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Vaccination Verification

All players returning to face-to-face bridge, must present their Proof of Vaccination cards before playing. Once entered into the Vaccination Roster, no further action is required. If a player feels sick in any way, please stay home.

100 MASTER POINT CLUB Total Master Points Earned 1/1/2021 to 12/31/2021


Helen Rubin



Andy Goodman



Richard Papst



Wayne McIntyre



Sally Reed



Anthony Muller



Trulee Ricketts



Alan Hedegard



Jeannette Stern



Ray Boehne



Betty Jackson



Glenn Chee


Rhyme Your Way To Better Bridge

The play of the card from third hand high, denies the one below it.

When partner makes a takeout double, jump with 10 or you're in trouble.

When the dummy's on your right, lead the weakest thing in sight.

When the dummy's on your left, lead to heft.

If you have nothing, bid nothing.


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May Bridge and Brunch Game CANCELED

Sunday, May 22, 2022, Bridge and Brunch - canceled.

Monterey Bridge Center Updates

1. The Sunday, May 22 Bridge and Brunch Open Game has been canceled due to several Unit 530 members testing positive for the Corona virus. The event will be moved to Sunday, June 12, 2022. Please contact anyone you know who was planning to go as they may not see this post.

2. Several players who attended the Wednesday May 11, Thursday May 12, Friday May 13 or Wednesday May 18 games at the Bridge Center tested positive for the COVID virus. We recommend that you get tested for Covid as soon as possible. Simply Google "Free Covid tests in Monterey County" for details. All players had shown proof of vaccination before they were permitted entrance.

3. With an uptick in the number of Covid cases in Monterey and Santa Cruz Counties, we strongly recommend wearing masks in indoor public places again.

4. Contact Maja if you are planning to attend the Thursday, May 26 open game: 831-682-6110 to confirm whether it will take place or not.

5. Contact Doug if you are planning to attend the Friday, May 20, Wednesday, May 25 or Friday, May 27 ganes: 831-917-2502 to confirm whether they will take place or not.

Thanks for your understanding. It looks like this virus will be a part of our lives for a long time.

Joe Truskot, membership chair

STaC Results for May 2022
STaC Games Played May 2022 at U530 Bridge Center
Name MPs  
Games Played
Neville Kirby 4.33 3
Mano Singham 3.74 2
Beth Ege 3.2 2
Ed Schrenzel 3.06 2
Brad Dow 2.63 1
Jim Lauderdale 2.63 1
Curt Hussey 2.44 2
Ken Gaskins 2.38 2
Debeliah Anthony 1.99 2
Lyde McReynolds 1.97 1
Thomas Eby 1.9 1
Ewan Eby 1.9 1
Maja 1.48 1
James Dirgin 1.48 1
Keith Hedlund 1.43 1
Ann Wyatt 1.4 2
Gerald Williams 1.33 1
Janet Hedlund 1.07 1
Carl Pohlhammer 0.95 1
Barbara Alexander 0.95 1
Samuel Wayne 0.92 1
Ray Mok 0.9 1
Karen Mok 0.9 1
Joseph Truskot 0.75 1
Bonnie Tragni 0.75 1
Rita Sturgeon 0.71 1
Judith Franich 0.71 1
Carol Sendell 0.71 1
Thomas Miller 0.69 1
Louise Barnard 0.54 1
Susan Mehra 0.54 1
Barbara Hake 0.42 1
Annemarie Von Adelung 0.42 1
Monterey Unit 350 Mourns the Loss of Michel Nasr

Saphire Life Master Michel Nasr passed away on Friday, April 1, 2022, six weeks shy of his 98th birthday. Born in Lebanon, he came to the Monterey Peninsula in 1976 to join the Arabic Language Department of the Defense Language Institute. After retiring in 1998, he was a frequent player at the club. He is survived by his wife of 60 years, Elizabeth Roene Nasr.

Monterey Unit president Sharon Larson remembers Michel, "He was a long time bridge player who always put the contract into three no trump. Such a great man. A loss for sure."

See more.


Royal StaC Results for March 2022 Tournament

Alan Hedegard has compliled the results for all participants in the Royal StaC game back in March. The document is attached to this article. Royal Stac Results 2022.pdf

Congratulations to the winners.

President's Weekend Unit Game - Sunday, Feb.20, Noon

President's Day Weekend Game Draws Seven Tables

Monterey Bridge Club Unit 530 members gathered on Sunday, February 20, 2022 at Noon for a light lunch and Open Bridge Game. Many thanks to the organizers! President Sharon Larson welcomed 28 players and thanked Joe Truskot for the quiches, Neville Kirby for the salads, Doug Halleen for directing the game, Lyde McReynolds for organizing the seating arrangements and collecting the fees and donations and the many players who brought desserts.

Maja and Trulee Ricketts were first in Section A with a fantastic 69.64 game, Marti Jones and Judith Murdock were first in Section B with a 59.27 game, and Ed Schrenzel and Neville Kirby were first in Section C with a 47.67 game.

Plans are "in the works" for continuing these Sunday Brunch Unit Games. Dates and times will be announced soon.


New Year's Eve Game and Dinner


Thanks to the nine tables of bridge players who enjoyed the game, the food, and the good cheer.

Addios to 2021 and hello 2022. Party photos.


Holiday Party Scores

Here are the results from the December 12, 2021 Holiday Party.


Holiday Party Sparkling Success

Happy Holidays!

The Monterey Bridge Club celebrated the holidays on Sunday, December 12, 2021 with a 10 1/2 table open game directed by Maja (plus three more folks who came to the party but couldn't stay for the game). This makes it our largest gathering since the pandemic. Maja prepared the hands and Lyde assigned the players and supervised the check-in process. The game went smoothly. (The winner's list will be added to this story soon.)

President Sharon Larson started the event by thanking all participants for attending, donating food and raffle prizes and helping to make the event a fun and successful one.

Rita Sturgeon and Carol Sendell decorated the room using sparkling items brought from their homes or clipped from a neighbor's holly tree. Ron Loiacono brought individually wrapped, artisan decorated Christmas cookies for each participant. The food table offered plenty of treats and a wide-array of baked goods made by our members. Board members Sharon Larson, Maja, Mano Singham, Ray Mok, Kathy Pfitzer, Curt Hussey and Joe Truskot came early and helped with the set up and stayed late for the clean up.

The raffle of an extensive list of donated items and services allowed half of the participants to go home with a special prize and brought in extra funds.

Ray Mok, treasurer, summed up the event and projected a net of $606.38. This sum is likely to grow as many members said they couldn't be there but would send a check.

Local players win big during STaC Week

Alan Hedegard announced the local players who won big during STaC week. Games took place on Monday, December 6 and Friday, December 10, 2021. STaC is an acronym for Sectional Tournaments at Clubs. They are tournaments with a sectional rating staged at participating clubs in a specific geographic area. A STaC can last up to seven days. Like other sectionals, winners and overall places are awarded silver points.

Here are the listes of top winners.

Lyde's Wednesday Game Draws Ten Tables

On Wednesday, November 3, 2021, Monterey bridge players came out in force to play. We hit a post-Covid record of ten full tables. Lyde McReynolds provided a quick lesson, Shirley Larsen told a funny story, and the refreshment table offered freshly baked bread by Helen Sue Brand and jelly by Joe Truskot from grapes grown on vines brought by the padres to Mission San Antonio. Face-to-Face bridge offers so much more than a point and click session at home alone.

Join us Thursdays at 12:30 p.m. for the open game directed by Maja and Wednesdays and Fridays at 10 a.m. for <750 gane directed by Lyde.

We have set up a partnership register for those members who do not have a regular partner or whose regular partner is unavailable. This register is designed specifically for face-to-face games at the Bridge Center in Del Rey Oaks. If you would like to be included in the register, please send a message to Mano Singham ( with the following information:
  • your name
  • email address
  • phone number
  • approximate number of ACBL masterpoints
Also, please specify the sessions held at the Bridge Center you are available for:
  • Wednesday at 10:00 a.m. - Up to 750 master points (Lyde)
  • Thursday at 12:30 p.m. - Open Game (Maja)
  • Friday at 10:00 a.m. - Up to 750 master points (Lyde)
We are currently updating the list and will send it to everyone who responds. The most efficient use of the list would be for people to contact each other directly when they need a partner and over time build up a personal network. We don't want you to not play because you don't have a partner.
Thanks for helping us rebuild our face-to-face games at the Center.
Shuffle and Play - Refresher Class Starts August 9

Are you ready to get back to Face-to Face bridge?  Do you think you might have forgotten a few things about bridge and how to communicate with your partner? 


The Monterey Bridge Center will offer refresher lessons for anyone who has played bridge in the past. Attendees will have one hour of instruction and two hours of playing time. This is a wonderful opportunity to see old friends and make new ones. Please join us to relearn a wonderful card game where every hand of cards is a new adventure.

Refresher classes will start at 10 a.m. on Monday, August 9, 2021 and continue on the following three Mondays, August 16, 23, and 30 at the Monterey Bridge Center, 201 Calle Del Oaks, Del Rey Oaks, north of the Stone Creek Shopping area.


Beginner bridge classes will start on Monday, September 13 at 10 a.m. Shuffle and play will follow these lessons at 11 a.m. All beginners are also welcome to join the refresher course as observers. It will be a good opportunity to observe the game.


We will follow the club and state protocols for health and safety. At your first visit, proof of a covid vaccination will be mandatory. Social distancing will be observed and there will be anti-bacterial gel on each table for your use. Please bring your own refreshments. 

Hetty Eddy is a certificated ACBL instructor who has taught bridge for several years. If you have questions or are interested in joining us, please call or text Hetty at 831-262-1420.

Charles Messenger Column

The Unwritten Rule

How often has this happened to you? You open 1H vulnerable, LHO bids 2S not vulnerable. Your partner makes a game forcing raise (3S is my choice). RHO bids 4S. Now what do you do?

The action in the immediate seat over the game-level preempt is the key. 

The general rule is this:  With 1st round control of the opponent's suit, bid 5H. With 2 fast losers in their suit, double.  With 1 fast loser (singleton or Kx), PASS. This pass is forcing. This tells partner you are unclear whether it is better to defend (double) or to try and make 5 hearts. The same issues apply for your partner. Over a double, partner can still bid 5, for example, with a spade void herself. The double is not unilateral. It just tells partner your hand looks better for the defense. This is all pretty straightforward. But you should definitely talk to your partner about this so that you are both on the same page about the forcing pass. 

This is standard in expert circles. It is assumed in this situation that a pass would be forcing. So what makes the pass forcing? When you have opened and partner has shown strength (not preemption herself) and the opponents have made at least 1 preemptive bid. The principle is the same as I have used in my previous column. When you have more trump and more shape, keep bidding. When you have strength but are more balanced, doubling is better. The part of this that is new in this situation is the forcing pass, so it's important to be clear when that is in play. 

Here is another example where it wouldn’t be in play:  You open 1H, opponent overcalls 1 spade, your partner bids 3H (preemptive) and RHO bids 4S. It is not clear here who has the balance of the strength and so the pass would not be forcing — even if you are vulnerable and they are not. It must be clear that you and your partner were in a game invitational or game forcing auction based on strength. 

Here are a couple of sample hands to illustrate the point:

You have: Qxx AKxx Kxx Kxx. 

Partner opens 1H, your RHO overcalls 2S. This hand would have bid a Jacoby 2NT (or whatever your game forcing raise is), if the opponents had not interfered. You need to let partner know that this hand belongs to your side and you have a heart fit. The way I do that is by bidding 3S. Your LHO now bids 4S and you have been pre-empted out of your normal game contract. Say now your partner passes. What do you do? With this hand, I would double. Perfectly balanced, lots of defense, and may not be enough tricks to make 5. 

Say partner opened with: X QJxxx AQx Qxxx.

Making 5 will be a struggle, but you almost certainly can defeat 4S unless someone on their side has a void. Partner’s forcing pass told you that you had 1 loser for sure in spades, if you have 2 more losers you cant make 5, and doubling is your best option. 

Now say partner had: QJxxxx AQx Qxxx. 

Even though partner has a minimum in high card strength, she will bid 5 with this hand because of the void, and because of the void, 5 will almost certainly make.

Now say opener had: Jx QJxxx AQx Axx. 

This is a double. No need to make a forcing pass here. Clearly let your partner know your hand suggests defending. With a void, partner will certainly bid 5 herself, and with a singleton will evaluate the rest of the hand for offense vs. defense and choose to pass or bid on based on knowing you have 2 fast losers in spades.

To re-iterate, the important part is being able to trust partner to take some action in passout seat if you pass. You must either get your vulnerable game or get the maximum penalty if they have sacrificed. The unwritten rule allows partner in direct seat to indicate they are not sure about doubling or bidding on without worrying that partner will take no action. I have seen this not work about 1 in 100 times, and I will take those odds.

Survey Says . . .

What a motivated membership!

Thank you to all who completed the survey. We heard from half of our membership and got results which will help us all make decisions about playing bridge this year. For example, we heard loud and clear that members prefer morning games that start at 10 a.m. We know now that members with fewer than 500 masterpoints would like more educational opportunities. We know that most members will play both online and face-to-face bridge and a large number just haven't yet made up their minds what they'll do.

Here are the complete survey results with great thanks to Ray Mok who organized the raw data.

Unit 530 Membership Survey 2021.pdf

Looking forward to seeing you at a bridge table soon.

Joe Truskot, membership chair

Just in from ACBL - Interesting Read
What Will the Rest of 2021 Be Like?
While we can’t guarantee that 2021 will be better than 2020 (glad that’s behind us!), we’ve come up with an estimated timeline for the return of face-to-face bridge this year. So at least SOME things should be better!
It’s an estimation, so it could change. We’ll let you know if it does. Click here to read the timeline.
Locally Directed Games Everyday


We can no longer just use the word "transfer." We now must include the suit we are transferring to. For example, "Transfer to Spades."

Traditional Support Doubles and Re-Doubles are no longer alertable.

Direct Cue Bids (with the exception of Michaels) must now be alerted.

Uncontested jump shifts no longer require an alert.

Instead of saying “could be short” when bidding 1 Club, for example, you now must specify the number of cards in that suit: “Could be as short as one” etc.

Check out the January 2021 ACBL Bulletin (page 35) for a complete listing of the changes.


When asked what your bid means, never give the name of the convention! (i.e. Cappelletti, DON’T, Precision, etc.)  Instead, you must describe your hand. There are NO secrets in the bidding.

Don’t be just a SLUG!  Add your full name to your BBO profile.  We all like to know who we are playing with at the table, since we can’t see you,

If your BBO rating is "3" or more, you're no longer a "Beginner."

Each pair must have a convention card posted.  Unless, of course, you are subs or newly paired. In this case, you must announce your systems at each table.

Please pay attention!  If your name is highlighted in YELLOW, it’s your turn to bid or play, unless you are the dummy.

Learn to use the BBO Chat function judiciously.

The "Table" setting is best for greeting your opponents which you should do regularly. Use it for magnanimous congratulations to the opponents especially when you witness a challenging hand well played. If subs are playing, thank them for joining the game.

The "Private" setting is best for discussions with your partner about the bidding or play of a game, or the sorry state of the world. As in Face-to-Face games, no one wants to hear you bickering or gloating. If you make a negative comment about your partner or the opponents, double check to make certain the right chat mode is on. Remember: sarcasm doesn't work well on these chats.

The "Lobby" setting is great for announcements, such as congratulating high point getters and special games,


Stay home and play bridge online.  We want to SEE ALL OF YOU back at the club when it reopens. Sheltering at home gives you an opportunity to play more and hone your skills.

20th May 2022
12:30 p.m.
Director: Alan Hedegard
20th May 2022
Bridge Center
10:00 a.m.
Director: Lyde McReynolds
21st May 2022
10:15 a.m.
Director: Susan Mazzei
Special Message

Greetings from the Monterey Bridge Center

On behalf of the 300 plus members of Unit 530, it's my great pleasure to welcome you to our website and hope that we can provide you with easy-to-find information. Please bookmark this page and visit it often because the information is likely to change on a daily basis.

As you may know, the website is a work in progress and many of its features are not fully operational.

We are excited to be able to play in person at our Del Rey Oaks bridge center and hope you will come out to play soon.

Call us at 831-747-1650. If no one answers, leave a message and we will return your call. 

Sharon Larson, President

In Memoriam

Our condolences to the family and friends of Patricia Leslie who passed away on October 2, 2021 just a few days before what would have been her 94th birthday.

We regret the tragic loss of bridge player Mary Ellen Carlin on Tuesday, July 13, 2021 in a plane crash. Please send condolences to her family: 905 Egan Avenue PG. 93950. Both her husband and daughter are members of the Monterey Bridge Club.

Return to Face-to-Face Bridge Survey

Hello Unit 530

It looks like we will be able to return to face-to-face bridge.  It has been a difficult time for us all.  But let us roll up our sleeves and make our local duplicate bridge center better than ever.  We need your help. Here are some realizations that I want to share with you.  We are comprised of around 350 members and I was recently told by ACBL that one third of our membership have not played bridge virtually for a year.  Not everyone is comfortable with digital bridge and some are playing face-to-face outside with masks, but it is not ACBL duplicate.

Your Board at this time is working hard to bring us back to the face-to-face community that has resulted in our large membership.  Our Vice President, Sharon Larson, is contacting all Club Owners to encourage them to return to the center and make games available to all of you that miss the social connection that enhances duplicate bridge.                 

At this time, with the Bridge Center closed, the only way we can communicate is through our website, run by Joe Truskot.

We would also like to hear from you concerning your future plans for bridge.  Do you plan to play only face-to-face, a combination of face-to-face and digital or only digital?  Our Club owners need to plan their schedule, too.

Please take a moment to complete the simple online survey below regarding our return to Face-to-Face playing at the Monterey Bridge Center in Del Rey Oaks. This survey is focused on that one location only. The survey will only take about three minutes but will provide us with useful information. If you'd like to make suggestions or comments, send them directly to my email and I will share them with the board of directors.

Return to Face-to-Face Bridge: Click here.

We intentionally did not ask questions about Covid-19 and vaccinations as we will follow the protocols established by Monterey County and the CDC.

Thank you in advance for your participation.

Trulee Ricketts, President, Monterey Unit 530

Director: Alan Hedegard
Steinbeck Friday
Director: Janet Hedlund
Director: Alan Hedegard