Blue Pointed Club Bridge Weekend July 2nd/3rd 2016

Thanks to everyone who came and participated in New Chiswick BC's first EBU 'Blue Points' events.  "Blue Points" are enhanced level Master Points that enable club level players to access the higher levels of the Master Point ranking scheme.  Each affiliated club has a yearly allocation of events that can be run at this level.  Look out for further events of this type.