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Leader in the Grand Prix 2019 at the end of MAY is Isi Mitrani(62) followed by Frank Springett(53), Brenda Osborne(51), Guy Herzmark(33), Brian Luimsden & Peter Rodgerson(27), Peter Avery(25) and Ann Caygill(22).

WINNER of the Grand Prix 2018 was Frank Springett with 185 GP points,

followed by Brenda Osborne(173), with Runners up Brian Lumsden(82)& Peter Avery(81)

The Grand Prix 2017 was won by Frank Springett with 186 GP points as it was in 2016 with 173 GP points.. 



Last updated : 29th May 2019 23:53 BST
Trophy Winners
Trophy Winners

Congratulations to

Valerie Henshaw & Kathy Banerji

Winners of the Presidents Trophy

after a tie-break 13.5 v 10.5

v Frank Springett & Brenda Osborne

♠  ♣  

Frank Springett & Brenda Osborne

Winners of the Bill Scott Memorial Handicap Trophy

♠   ♣   

Ann Hopper & Ruth Turner

Winners of the Ladies Pairs

  & to

Peter Avery & Brian Lumsden

Winners of the Men's Pairs

    ♠    ♣ 

Frank Springett |& Brenda Osborne

Winners of the Holrest Trophy for Mixed Pairs

             ♠     ♣ 

Frank Springett, Peter Avery

Isi Mitrani& Guy Herzmark on winning the 

Tom Strong Trophy

               ♠     ♣ 

Sue & Ken Goddard 

Winners of the Manny Silver Handicap Trophy.

             ♠     ♣ 

Brenda Osborne & Frank Springett

on winning

The Betty Crankshaw Trophy 

the Club's Minor Championship

Club Pairs 1918
Director: Freda Simpkin
Scorer: Michael Lynch
Director: Ian Rich
Scorer: Michael Lynch
Club Pairs 1917
Director: Ian Rich
Scorer: Mike Craig
16th Jun 2019
NEBA Butler Scoring Pairs
Wearside 2 p.m.
19th Jun 2019
Director: Frank Springett
26th Jun 2019
Director: Ian Rich