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'Play it again'

Have you yet tried the 'Play it Again' feature available on this website via the Results Pages?  Click on your name in the Rankings List to view your Scorecard. Then in the board list on the right of the screen, select the board of interest and click on 'Play it Again'.  From the comfort of your own home, you can see how you could / should have made that slam!

Welcome to Mountnessing BC
Our Club in brief...
Our Club in brief...

We are a friendly medium sized (10-14 tables) bridge club that meets every Thursday evening at Mountnessing Village Hall to play duplicate bridge.  Play starts at 7.30pm and pairs should arrive at 07:15: if you arrive unannounced after 7.25 you may not get a game. The club uses wireless scoring and computer-dealt boards.   Visitors and players with limited experience are always welcome, but note that you do need to have arranged a partner in advance as we do not currently operate a 'host' system.

Last updated : 3rd Mar 2017 09:58 GMT
Scam prevention measure - Committee List

The Mountnessing Bridge Club website is based on the Bridgewebs facility - an approach that has been adopted by the vast majority of Clubs nationally.  Unfortunately, scammers have spotted an opportunity whereby they masquerade as one committee member and attempt to get a second committee member to authorise a fraudulent payment from Club funds.  We wish to assure all members that the committee is 'on the ball' and that no such payments have ever been made by this Club. However, we have been the target of an attempted fraud.

To make life a bit more difficult for would-be scammers, the 'Committee' page on this website is now set as 'Members only', so to access it you will be asked for your Members' Area username (typically your email address) and your personalised password.  If you have not already registered for access to the Members' area, please follow the instructions that you will be given when you try to access a "members only" page.

Last updated : 12th Jun 2019 10:21 BST
Player of the Month, May 2019

The Player of the Month for May was club visitor Jivan PatelA complete historical record of past winners can be found under the 'Current Ladder Tables' link to the left.

Last updated : 30th May 2019 23:33 BST
New Entry in 'The Seventy Club'

There was another new entry into the 'Seventy Club' on April 25th 2019 - Chris Megahey & Alaric Cundy with a score of 71.06%

Last updated : 25th Apr 2019 23:23 BST
The Ray Cornell Prize, 2019

We are pleased to report that the two teams of four entered by Mountnessing in the Ray Cornell Trophy on February 17th - one of the Essex Invitational Teams competitions run by the Essex Contract Bridge Association - did the Club proud by finishing 2nd and 3rd, thus, in combination, qualifying to represent Essex in the Regional Finals of the prestigious Garden Cities Competition on April 27th and winning the Ray Cornell Prize. The teams were:

Mountnessing 'A': (finished 2nd) - Peter Franklin, Frank Morrison, Graham Beeton, David Piper

Mountnessing 'B': (finished 3rd) - Jill & Roger Tattersfield, John Sutcliffe, Alaric Cundy

The Team to play in the Regional Final will be slightly different: John Sutcliffe, Dennis Valtisiaris, Jill & Roger Tattersfield, Frank Morrison, Steve Cade-Bowyer, Graham Beeton, David Piper.  We wish our team Good Luck!

Last updated : 12th Apr 2019 10:21 BST
Annual Ladder Awards 2018/19

The two year-long ladder awards are now decided:

Faye Wernick Trophy (Ladies): Helen McVeigh just pipped last year's winner, Sue French, on the last session of the year

Lionel Wernick Trophy (Men): Chris Megahey retained his title, with Alaric Cundy finishing second

Last updated : 28th Mar 2019 23:31 GMT
New Entry in 'The Seventy Club'

There was a new entry in the 'Seventy Club' on March 14th when Chris Megahey & Alaric Cundy scored 74.11%.  For a complete list of scores over 70% scored at the Club since September 2006, please see the sub-menu item under the 'Current Ladder Tables' link to the left.

Last updated : 28th Mar 2019 23:37 GMT
Mary Rogers Trophy, March 21st 2019

Congratulations to John Sutcliffe & Dennis Valtisiaris who won the Mary Rogers Trophy on March 21st.

For those who are unaware: this Trophy was introduced into the Club's calendar by former owner Lionel Wernick.  Mary Rogers was a long-standing member of the Club, who also had successes in County events.  Her husband, Jack Rogers, was also a very regular player at the club until terminal ill-health prevented him from so doing in 2008.

Last updated : 21st Mar 2019 23:26 GMT

Please click on this box to see the national rankings.

Last updated : 7th Mar 2019 23:33 GMT
Message for Club Members

Please add to your email address book to ensure receipt of any messages sent to you from this website

Last updated : 26th Apr 2018 14:24 BST
Find a partner scheme

If you are looking for a partner, you have three basic options:

  • Log in to the Members' Area where you can view current contact details for all members, and you can optionally send email(s) to players of interest to you (see the panel below about 'Accessing the Members' Area if necessary); or
  • Use the on-line partner matching service available through this website (see the panel below about 'Accessing the Members' Area if necessary); the advantage of this method is that your request is posted immediately though the disadvantage is that you may need to wait for other players to see the post; or
  • Send an email to This action will result in an email being sent to potential partners, though there could be a delay as such action triggers a manual process.
Last updated : 13th Feb 2019 09:44 GMT
Accessing the (password protected) Membership Area

If you have not already done so, please click on the 'Membership' menu item, then follow the instructions.  Enter your email address as your 'name' and then press 'Forgotten Password'.  You will then receive an email with a password that will enable you to log into the membership area.  NB You MUST use the email address by which the club recognises you, e.g., the one to which Secretary sends you club-related messages.  Once you have registered on the system in this way, you will be able to log into the membership area, where several services are open to you:

  • You can view the current club membership list, on which you can find your 'Club ID', which serves as your personal 'short-code' for the wireless scoring system. 
  • You can also register that you are seeking a partner.  Note that in the Calendar summary to the right of this pane, if you spot the message Partner? then it means that at least one potential partner is available;  if you spot the message Bookings then it means that at least one partnership has been arranged - but there could be another partner available.  Click on the Partner? or Bookings message to reveal details.
  • You can also access documents that are restricted to club members, such as, the agenda and papers for the Club's AGM
Last updated : 13th Feb 2019 09:45 GMT
New to Bridge?

If you want to learn to play Bridge, we have two suggestions:

  • Some of our individual members do offer private learning and development opportunities.  If you are interested, send us a message via the 'Contact Us' link, which is accessible through the left hand menu
  • On the 'Useful Links' page you will find a link to a commercial on-line Bridge Learning experience
20th June 2019
7.15 for 7.30
Director: Alaric
27th June 2019
7.15 for 7.30
Director: Joan / Graham B
4th July 2019
7.15 for 7.30
11th July 2019
7.15 for 7.30
Director: Joan / Graham B
Scorer: BridgePals
Director: Val
Scorer: BridgePals
Director: Audrey
Scorer: BridgePals