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Stannington Bridge.     Tuesday evenings.  

Please note this has been cancelled for the time being.     If you would like further details please contact Rachel,  01912843975.





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Come and learn the most intriguing game in the world. 
Stimulate your brain and make new friends. Bridge is a game played by people from all walks of life, young and old.  You can play at home with friends or join a club. 

This course consits of a structured programme of units.   Each 2 hour lesson will start with  discussion and exercises about a particular topic, but most of the session is devoted to playing Bridge.  This helps you to progress from beginner, through intermediate of expert!   You can go as far as you wish. 


Please scroll down to find all the information




For complete beginners and those with very limited experience.

 Contact John:  ( 01670 531469 ) for more information about the course. 


It is unlikely that a Beginners Class will start in

September 2020,  but , please keep checking the website. 








Wednesday afternoons  from 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm

At present there are no definite arrangments for continuing this class into 

the second year.  However,  as soon as possible this will resume.  

Please contact:   

Tutor: Cyril Meehan   01670 512879

Continuing into the second year


Conservative Club

Newgate Street







Revision and consolidation of the basics of bidding and play ( Unit 2) Contact Ray for details.

This class is also on 'hold' until it becomes possible to resume. 


Wednesday evenings 7pm -9pm



Tutor Ray Rayner 01670 730930

Fees: £80.00 for 10 lessons



           Morpeth Golf Club





On line class for second year students  

This will commence in August.  

John will be using the

Bridge for All Continuing Bridge manual and this will be supported by

Quizzes and online teacher led practice sessions. 

Fees:    £6.00 per lesson

Tutor    John Kingcome 

tel. 01670 531469



Revisiting  topics covered in earlier classes looking at bidding, use of conventions, card play and defence.


This class is 'on hold' at present  


Contact Aileen for details. 


Wednesday Mornings 10am to 12noon                                 Hepscott Village Hall 

Tutor:        Aileen Cunningham        01670 513369


Fees:            £80 for 10 lessons 



An ongoing class focussing on improving bidding, play and defence. Suitable for players with some experience. Contact Jill:  01670 791183

      This class is not running at present. 



Tuesdays 10.00am to 12 noon           








Longhirst Village Hall 


Tutors: Jill Harrison and Ron Stanners

Some classes are suitable for those returning to the game


Tuition is also available for small groups on request

Contact Aileen Cunningham 


See separate page for Supervised Bridge Sessions.