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Need a Partner

Contact Matchmaker Teresa Hill at         083 329 7344




Mount Sackville Bride Club
Easter Arrangements

Please note there will be no bridge on Tuesday April 2nd 2024. Bridge will resume on the following Tuesday April 9th.

Committee 2023/2024

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Mount Sackville Past Pupils Bridge Club

Committee 2023/2024    


Emelie Gorman

    086 163 4280 
Vice President           
  Ex Officio Noirin Casey   086 175 2626
Hon. Secretary    Teresa Hill    
 Treasurer     Jim Farragher     

            086 238 9626             



Sally BurkeBrenda Carey Sally Burke

Tony Owens and Tom Daly


  Match Maker WhatsApp No.   083 329 7344

Points Secretary    


Health & Safety

Emelie Gorman 




Web page maintaience: Dermot Mulcahy

SEASON 2023/2024

The Mount Sackville new bridge season September 2023 to end of May 2024 commences on Tuesday September 5th at 7:15pm.  

Table money remains at €5 (Please note:  Notes Only, no loose change)


Members are requested to be seated prior to 7:15pm to enable play to commence on time. 

Membership fee for existing members remains at €40 and for new members the fee is €50

Should you require a partner please place a WhatsApp message using the club matchmaker no. 083-329 7344


Health & Safety Actions


A) An air purifer with HEPA filter suitable for the size of the room we use has been purchased

B) Members are asked to bring their own bidding box if they have one.  For any member who does not currently have their own bidding box the club has obtained a limited quantity of new bidding card inserts for the existing club boxes and these will be sold to any member who requires a bidding box at €5, which is the cost to the club of the new inserts.

C) New table cloths have been purchased.

D) Hand sanitiser will be available at each table and we request each member to use it before commencing play after each round.

E) Currently mask wearing is not mandatory but if any member feels more comfortable to wear a mask their choice should be respected by other members.



Finally, please make it your business to put fellow members at ease. Do not cramp personal space, observe sneezing and coughing etiquette (cover your mouth with your sleeve/ elbow or tissue) and take all hygiene measures seriously. Please do not attend the club if feeling unwell or suffering from a cold, coughing or sneezing.  Please play your part in making the comfort and safety of all players our priority.

Bridge Club E-mail

New E-mail address:

The email below was sent to any members for whom we had email addresses.  If you did not receive this email please notify us of your current email address and we will forward it to you with the attachments.

This is the new email contact for Mount Sackville Bridge Club.  We are forwarding you a copy of an email received recently from the CBAI with their Newsletter  and a Code of Conduct for online bridge also attached.

This email address will only be monitored once a week, so if you send any messages or responses relating to this information please be patient if you do not receive a response for a few days.


Do's and Dont's at the Bridge Table

The following was issued by the Mid-Leinster Region of the CBAI.

Do’s and Don’ts at Bridge

  1. A player may not correct partner’s mistaken explanation of a bid or signal.
  2. If partner hesitates before calling, a player must show that the action now chosen could not have been influenced by the hesitation.
  3. Your opponents are entitled to know of any partnership agreement you may have.
  4. A player may only ask for an explanation when it is their turn to call.
  5. Lead face down, but turn the card over before dummy is shown.
  6. Check your tricks.  Agree score.  Have contract and result entered before spoiling your won/lost cards.
  7. Do not accept the decision of opponents if a ruling is required.  The T.D. is responsible for all rulings.
  8. Players have a duty to ascertain how opponents communicate:
    Basic system – Acol or Precision or . . .
    Variations – strength of NT, 4 or 5 card majors, etc.
    Other – discards, leads, signals, etc.
  9. Bids above 3NT should not be alerted unless they occur on the first round of bidding.
  10. Defenders may ask one another about possible revokes.
  11. As a matter of courtesy to all players mobile phones should be switched off and not used except in case of an emergency
The Meaning of Double

The meaning of Double – as the name suggest – is to raise the stakes.

If you Double an opposing contract, you win more Points

if they fail, but you concede more points if they succeed.

When Bridge began over a 100 years ago, double was limited

to those occasions where you expected the opponents to fail in their bid.

However, it was realised that you would be most unlikely to be

confident enough to double a low-level suit bid,

when partner had not yet spoken.

And that if the opponents happened to have bid,

a suit in which you were very strong,

it was far better not to tip them off:

rather to keep quiet and wait for them to get into deeper trouble.

In 1912 New Yorker Major Charles Patten and Bryant McCambell

independently invented an alternative meaning for the

“Double” – the “take-out double”.

It is believed that this was the first convention in the game

(although it is now so universal that it is rarely thought of as such).

The take-out double – “partner, please take out my double into another suit”

shows an opening hand or better with no other convenient bid: 

no suit to overcall, and an inability to bid notrumps.

To learn more on doubling  contact your local Bridge Teacher or Coach,

or get a copy of Bridge Lessons (Double) by ANDREW ROBSON,

( The above extract is from this book.


Club Night
Club Night
Club Night
Club Night
Club Night
Easter Competition 10 Table money
Club Night
Club Night
Club Night
Club Night
Club Night
Club Night
Club Night
Club Night
21st May 2024
Club Night
7pm for 7:15 start
28th May 2024
Club Night
7pm for 7:15 start
4th Jun 2024
Club Night
7pm for 7:15 start
11th Jun 2024
Club Night
7pm for 7:15 start
18th Jun 2024
Club Night
7pm for 7:15 start
25th Jun 2024
Club Night
7pm for 7:15 start
2nd Jul 2024
Club Night
7pm for 7:15 start
9th Jul 2024
Club Night
7pm for 7:15 start
16th Jul 2024
Club Night
7pm for 7:15 start
23rd Jul 2024
Club Night
7pm for 7:15 start
30th Jul 2024
Club Night
7pm for 7:15 start