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Welcome to Neptune Bridge Club
Neptune Bridge Club Website
Neptune Bridge Club Website

Welcome to the Neptune Bridge Club Bridgewebs website.  We play at the

De La Salle Pastoral Centre, Church Grounds, St Patrick's Road, Wicklow, every Thursday, with a 7.30 p.m. start so please be seated by 7.20 p.m.

New members are always welcome, please contact club President, Catherine Black on 0404 69016.  Visitors with partners are welcome.  

President's Prize 2018/2019 Catherine Black

Our president, Catherine Black, held her president's prize on Thursday, January 24th.  Unfortunately, Catherine was ill and could not attend.  We played an 11 table movement with pre-dealt boards of some of the most unusual hands.  Bernadette Rountree kindly agreed to be our TD for the night and, as expected, she ran the competition effortlessly.  A big thank you was extended to Bernadette.  The night was a great success and everyone looked forward to the president's dinner which was scheduled for Friday, February 1st. Again, this year, we held a joint dinner with our bridge pals in The Abbey BC in Wicklow Golf Club.

Catherine's President's prize of Silver Photo Frames were displayed, together with cash prizes.  Everyone complimented Catherine on her choice of prizes.  The president of the Abbey Bridge club presented his prizes before dinner and members of the Abbey club were delighted with the winner.  Dinner was served and again, the golf club's chef did a fantastic job and a very tasty meal was enjoyed by everyone.  President Catherine then presented her prizes, advising that, in addition to her President's Prize, there would be a prize for the best scoring Novice.  There was a great cheer when our president announced her very popular winner, Lyla Doyle and Claire Rountree was the winner of the Novice prize.  President Catherine thanked the golf club for the exceptional dinner, Bernadette Rountree for directing the competion and her members for playing in her President's Prize.

Other winners were:  Margaret Kelly came a very close 2nd, Seamus Kennedy 3rd, Gertie Hallihan 4th,  and Mary Flynn 5th.

After dinner and prize giving, the combined clubs sat back and enjoyed a very sociable game of bridge.  It was agreed that a great night was had by all. 

Club Reopens Thursday September 6th 2018
President's Prize 2017/2018

President, Eleanor O'Flaherty with her brother, Brendan Flynn, winner of the President's Prize 2017/2018


On January 18th, our President, Eleanor O'Flaherty, presented a beautiful floor lamp as her president's prize.  It was much admired by all our members.  On the night, an 11 table, individual competition was held and Bernadette Rountree was our Tournament Director.  With thanks to Bernadette, the movement went off beautifully and without a hitch, despite a few very tricky hands.  Then, the following Friday, January 26th, a joint Presidents' Dinner was held with our friends in the Abbey Bridge Club.  A fantastic night was had by all and everyone complimented the chef in Wicklow Golf Club.  The format of the night was agreed between the two presidents and our President, Eleanor, announced her winners before the meal.  Starting from second place down, Eleanor was delighted to announce 2nd Terri Byrne, 3rd Birdie Andrews, 4th Jane Bradshaw, 5th Phyl Lalor, 6th Aeda Walsh with the past president's prize going to Pat Kerr.  After a lot of speculation among the membership as to who the overall winner would be, President Eleanor took great joy in announcing the winner of her President's Prize was, none other than her brother, Brendan Flynn.  Brendan's delight was expressed in his speech.

After dinner, the Abbey Bridge Club's winners were announced and then, the combined members of both clubs enjoyed a fun game of bridge.  It was agreed that a great night was had by everyone and the consensus is that the combined dinner of the Neptune and the Abbey bridge clubs is proving a great success.

Linda Saunders RIP

Our past president and friend Linda Saunders sadly passed away today, January 1st 2018. As a mark of respect, Eleanor O'Flaherty, President, has advised that there will be no bridge this Thursday, January 4th. Eleanor has also extended our deepest sympathies to Linda's family.

Welcome to our Novices

On our first night back on September 7th our Lady President, Eleanor O'Flaherty welcomed everyone and gave a special warm welcome to our new members, all of whom are novices, having recently completed their first course of lessons with our colleague and past member, Bernadette Rountree.  The club will now run two sections, a Novice section and a section for Masters, A's and B's.  Eleanor wished everyone a very enjoyable year of bridge.

Lady President, Eleanor together with our tournament director, Noeleen Redmond, attended the CBAI one day course for TD's covering the changes to the laws governing bridge.  Eleanor gave a brief overview to our members of these changes.

President's Dinner

Our president, Maria Kerr, held her President's dinner, jointly with Gertie Hallihan, president of our neighbouring club,The Abbey Bridge Club on Friday, January 27th. Once again, the staff at the Grand Hotel, Wicklow surpassed themselves with beautifully laid out tables and a fabulous meal which was enjoyed by everyone. Then, onto the main event, the announcing of the winners of both clubs' presidents' prizes. Very popular winners were Michael O'Gorman taking 1st prize of Maria's beautiful luggage in the Neptune club and Joan D'Arcy taking 1st prize of Gertie's fabulous painting in the Abbey Club. A full list of winners has been posted in the results section of each of the clubs here on Bridgewebs.

After prize giving, we all enjoyed a fun game of bridge which was kindly run by Peter McWalter and, again, results are posted in the results section here. Overall, the joint dinner proved a very successful event and a very enjoyable evening was had by everyone.


Teams of 4 Event

Club President Maria Kerr welcomed all the visitors, thanked John Royds for directing and wished everyone luck. Twenty pairs arrived to play in this very enjoyable open competition.  It was effortlessly directed by John Royds who, having decided on the most suitable movement, let each pair know which other pair they had been drawn with to make up the full team and the fun began.  John posted end-of-round results after each round and there was great excitement as teams vied to stay ahead.  Joan D'Arcy's team appeared to be sure of second place throughout the competition but were pipped at the post at the very last round by Linda Saunders' team who had a superb last-round score and secured second place, quite a distance behind the all-evening leaders, Cyril Goode's team who won by a very strong margin and took home first prize.  Everyone agreed it was a most enjoyable night and congratulated the winners.

Maria Kerr, President's Prize January 19th 2017

Our President, Maria Kerr, held her President's Prize on Thursday, January 19th 2017.  Forty players participated in a 10 table, 27 board competition.  The hands were very interesting and some were very tricky to bid, however everyone managed to get all 27 boards played. This year, for our annual President's Dinner, Neptune Bridge Club has joined forces with our neighbouring club, Abbey Bridge Club and the two presidents, Maria Kerr and Gertie Hallihan will host a joint Presidents' Dinner on Friday January 27th in the Grand Hotel, Wicklow. We'll have to wait until then to find out who the lucky winners are. 

Team of 4 Open Competition Thursday March 2nd 2017 at 7.15p.m.

Everyone is welcome to play in the Neptune Bridge Club's Open Teams of 4 on Thursday, March 2nd 2017.  All you need to do is to turn up with a partner and we'll pair you with another couple.   A great night's fun is promised - play bridge from a slightly different perspective.

Most of us are familiar with Bridge being played by "teams of 2"; that is, two people on one team versus two people on another team. But there is a way of playing Bridge with four people on one team. Obviously they will not be playing against each other. Then how is this done? One Team-of-4 will have to play against another team of 4. That is done by having half of one team (2 people) play against half of another team (2 people).  Come along on the night and all will be explained! 


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Scorer: Neptune Bridge Club
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