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Welcome to Nature Coast Bridge Club

Nature Coast Bridge Club

located in Spring Hill Florida

Nature Coast Bridge Club plays Duplicate Bridge. 

Come join us.

Effective July 5, 2021


Last updated : Nov 20, 2021 16:56 EST
Covid Update


Since the original email was sent to you on Sunday, there have been two additional cases of COVID reported to our Club. In order to allow for the five days recommended, we will resume playing Monday January 17th. Masks are optional, but highly recommended. Please check your emails on Sunday in the event this date changes.




Last updated : Jan 11, 2022 17:13 EST
NCBC Bridge Games

The Board of Directors voted to have virtual games all next week.  Monday, Tuesday Thursday and Friday January 17 - 21



Last updated : Jan 13, 2022 21:16 EST

 Board of Directors Agenda

January 17th, 2022  10:30 AM

Secretary Report
Treasurer Report
Director.   Report
         Penalties for unduly noise
         phone call collections
New Business
         Discuss how directors and manager receive salaries and raises
Unfinished Business
         Annual Meeting
         Hang Paintings and bulletin boards
Organize office? 
Last updated : Jan 10, 2022 08:50 EST
New Rules


     In an uncontested auction, no jump shift (weak, strong or intermediate) needs to be alerted *A direct cue bid that is not Michaels needs to be alerted *Support doubles and redoubles no longer require an alert *An opening of 2c bid that does not meet the definition of very strong needs to be alerted (this applies to hands that have very good playing strength but lack the required HCP) *The announcement for transfers is now the suit being transferred to (1nt - 2h would not require the announcement of “transfer{ but rather the announcement of “spades”) *Instead of announcing “could be short” for a non-forcing minor suit opening that could contain fewer than three cards, you must say the minimum number of cards agreed upon by your partnership (ex. “Could be one”) *If your agreement routinely bypasses a four-card spade suit to bid a forcing or semi-forcing 1nt over a 1h opening, then you must add “Could have 4 spades” to the  “forcing” or “Semi-forcing” announcement.  (This mostly applies to pairs playing flannery) *At the end of the auction, the declaring sides needs to explain any Delayed Alerts and point out any control bids made during the auction without the opposing side needing to ask about them. To see all of the rule changes and explanations, too to and click on the Tournament tab.  Look for the green Alert Procedures tab. 


Last updated : Dec 12, 2021 11:52 EST
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Upcoming Birthdays


    14  Walt Vasil

    30  Roger Hitler


       6  Joanne Waitkus

       6  Jim Fill

     19  Jerry Lebo

      21 Caol Gallagher

     28  George Gunns


















January 17, 2022
Open Game
12:30 PM
Director: Marj Talbott
January 18, 2022
12:30 PM
Director: Sharon Fogle
January 19, 2022
No Game
Open Game
Director: Jim Young
0 - 499 Game
Director: Marj Talbott
Director: Sharon Fogle