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Welcome to Nature Coast Bridge Club

Nature Coast Bridge Club

located in Spring Hill Florida

Nature Coast Bridge Club plays Duplicate Bridge. 

We are open to the public.  Come join us.


Last updated : Mar 25, 2018 17:01 EDT
Membership Dues

2019 Membership Dues


There will be NO change in Membership Dues for 2019  $25.00  . Playing fees remain at $6.00 for Full Members and $8.00 for Associate Members for regular games.  Extra masterpoints games are an additional fee. 

Membership desk will be setup beginning December 28th Thru January 7th.  Come a few minutes early.

If you want to purchase a membership as a gift, see Gary Emke or Marj Talbott.

Last updated : Dec 13, 2018 15:11 EST
Thursday Play of the Hand

Late Arrivals

It has been brought to my attention that there are more and more late arrivals.  Players arriving later than 12:20 PM.  


You may ask – so what, what is the problem, we still get done mostly before 4:00 PM.

It starts the game under unnecessary distress to the Directors.  People are milling around waiting  directors cannot set up game or sometimes not even know how many tables, boards cannot be distributed, BridgeMates cannot be set out.


So (my wife hates that), can we try to be at the club by 12:20.  Everyone understands that occasionally traffic will delay us, but probably will impact more than just you or an emergency happens at home.  In these situations call the Director and let them know the situation so the game setup can continue and then start upon your arrival.  


Club Phone No: (352) 549-1710



Last updated : Jan 17, 2019 13:28 EST
Bridge Game Schedule


NCBC Game Schedule

   Day            Type of game       Start time

Monday         Open Game         12:30 PM

Tuesday         Open Game         12:30 PM

Tuesday         0 – 299 Game     12:30 PM

Wednesday    Open Game         12:30 PM

Thursday       0 – 299 Game      12:30 PM

Friday           Open Game          12:30 PM

Last updated : Jan 14, 2019 19:18 EST
Special Messages

Telephone Number Change

Our telephone number has changed to (352) 549-1710.  Please change your address books.


Player Request

Joe Melanson came into the club today and asked if we had players who are ibtrested in a partnet to play  Precision.  If interested, emaail Joe at



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Upcoming Birthdays

January Birthdays

   14   Walt Vasil

   29   Ruth Goodwin

   30  Guy Alfano










January 21, 2019
Open Game
Jr Fund 12:30 PM
Director: Marj Talbott
January 22, 2019
Open Game
Director: Jim Young
January 22, 2019
0 - 299 Game
12:30 PM
Open Game
Director: Young
0 - 299 Game
Director: Marj Talbott
Open Game
Director: Sharon Fogle