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'Play it again'

Have you yet tried the 'Play it Again' feature available on this website via the Results Pages?  Click on your name in the Rankings List to view your Scorecard. Then in the board list on the right of the screen, select the board of interest and click on 'Play it Again'.  From the comfort of your own home, you can see how you could / should have made that slam!

Hands of the Week

For the entertainment of Members during the period when the Club is closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this new page contains a selection of hands that have been played at the club, or elsewhere by club members, now including recent On-Line games. They have had any previous analysis revised and represented and a new commentary added. There is the opportunity to discuss them - and all manner of other things - on our popular WhatsApp Group Mountnessing BC

Hands were added weekly, latest at the top.

Unfortunately, we have now run out of material. Members with hands of note are asked to submit them. 

Title / Link to Hand and High-Level Analysis Link to Results Page Commentary
Bid 'misfits' cautiously 18th September 2008 Commentary
A neat play... 23rd October 2008 Commentary
What is the difference between the 8 and the 4 ...? 16th July 2009 Commentary
The non-fitter of the year? 9th April 2009 Commentary
That was a great save partners, with your 27 high card points... January 13th 2010, Gold Cup Match (Teams of Four) Commentary
“Points” do not necessarily point accurately! 2nd August 2009 - George Curtis Swiss Teams Commentary
The Christmas Slam 17th December 2009 Commentary
One to dine out on... Teams of Four – South East Essex League – 25th October 2010 Commentary
Red Faces for the Defence! BBO Login: May 2020 Commentary
An elegant double squeeze brings home a slam NICKO Round 1 - 5th November 2012 Commentary
Ethical Disasters 31st January 2013 Commentary
The Director's Deal 7th July 2011 Commentary
Freezing weather – time for a “frozen suit”… 2nd February 2012 Commentary
A grand hand 17th March 2011 Teams Commentary
In a 'doomed' contract, try to confuse your opponents ... 5th April 2012 Commentary
A fine slam ... A fine play Thursday 15 November 2012 Commentary
An elegant criss-cross squeeze May 2006, Great Burstead BC Commentary
An elegant squeeze to gain a precious over-trick… Thursday 11 November 2010 Commentary
A 'Grand' way to win the Championship Thursday 27 August 2009 N/A
An unhappy 3NT contract Thursday 01 June 2006 N/A