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Congratulations to our 2019 Club Champions Sandra Capper and Marelle Irvine.

Sandra and Marelle qualified top from East West qualifying round and found themselves in one of the strongest final fields for some time. The fact that they were able to hold their form throughout the two weeks makes them deserving champions.

Second place went to the pairing of Maureen Wright and Christine Chandler with Gretha Kroll and Lesley Robertson close third.







Green Plate 2019

North/South Robin Suttor & Gail Mann


East/West Janette and Sam Stephens

Both our winners in the Barbara Green trophy just failed to qualify for the championship round.

Again this year this event was keenly contested but again we had a number of pairs who did not play with their original partner and thus did not qualify for the trophy. Having said that the fields were very competitive and the results fairly close. Great to see a husband and wife combination come through successfully ( and still talking).

Congratulations to our winners. 








Congratulations to Val Heferen and Brian McCarney on their success in this years Sparkes Cup.

This event has been in existence since 1984 and its history and previous winners can be viewed on the History page of the web site.

In looking back this is Val's 3rd appearance on the trophy while Brian has featured on one previous occasion. However it is their first win as a pair.

With a percentage of 62.96 they just got home by less than 1% from Lesley Robertson and a visitor Ivan Macleod. This year over half the field achieved over 50% which is no mean feat given the strength of the participating pairs.

Again congratulations to our winners

Welcome to Mudgee
Mudgee Bridge Club
Mudgee Bridge Club


Situated 270km north-west of Sydney and 470m above sea level Mudgee is situated in the beautiful Cudgegong Valley. It derived its name from the Wiradjuri Aboriginal word "Moothi" meaning "Nest in the Hills".

It is a picturesque town with its charm provided by many fine old homes, public buildings and Churches some of which date back as far as the 1850's. It is known for its excellent wine and honey as well as super fine Merino wool.Grapes grown in the high red soils have produced excellent quality wines for over 140 years.

Visitors always welcome
Visitors always welcome

Welcome to

Mudgee Bridge Club Inc

2 153

PO Box 536

Mudgee NSW 2850


All sessions played at

Mudgee Showground

Nicholson Street entrance


Visitors always welcome




Effective from 18 March 2020 the committee have immediately cancelled all Bridge for a period of 4 weeks. Obviously this has been extended with a date for resumption to be advised when the present lockdown ends.

The following motion has been passed by the committee in relation to the AGM for 2020.


The Mudgee Bridge Club Inc AGM 2020

The Committee at a Zoom meeting held on the 21st April 2020 considered the following.

The Minister for Health and Medical Research issued an Order dated 30th March 2020 as follows

Public Health (COVID-19) Restrictions on Gathering and Movement Order

In particular this Order directs that a person shall not,….., leave the persons place of residence. (some exceptions apply)

In addition the Order directs that a person must not participate in a gathering in a public place of more than 2 persons (some exceptions apply) 

Accordingly in appears that the Clubs AGM scheduled for the 1st June 2020 will have to be postponed.

The particular Rules that apply are

Rule 26 General Meetings

(2) (a) within 6 months after the close of the Club's financial year.


Rule27 Annual General meeting – calling of and business.

(1) The annual general meeting of the Club is, subject to the Act and to Clause 26, to be convened on the date and at such place and time as the committee thinks fit.

Therefore the committee is obliged to hold an AGM prior to the 31st October 2020.

We would require the Order above to be less restrictive.

The Committee resolved as follows:-

1. The Committee resolves to postpone the Annual General Meeting for 2020 sine die.

2. The Committee resolves that the postponed Annual General Meeting 2020 will be held prior to the 31st October 2020.

3. The Treasurer will provide the Audited Annual Financial Report by 1st June 2020 for distribution to members.

Brian McCarney

21th April 2020


Please note your annual subscriptions are still due by 1 May 2020




The following details area advised to keep you abreast with the present position dictated by COVID19 restrictions.

In the current COVID19 circumstances, associations no longer have to apply for extensions of time to hold their 2020 annual general meetings or submit annual summaries of financial affairs. Associations may conduct their AGM when restrictions are lifted or present 2020 financial information to members at the 2021 AGM.

Until 26 September 2020 associations may conduct committee meetings and general meetings using technology and pass ordinary and special resolutions by either postal or electronic ballot even if this isn't stipulated in their constitution. Members must still have an opportunity to participate in meetings using technology.


Many of us only use the web site to obtain results of a day’s bridge. However its uses go far beyond just results.

Next time try the following:

Open results page for the event you want.

Click your name.

This now shows which pairs you played certain boards against and your result. At the same time you can view the hands and traveler details on the right of the screen.

Now click on “players” (left hand side above chart)

Click compare.

From the players list click the pair you wish to compare your results against.
You can change the compare selection as often as you like.

The Matrix box in the heading shows everyone’s match point results for every hand. A bottom result will show “0”. The top result possible on any board is obtained by the number of times it is played less 1 and then doubled.

You can quickly see just who played a hand or hands well and compare what you did.

If you really want to maximise your analysis and experience you can download an application which will allow you to replay the hands on your computer. At the top left hand side is an icon basically green. This will tell you how to set up BSOL (Bridge solver on line)


Saturday 31 October 2020 and Sunday 1 November 2020

Red Point
Director: Brian McCarney
Director: Marelle Irvine
Director: Bill Bleechmore