Cath Fox has asked all ECBA clubs to display an advertisement for a new website and initiative for Youth Bridge. Click here for what it has to say, and follow the onward links, including those detailing local activities. While not of direct relevance to members, this is an important initiative, and members may have children or - more likely - grandchildren, who might enjoy the game. Or friends with the same. If the game is to survive, it needs new blood.  

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Ladders & Competitions

This page lists and describes the various competitions run by the Mountnessing DBC. In alphabetical order, showing the current holders, they are:-

  1. Club Captain: The winner of the annual combined ladder has the right to be Club Captain and choose the Club's teams in the County competitions (Fletcher, etc.) - Peter Oake has this honour for the 2022/23 season.  
  2. Faye Wernick Trophy: Annual Ladies' Ladder. Current holder (2021/22) - Val Mollison
  3. Lionel Wernick Trophy: Annual Gentlemen's Ladder. Current holder (2021/22) - Peter Oake
  4. Margaret Curtis Trophy: Summer Ladies' Ladder. Current holder (2019) - Catriona Lovett
  5. Mary Rogers Trophy: Annual single-session duplicate pairs event held in March. Current holders (2022) - David Piper & Les Curtis
  6. Master Points: Not a Club competition, but comes free with Bridgewebs so we might as well show it! Total points won at the Club for the last Calendar Year
  7. Peter Seaton Trophy: Summer Gentlemen's Ladder. Current holder (2019) - David Piper
  8. Player of the Month: Current holders (March 2022) - David Piper & Les Curtis
  9. The Seventy Club: List of those who have scored 70% or over in the Club duplicates
  10. Windmill Trophy: Annual single-session duplicate pairs event held in November. Current holders (2021) - David Piper & Les Curtis

Follow the links to the left for the competitions as listed.



History and Rules

  1. The Faye and Lionel Wernick Trophies are named after the former owner of the Club and his wife. 20 sessions are required to qualify, and the best 40 sessions are averaged. Last year, on account of the late start in September rather than April, these parameters were set to 12 and 24, respectively. 
  2. The Summer Ladders run from June to August. 8 sessions are required to qualify, and the best 8 sessions are averaged. Margaret Curtis was for very many years Secretary, and latterly President of the ECBA (see our Obituary Page and the EBU Obituary: Margaret Curtis). Peter Seaton was a long-standing Club member who will be remembered by some, but maybe not many, current members. 
  3. The Mary Rogers Trophy was introduced into the Club's calendar by former owner Lionel Wernick. Mary Rogers was a long-standing member of the Club, who also had successes in County events.  Her husband, Jack Rogers, was also a very regular player at the club until terminal ill-health prevented him from so doing in 2008.
  4. The Player of the Month competition rewards attendance as well as success: the percentages are summed and ranked. Those not attending every week tend to miss out. 
  5. The competition rules changed in 2015 to make them easier to run on Bridgewebs, as can be seen by following links on the old Honours Board