Beginner Lessons

We know that the best way to learn bridge is in small focus groups with a teacher who is assigned to you and your learning bridge journey.  We will never throw you into a huge impersonal group of students! Our students are of the upmost importance to us and it's our mission to make sure you love this game as much as we do!

We regulary start new beginner groups.  

We love to get our beginners up and playing the game quickly.  We have lots of playing opportunities available to all our students from beginner upwards.

Please get in touch if you would like more details.

Our lessons track the English Bridge Union lessons.  



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   Please contact us if you would like to learn Bridge - new beginner groups start regularly    


We made the Times!... "the Queen of Muswell Hill" and friends:


Already famous in the UK as the hippest friendliest place to play Bridge, our aim is to make Bridge cool again and we're on a roll!  With our fresh "can do" approach to this brilliant game, and our modern teaching programme, our aim is to get people up and playing the game quickly.  It's very social and it's very fun.

90 percent of our members are beginners or intermediate players although many of our intermediates are becoming advanced at an alarming rate.

We have a team of excellent bridge teachers and we run a structured bridge teaching programme. There are a number of teaching sessions available throughout the week for both beginner and intermediate players.  Most of our lessons are taught online. If you are interested in learning please get in touch: 

Every Monday and Thursday evening there is a drop in and play session online on Realbridge from 8pm to 10pm.  Please let us know in advance if you plan to play so we can arrange the tables. We also run online leagues - one for our beginners and one for our more advanced players.

On Sunday evenings at 7.00pm we run a supervised play session.  Again, please let us know if you would like to play.


We look forward to welcoming you to our club! "Muswell Hill Bridge Club"


Bridge Talks - what are they?  Please click on the Bridge Talks tab (top left) to see our short bridge flip videos.  The flips are used in conjuntion with bridge lessons but please feel free to have a look to learn or to refresh! 




We'll meet again some sunny


We're an online club right now but our most popular meeting place is the Parliament Hill Lido!  Look out for our members braving the freezing temperatures there!  Apparently it's good for your bridge.


Click on the Bridge Talk tab on the left hand side to see the list of Bridge Talks

2nd July 2024
Advanced drop in
Bridgebase 10.00am
Director: Bridget
3rd July 2024
Intermediate regulars
Bridgebase 10.30
Director: Bridget
3rd July 2024
Intermediate drop in
Bridgebase 8.00pm
Director: Bridget
Drop in and play
Director: Bridget
Drop in and play
Director: Bridget
Drop in and play
Director: Bridget