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Minutes of 2018 AGM now appear under the Information tab.

Welcome to Nailsea Bridge Club
Reopening Nailsea Bridge Club

The Club will be reopening on Thursday 2 September 2021. Please read the safety information and new requirements for the Mizzymead Recreational Centre below. 

Introduction and General Information
Introduction and General Information

Welcome to Nailsea Bridge Club website.  

The Club plays duplicate bridge on Thursday evenings. We are affiliated to the English Bridge Union (EBU) via the Somerset Contract Bridge Association (SCBA). Nailsea Club members automatically become members of both the EBU and SCBA once they have played 12 times at this club. As an affiliated club all our members are entitled to the benefits of EBU membership which you can read about here.

Hands are computer dealt (duplimated), enabling hand records to be available at the end of play. They are also displayed on this website, together with the evening's results. Master Points are then uploaded to the EBU. 

The Club takes part in SCBA competitions and three annual charity simultaneous pairs, Some of our players do well in county competitions and occasionally at national level. Others just enjoy a pleasant evening's bridge.

Visitors and prospective new members are always welcome.

The Club meets at Mizzymead Recreation Centre, Mizzymead Rise, Nailsea BS48 2JJ. Table money is £2.00 for members and £2.50 for visitors.

There is a new annual Membership User Fee of £20. Once visitors have played three times they would be expected to become members of the Club.  

Please note that we are now using electronic scoring and request members and visitors to arrive by 7.05pm. If you are unable to arrive by then, but intend to play, please let someone know in advance. The director/scorer will then be able to set up the bridge tablets for a prompt start at 7.15pm.  



Your Committee are pleased to welcome you back to the Club on 2nd September.

After much discussion at a recent meeting, it was decided not to impose any restrictions on members. 

Individuals, however, may prefer to continue some.We will, however, be providing hand gel on every table.

Bridgemates will be cleaned prior to each session and only North at each table will be allowed to touch them.

Similarly, bidding boxes will be cleaned prior to each session and given to individuals for their exclusive use.  If members prefer, they may, of course, use their own.

We will be playing Mitchell movements only, thereby reducing the number of people changing tables between rounds.

When possible windows or the outer door to the tennis courts will remain open.

 If you are planning to play on 2nd September, please let Ann Bawdon know, at the same time confirming that you and your partner have been fully vaccinated or have a medical exemption.

New Mizzymead Arrangements

Mizzymead Recreation Centre has introduced a “User Registration” fee of £20 (UR fee).  This is payable to the Charity whereas in the past members paid a subscription to Mizzymead Social Club which, presently, no longer exists.  The bar is being run by a separate Committee and is closely monitored to ensure that it is breaking even:  it will be closed if it does not.

The UR fee is payable by the members of all sections and regular hirers.  Once paid an electronic card will be issued which will enable access to the premises if they are not staffed.  As we play when the bar is open, members will probably not have the bother of having to use the card readers.  The card needs to be produced when a member purchases items from the bar however as there is two-tier pricing with non members paying 10% more.

Mizzymead would prefer that the separate sections collect the UR fees from their own members and pay over in bulk. They will then not have to deal with numerous individual payments.  Ken Bawdon will collect your £20 either in cash, by cheque payable to Nailsea Bridge Club, or those who use internet banking can make payment direct to:

Account: Nailsea Bridge Club    Sort Code: 20-94-74    A/c No:  60659517

A Registration Form will need to be completed. Club members should have already received this form by email. Alternatively the Form can be accessed by looking under the Information tab on the left hand side of this Home page. It can be downloaded on to your own computer in a word document format for completion. Please complete the Form ready for 2 September 2021 or by the first time you intend to play at the Club again. The new electronic cards will not be issued until the completed Form has been processed by the Mizzymead office.

Looking forward to seeing everyone soon.

West of England Congress 2021
West of England Congress 2021

Please try to support your county run congress. The basic details are to the left,  but  full details can be found on the county website.

28th October 2021
Open Pairs
4th November 2021
Open Pairs
11th November 2021
Open Pairs
Open Pairs
Director: Ken
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Open Pairs
Director: Ken
Scorer: BridgeTabs
Open Pairs
Director: Ken
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