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Members Successes
Success in National Events
EBU Autumn Congress - 2013

Congratulations to the team of Celia & Derek Oram, Dee & Peter Lindon on coming second in the Eastbourne Cup. This is the main teams final of this prestigious congress.

Seniors at Eastbourne - July 2013

Congratulations to Bob Holder & Phil Thornton on coming second in the EBU Senior Congress Swiss Teams playing with Robert Proctor & Mike Robinson.

Club Members shine in Oxfordshire GP event

Congratulations to   Celia &  Derek   Oram    who won the Swiss Pairs and to  Steve Gore, Charles King-Farlow, Bruce Leslie & Jane Davies  won the Swiss Teams. Nigel Wolfendale (4th.), Heather & Matthew Tan (5th.)  also shone in a field of 45 teams

Portland Pairs - March 2013

A very fine result by Joan Murphy & David Beever in coming 11th in this year's Portland Pairs out of a record entry of nearly 400 pairs.

Ranked Masters - March 2013

Some very creditable placings by members in the Ranked Masters this year.

In the Grand Masters  Ed Scerri and Steve Eginton were third and Heather and Matthew Tan eighth.

In the Life Masters Nigel Wolfendale playing with Cathy Rowland were second

County win the Tollemache - February 2013

Outstanding Success by Members in the Tollemache

Congratulations to the County Team on winning the final of the Tollemache Cup. They came first in the eight county final with 113VPs (81%), 35VPs ahead of second place. Five players of the team of eight are members of the Club and the non-playing Captain was Chairman Dick Davey. All five - Sally Brock & Barry Myers (1st.) , Gary Jones & Ed Scerri (2nd.), Richard Bowdery (7th) - came in the top seven pairs of the X-Imps result for all 34 pairs in the final.

Success in County Events
Bedfordshire Congress - September 2013

 Congratulations to Paula Hopkinson & David Patterson who won the Championship Pairs and to   Celia & Derek Oram   who were members of the winning Swiss Teams event. 

Herts/Essex GP weekend - July 2013

Another fine Swiss Pairs win for Ed Scerri & Chris Burley though this time the winning margin is down from 9 to 8VP's.  In the Swiss Teams  Heather & Matthew Tan   came 4th playing with non-NABC members .

B & B GP Swiss Events - June 2013

Congratulations to Ed Scerri & Chris Burley on winning the Swiss Pairs by a margin of 9VPs.

Richard Palmer Memorial Trophy winners in the Swiss Teams were  Bob Holder, Sandra Belcher, Phil Thornton & David Owen . Equal first on 100VPs were Celia & Derek Oram, Dee & Peter Lindon.

Club Pairs Championship for the Waller Bowl - April 2013

Congratulations to Ed Scerri & Chris Burley  who, for the second year running, are the Club Pairs Champions from an original entry of 371 Pairs from all the other County Clubs..

Ladies Pairs & Mens Pairs - April 2013

Congratulations to Sandra Belcher and partner on winning the County Ladies Pairs event and to the runners up Joan Murphy and Partner. Not to be outdshone the Men's Pairs were won by      David Patterson & Brian Geary      with   Peter Lindon & Derek Oram   the runners up. 

GP Event Winners - March 2013

Congratulations to Bob Holder and Phil Thornton members of the winning team in the Bedfordshire GP Swiss Teams.

County Mixed Pairs & Flitch - February 2013

Congratulations to Carole & Herb Mueller on winning the Mixed Pairs and to Dee & Peter Lindon on winning the Flitch.

County Pairs Championship - February 2013

The Club had three pairs in the top five of the County Pairs Championship Final. Congratulation s to Dick Davey & Chris Burley (2nd.) and Matthew & Heather Tan (4th) who qualify to represent the County in the EBU Corwen Trophy. Steve Gore and Partner were in fifth place and qualify as reserves for the Corwen.

Success in Club Trophy Events
Tyrell Cup - March 2013

Congratulations to Chris Burley & Dick Davey on winning the Club's Pairs Championship for the Tyrell Cup