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Morpeth Bridge Club meets every Monday at St James' Hall in Morpeth. 

Please follow the information tab in the left hand menu for more details.

Play starts promptly at 7.00.   Please be seated by 18.50 to help the director to organise the bridge.

Committee from May 2018

Ali Ritz           Chairman

Alistair Kemp Secretary

Sheila Brown    Treasurer

Dick Davies

Mary Kingcome

Garry Matthews

Jim Turnbull

Coming Up


Monday 15th July 2019

Bridge Start 7.00 pm

Dirctor     Otto Meth-Cohn

Assistant Charlie Singh

Monday 15th July 2019

Normal Bridge Start 7.00 pm

Director Alistair Kemp

Assistant Otto Meth-Cohn



Need a Partner

Contact Ali or Eck Ritz on 01670 516590

See under Information for more details

20th July 2019
Northern Open Pairs
Stannington 2.00
22nd July 2019
BGB Summer Sim Pairs
Morpeth 19.00
Director: Alistair Kemp
Assistant Director: Otto Meth Cohn
29th July 2019
Normal Bridge
Morpeth 19.00
Director: John Kingcome
Assistant Director: Alistair Kemp
Normal Bridge
Director: Otto Meth-Cohn
Scorer: Garry Matthews
Normal Bridge
Director: Charlie Singh
Scorer: Garry Matthews
Normal Bridge
Director: Freda
Scorer: Charlie Singh