Nelson Bridge Club
Everyone is Welcome. Established in 1954.

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Our next the Women's Pairs sponsored by Belinda Fletcher is on 6th April 2024.


Starting Monday 8th April 2024 at 7pm, a series of new lessons will start on Monday nights.

See the lessons tab for more information.

Alldred Pairs
Edith Bailey Pairs
Intermediate Individual 5
Friday Autumn
Alldred Pairs
Fri 24th May 2024
Friday Autumn
Sat 25th May 2024
Kaikorua All Grades
Sun 26th May 2024
Tops Howarth Cup
Mon 27th May 2024
Mordaunt Pairs
Tue 28th May 2024
Edith Bailey Pairs
Wed 29th May 2024
Mentoring Session
Thu 30th May 2024
Alldred Pairs
Fri 31st May 2024
Friday Autumn
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The Club is located at 21 Haven Road, Nelson,  New Zealand.

Our phone number is +64 3 548 1999 .

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Sita Monaghan
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Sita Monaghan - A Bridge player par excellence








Sita with her 2006 trophy

























Thank you, Sita, for agreeing to this interview. Sita is known by all for her gracious manners and her smiling welcome at the bridge table. She is always calm and helpful, sending happy opposition on their way, usually having taken a large plus score from them. ..........

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Bridge is the best card game there is!

♠   ♣

Bridge is a game about skills.


 It doesn't matter what cards you get, it is about how well you play them.


You play against other people who have the same cards. The one who makes the most tricks with these cards wins. 

NBS Open Teams 2024

Nelson Open Teams Results 9th March 2024

Kevin with the winning teams

1st in Hearts and 1st overall: Adnams Team



Martin Thompson, Justine Thompson, Vicki Adnams & Diane Donnelly


Spades section

1st in Spades & 2nd overall: Guy Team




Steve Gray, Lindsey Guy, Kathryn Brookes & Pamela Dravitzki


2nd in Spades & 3rd overall: Fechney Team


Maurice Carter, Barbara Fechney, Ann Baker & Chris Marshall


3rd in Spades & 4th overall: Turner Team



Doug Elliott, Helen Barker, Chris Turner & Anne Shearer

Hearts section

2nd place: Armstrong Team

Julia Armstrong, Jo Conway, David Cook & Kat Byrne


3rd Place: Robinson Team


Sydney Lo, Miranda Lo, Helen Robinson & Jessica le Bas

Congratulations to the winners! and a big thank you to our sponsor NBS!