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Introduction and General Information
Introduction and General Information






Welcome to Nailsea Bridge Club website.  We hope that you find it both interesting and informative.

The club plays duplicate bridge on Thursday evenings. We are affiliated to the English Bridge Union (EBU) via the Somerset Contract Bridge Association (SCBA). Nailsea Club members automatically become members of both the EBU and SCBA once they have played 12 times at this club. As an affiliated club all our members are entitled to the benefits of EBU membership which you can read about here.

Hands are computer dealt (duplimated), enabling hand records to be available at the end of play. They are also displayed on this website, together with the evening's results. Master Points are then uploaded to the EBU. 

The Club takes part in SCBA competitions and three annual charity simultaneous pairs, Some of our players do well in county competitions and occasionally at national level. Others just enjoy a pleasant evening's bridge.

The club meets at Mizzymead Recreation Centre, Mizzymead Rise, Nailsea BS48 2JJ as social members at a cost of £15 per annum. Table money is £2.00 for members and £2.50 for visitors.

Please note that we are now using electronic scoring and request members to arrive by 7.05pm. If you are unable to arrive by then, but intend to play, please let someone know in advance. The director/scorer will then be able to set up the bridge tablets for a prompt start at 7.15pm.  

Visitors and prospective new members are always welcome. 

County Swiss Pairs

In the first county competition in 2020, there was an excellent turn out when 54 pairs competed after the Xmas break.Nailsea were well represented and three pairs featured on the top six tables throughout most of the competition. Alas none of them could pull off the win, but they all finished in the top 6. Congratulations to Jacky Baker and Betty Smithson (3rd), Michael Whittaker and Joe Patrick (5th), and Alan Evans and Bridget Johnson (6th) for their excellent results.

Championship KO Teams Final

For the third successive year the final of Somerset's premier event was between the teams of Sweet and Flood. After suffering two successive narrow defeats, the form book was overturned when the Sweet team won the third match by a relatively comfortable 19IMPs. The Sweet team was always in front if but narrowly for the first half of the match. The damage was done in the 16 boards after the break, when the Sweet team surged into a 34 IMP lead, which proved more than adequate during the final 8 boards.

As one should expect of a final of this event, the standard of the bridge was generally high. However, even at this level there were surprising moments of vulnerability. After a punishing game swing against them, one pair found that their bidding system had a major weakness. Michael Whittaker, who was a member of the winning Sweet team, has highlighted this hand and its learning points in the Hands of the Week section.The other members of the winning team were Roger Sweet, Colin Simcox and Frank Coltman.Congratulations to all of them.    

County Knock Out Semi Final

The 40 board match between Sweet and Juneman featured two club members, Gina Howard in the Juneman team and Michael Whittaker in the Sweet team. With just 3 IMPS seperating the teams after the first 24 boards, the match took an unexpected turn when the Sweet team won the fourth stanza of 8 boards by 35 IMPS to open up a commanding lead, which they comfortably held throughout the final stanza to record their first ever win over the Juneman team. The pivotal moment in the match probably came on the 25th board, when Sweet and Whittaker bid an excellent slam,which was not found in the other room. Michael has written up the hand in the Hand of the Week section.

Wiltshire Swiss Teams

Martin Holcombe and Norman Massey had an outstanding day at this green pointed event. They finished 3rd out of 112 pairs on the cross Imp scale and dragged their team mates, a scratch pair of Michael Whittaker and David Barnes, into 3rd place. Even better this result had to be earned the hard way as the team were in contention throughout the event,  winning 6 out of 7 of their matches.

Results from this seasonís county events

Last November Tom Gibbard, David Porter, John Cockram and Martin Holcombe finished equal first in the County Swiss Teams event. Unfortunately we cannot show a picture of them collecting the trophy as they were beaten on count back.

In the final county event of 2018, Mike Powell and Russell Day were narrowly beaten into 2nd place by the favourites in the Men’s Pairs.

Unfortunately our two teams in the county league are fighting relegation battles. In the top division the team won their last match to drag themselves off the bottom for the first time this season, and with 3 matches left have a reasonable chance of survival. In the 3rd division the team needs a good win over local rivals from Kingston Seymour in their final match to avoid the drop.

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