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New Accredited Instructor

Jerry Lebo


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Bev Howard    Club Master





Welcome to Nature Coast Bridge Club

Nature Coast Bridge Club

located in Spring Hill Florida

Nature Coast Bridge Club plays Duplicate Bridge. 

We are open to the public.  Come join us.


Last updated : Mar 25, 2018 17:01 EDT
FREE Game for 299ers

A way to grow the Wednesday Open Game

The Wednesday Open Game has gone from 8 to 10 tables to 5 or 6 tables. At the same time we have a group of players with less that 299 master points that may want an alternative to the Tuesday and Thursday 299 Game or play in a smaller Open Game.

To encourage that play, NCBC has authorized a FREE play for players who have played in a 299 game on Tuesday or Thursday and play the next Wednesday during the month of August only. If the game is a special game the Director will collect the extra $. Up to 5 free plays in August.

Any questions call or see Gary Emke @(727) 215-7651

Last updated : Jul 30, 2018 18:54 EDT
Disposition of Card Tables

With the acquisition of new card tables, the club will be giving away a few of the exisitng tables.  If you would like one of the tables let Gary Emke know.

Last updated : Jul 30, 2018 19:02 EDT
North American Pairs Qualifier

NCBC will have four weeks of North American Pairs games during July and August. Extra points are available which are ½ red and ½ black. The weeks are:

July 9 thru 13

July 23 thru 27

August 6 thru 10

August 20 thru 24

Last updated : Jul 8, 2018 21:21 EDT
Special Message

Changes in Parking and Entry to Bridge Club


Mall Management will be making changes to the parking lot and entry to the Club over the next couple of weeks.  When complete, the parking lot will be improved, the wash station will be removed and replaced with parking and we will no longer have access to the walkway by golf carts.  

Gary Emke






Find a Partner
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12th Aug 16:21 Send an Email to  Floyd McWilliams


Couldn't get system to allow partner requests for August, so I put two under corresponding days in September, I need a partner for Monday, August 12 and Wednesday, August 14.

Floyd McWilliams

19th Jan 01:23 Send an Email to  Barbara Yospin

In December John Maloney made a suggestion regarding the Thursday afternoon open game - which, for some reason is having difficulties getting started. I assume we were all too involved in the holidays to pay much attention. I play in the 299 game and cannot understand the lack of support from the open group! I guess it got lost..people are very involved in their holiday plans..... Now it’s time to get back to the things that make our club special - mutual respect, helpful master players, great teachers - people who want to advance the level of the novice players to make the games much more competitive..... Where did you guys go? I, for one, would welcome any and all the help I can get to improve my game! Jim Logan, who has been encouraging the 299 group to more closely analyze the hands we play, has been criticized for giving us info “above our skill level”! I disagree - he has given me “food for thought” and I now at least pause to see the possibilities and look at them through different eyes....I now hear the competitive bids with much better understanding.....and, I am not alone. Having a pro-am as John suggested is a fabulous idea and one that I hope the membership will revisit ——- his constructive suggestion can only help advance the quality of play at our club. Give it the consideration that it deserves.....please.....

Upcoming Birthdays


14  Marion Ellingsen

16  Jo Ann Toppa

17  Sandy Ollar

19  Barbara Yospin

30  Bob Mooney





August 17, 2018
Open Game
STaC Game 12:30 PM
Director: Jim Young
August 20, 2018
Open Game
NAP Qualifier 12:30 PM
Director: Marj Talbott
August 21, 2018
Open Game
NAP Qualifier 12:30 PM
Director: Jim Young
299 Game
Director: Marj Talbott
Open Game
Director: Sharon Fogle
Open Game
Director: Sharon Fogle