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RESULTS    Please note that all results are provisional for 3 days to allow for any errors to be reported to the director/scorer.

Welcome to Mornington Bridge Group

The Australia wide pairs was a great success combining competition and social get together for the Mornington Peninsula region.We had 12 tables,with Sue Beckman and Denise Donald,Morn/Frank,winning N/S and Jens Norlyng and Keith White winning E/W,both with over 60%-a great effort.I would like to thank both Sue and Jill H.for their delicious savouries,and also Paul Cory for helping to run the event. Thanks everyone for taking part,and I just want to remind you that the MPBR congress is on Sat 17 Sept.,at St. Francis Xavier Church hall.Swiss pairs commencing at 10.00.Please bring your own lunch,though  there will be nibblles and snacks during the play.Laurie Kelso is directing.I will notify you of ways to enter at the end of this week,but you can always ring me ,or send an email to 

Covid Precautions

All players are welcome now all restrictions are over. But please be sensible.If you are running a temp,or have symptoms of a cough or cold please do not come.

MornintonPeninsula Bridge Association 2022 Congress Results

The results for the above can be found at:-

Congratulations to Judy Anderson and Dorothy Bennett for being the top Peninsula pair.

4th October 2022
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Director: Lindsay Young
Scorer: Lindsay Young
Anniversary Red Point
Director: Lindsay Young
Scorer: Lindsay Young
Director: Lindsay Young
Scorer: Lindsay Young