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Mount Sackville Bride Club
Club Pairs 2019/2020

Club Pairs Competition, 2019 will now take place on Tuesday's November 12th & 19th . 

Unfortunately competition had to be abandoned on 12th because of electricity fault

Competition will now be run on a one week basis on Tuesday 19th November

               Please note table money will be €7.50 only.

Those people who paid €15.00 on 12th November will be refunded balance 

A number of people have already indicated that they will be unable to play on the 19th, if anybody else is not available please text to 083-3297344 as soon as possible to advise.  Also if any member who was not previously available to play and now wishes to enter can text the same number as early as possible so that you can be included.

If somebody is looking for a partner for next week, November 19th sent text to 083-3297344 and we will do our best to find a partner

We would ask all members playing in Pairs Competition to arrive a few minutes earlier than usual to facilitate a prompt start to the evenings play.              



Calendar of Events

Calendar of Events 

 2019/2020 Bridge Season has now commenced, the President and committee welcome back all members and look forward to another successful year.  A full list of events for the year is contained in the members bridge calandar and also appears in the calandar column in the results section on the right hand side of the web site screen.  


1st    MARGARET BROWNE & JEAN KIRBY                             70.54%

2nd   RITA CARROLL & MARTINA HUSSEY                              60.42%

3rd   TERESA O'REILLY & HELEN McDEVITT                           57.14%

4th = TONY OWENS & TERESA CONLON                                56.55%

4th = NOIRIN CASEY & NOELLE COUGHLAN                          56.55%

6th    MARY BRADY & MARY JO O'CONNOR                            54.76%

Tournament Directors Club Nights

We are looking for members who would be willing to volunteer to act as tournament director on ordinary club nights during the coming 2019/2020 season.  This is to help spread the experience across as many of the club members as possible.   Anybody who would like to put their name forward please talk to Dermot or any other member of the committee. 


At the recent AGM of Mount Sackville PP Bridge Club the proposal that the club participate in the proposed Bridge Centre for Dublin 15 was defeated by 27 votes to 4 with 1 abstention.  A further proposal that the club write to the organisers of the proposed Bridge Centre wishing them well in their endeavour was overwhelmingly agreed.


Our Charity night 2019, Raised €1,700  for the Missionary Sisters of Cluny

The Sisters do trojan work in educating underprivileged children in Tanzania.
Many, many thanks to all who attended,

contributed prizes and also those who sent cash donations.


The club has also recently donated €700 to Brother Kevin from the proceeds of 2019 Summer Bridge 

The Charity Night for 2020 will be on SUNDAY January 19th 2020


Team of Four Competition will take place on Tuesday February 25th 2020



                                   THE MOUNT SACKVILLE P.P. PRESIDENTS PRIZE FOR 2019/2020 SEASON WILL TAKE PLACE ON TUESDAY'S APRIL28th AND MAY 5th 2020       

Committee 2019/2020

♠   ♣ 

Mount Sackville Past Pupils Bridge Club

Committee 2018/2019    


  Emelie Gorman    

      086 163 4280      
Vice President      T.B.A.  
  Ex Officio Betty Fallon 086 313 6986
Hon. Secretary    Teresa Hill 086 318 0943
 Treasurer     Noirin Casey    

        086 175  2626       



Sally BurkeBrenda Carey Sally BurkeBrenda Carey
  Committee / Match Maker Gabrielle Dineen 083 329 7344
  Committee Dermot Mulcahy  

Points Secretary                Jean Neary     


The Meaning of Double

The meaning of Double – as the name suggest – is to raise the stakes.

If you Double an opposing contract, you win more Points

if they fail, but you concede more points if they succeed.

When Bridge began over a 100 years ago, double was limited

to those occasions where you expected the opponents to fail in their bid.

However, it was realised that you would be most unlikely to be

confident enough to double a low-level suit bid,

when partner had not yet spoken.

And that if the opponents happened to have bid,

a suit in which you were very strong,

it was far better not to tip them off:

rather to keep quiet and wait for them to get into deeper trouble.

In 1912 New Yorker Major Charles Patten and Bryant McCambell

independently invented an alternative meaning for the

“Double” – the “take-out double”.

It is believed that this was the first convention in the game

(although it is now so universal that it is rarely thought of as such).

The take-out double – “partner, please take out my double into another suit”

shows an opening hand or better with no other convenient bid: 

no suit to overcall, and an inability to bid notrumps.

To learn more on doubling  contact your local Bridge Teacher or Coach,

or get a copy of Bridge Lessons (Double) by ANDREW ROBSON,

( The above extract is from this book.


I.B.U. Sim Pairs T.D. Mairead Delaney
Club Night T.D. Emelie Gorman
Club Night
Club Night
Mary Walshe Harvest Trophy
Club Night
Club Night
Opening New Season
Summer Bridge
Summer Bridge
Summer Bridge
Summer Bridge
Summer Bridge
Summer Bridge, T.D. Jean Neary
Summer Bridge
12th Nov 2019
Club Pairs 1st Night. T.D TBA
19th Nov 2019
Club Pairs 2nd Night T.D TBA
26th Nov 2019
Club Night T.D. Jean Neary
3rd Dec 2019
Turkey Competition
10th Dec 2019
Club Night
17th Dec 2019
Christmas Party
24th Dec 2019
No Bridge
31st Dec 2019
No Bridge
7th Jan 2020
Club Night
14th Jan 2020
Club Night
19th Jan 2020
Charity Night
21st Jan 2020
Club Night
28th Jan 2020
Club Night
4th Feb 2020
C.B.A.I Sim Pairs
11th Feb 2020
Club Night