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Vaccination Verification

All players returning to face-to-face bridge, must present their Proof of Vaccination cards before playing. Once entered into the Vaccination Roster, no further action is required. If a player feels sick in any way, please stay home.

Top Ten Point Getters
1 Andy Goodman Carmel 415.52
2 Neville Kirby Monterey 119.08
3 Glenn Chee Salinas 116.56
4 Alan Hedegard Salinas 113.38
5 Helen Rubin Monterey 111.55
6 G Venkatesh Carmel 108.05
7 Richard Papst Scottsdale 93
8 David Ow Salinas 89.66
9 Rita Sturgeon Pacific Grove 85.43
10 Patricia Heller Marina 82.49
1 Helen Rubin Monterey  168.97
2 Andy Goodman Carmel 146.39
3 Richard Papst Scottsdale 145.37
4 Wayne McIntyre Pebble Beach 128.4
5 Sally Reed Pebble Beach 128.4
6 Anthony Muller Pebble Beach 125.71
7 Trulee Ricketts Carmel Valley 117.64
8 Alan Hedegard Salinas 117.26
9 Jeannette Stern Carmel 111.5
10 Ray Boehne Monterey  104.89
11 Betty Jackson Pebble Beach  104.89
12 Glenn Chee Salinas  104.89
Rhyme Your Way To Better Bridge

The play of the card from third hand high, denies the one below it.

When partner makes a takeout double, jump with 10 or you're in trouble.

When the dummy's on your right, lead the weakest thing in sight.

When the dummy's on your left, lead to heft.

If you have nothing, bid nothing.


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October's Bridge and Brunch Coming Sunday, October 8, 2023

Join us for Bridge and Brunch - Sunday, October 8


Monterey Bridge Club Unit 530 will hold its monthly Unit Game on Sunday, October 8, 2023. Lunch begins at noon promptly. Bob Dubroff is bringing Pasta Bolognaise as our main course. So let's go with an Italian theme! We need folks to bring salads, antipasti, and sides. Desserts are always welcome. There's a signup sheet at the Bridge Center which lists what people are bringing. The game is stratified and Maja is the director. The game will begin at 12:30 p.m. and usually finishes by 3:30 p.m. Hand records will be available. The cost is $20 and the proceeds help keep the Monterey Bridge Club's operating deficit contained.

If you'd like to attend, respond (HERE) and we'll add your name to the signup sheet. If you need a partner, let me know that too and we'll try to find someone for you.

These monthly Unit Games bring all members of the Monterey Bridge Club together, foster a fun environment for face-to-face duplicate bridge, and help us attract new players. As mentioned above, the net proceeds are vital in reducing the size of our monthly deficit. We also appreciate donations.

The Monterey Bridge Center is located at 201B Calle del Oaks, Del Rey Oaks, California. Questions? Call 831-747-1650.

The next Bridge and Brunch Game is Sunday, November 12, 2023 and Doug Halleen will direct.

We hope to see you soon,


Club Members Donate Playing Cards to Incarcerated People

Playing Cards Arrive At County Correctional Facilities - UPDATE

During the summer, a brown paper bag at the Monterey Bridge Center was filled up with multiple decks of playing cards. Some were used but in good condition and others were brand new — still in their original packages. The cards were headed toward the incarcerated people at Monterey County correctional facilities. Don Graham,. a long-time and enthusiastic member of Unit 530, began this effort with a dual purpose: to recycle usable goods and to bring joy into the lives of inmates. Club members responded well resulting in more than four hundred decks of cards being left at the Monterey Bridge Center.

Trent Allen, warden of the Salinas Valley State Prison located in Soledad welcomes help from the community. Keeping inmates occupied in positive activities that challenge their minds, he said, benefits everyone.

On Wednesday, July 26, 2023, twenty-four brand new decks of playing cards were dropped off at Monterey County Juvenile Hall in Salinas. The guard who came out of the secure facility was beaming with appreciation for this unanticipated and helpful contribution. Nearly 200 decks were dropped off at the Monterey County Jail a few days later. On Wednesday, September 20, Joe Truskot, a member of the 2023-24 Civil Grand Jury, visited the Monterey County Jail on the annual tour. Truskot witnessed in just one dorm that seven tables of incarcerated people were playing cards, many with the characteristic ACBL back visible in the photograph. The inmates had torn each of their old cards into eight pieces and were using them as poker chips.

The remaining 200 cards, puzzles, and games were delivered on September 28 to Lieutenant Wesley Fonseca, Public Information Officer at the Salinas Valley State Prison in Soledad. "We can place the jigsaw puzzles in the conjugal units for the inmates and their families."

We may have to repeat this drive as we all know how long a deck of cards lasts. So another brown paper bag may arrive at the Center for members to fill up in January..

Juvenile Hall would also welcome youth-appropriate books, board games, and jigsaw puzzles. Please help out with this effort.

Mentor-Novice Game - New Twist in Bridge Education UPDATE
  • Mentor-Novice Game
  • Mentor-Novice Game
  • Mentor-Novice Game
  • Mentor-Novice Game
  • Mentor-Novice Game
  • Mentor-Novice Game
  • Mentor-Novice Game
  • Mentor-Novice Game
  • Mentor-Novice Game
  • Mentor-Novice Game
  • Mentor-Novice Game
  • Mentor-Novice Game
  • Mentor-Novice Game
  • Mentor-Novice Game
  • Student-Mentor Game

Bridge Educators Hetty Eddy and Lyde McReynolds Present New Education Program - UPDATE

On Saturday, August 26 and September 23, 2023, the Monterey Bridge Club presented hands-on education programs to enhance newer players' skills. Hetty and Lyde devised an invitation-only game pairing students with intermediate-level players. Their effort resulted in high-spirited, duplicate games. Students picked their mentors and table assignments from a hat.

For several years, certified bridge educator Hetty Eddy has offered classes for beginning bridge players and players returning to the game after a long absence. This program purposely creates a comfort level in which players are free to bend a few rules while learning the game. Eventually, all students grow beyond the beginning level and need to take on new challenges. Thus, this new mentor-pairing game was created. It was a fully ACBL-recognized competitive duplicate game. Board members of Unit 530 have long discussed the need to expand the types of bridge games the Club offers. This game devised by Hetty and Lyde, has helped the Club achieve this objective.

Support for these games was provided by the Monterey Bridge Educational Foundation, a non-profit organization, and $327 in donations were accepted at the games.

August North-South point winners were: 1st - Ray Mok and Karen Belding, 2nd - Sam Callaway and Lynn Simmons, 3rd - Ann Wyatt and Peter Armburst, 4th - Don Graham and Karol Matheson.

August East-West point winners were: 1st - Joe Truskot and Pat Canada, 2nd - Don Fennell and Keith Dodson, 3rd - Barbara Santry and Kerry Meyers.

September North-South point winners were: Ist - Karen Mok and Julie Beckk, 2nd - Fran Soskins and Lynne Simmons

September East-West point winners were: 1st - Don Fennell and Keith Dodson, 2nd - Ray Mok and Peter Armbruster, 3rd - Neville Kirby and Lisa Osheskie



Doug Halleen Offers a Tuesday 11:30 a.m. Open Game

Join us now on Tuesdays for an Open Game

After a long hiatus, Doug Halleen is ready to restart his Tuesday open game beginning on August 1, 2023 at 11:30 a.m. Albeit an Open game, it will be stratified by the average of both players so ‘A’ is open, and ‘B & C’ categories will be stratified very similarly to our monthly Unit (Bridge & Brunch) games, encouraging all-level players to come, enjoy, receive ACBL masterpoints and have some great refreshments.

The Tuesday 11:30 game will be a ‘Common Game’ with hand records and results compared with other games around the country on the same day and time slot. It's $12 per person.

For more information and a possible partner or to let Doug know you're playing in this game, contact him directly at or 831-626-6292. Doug is also an experience Easy Bridge instructor.

Thanks for supporting the game and the Bridge Center!


September Bridge and Brunch Draws Happy Crowd
  • Don Fennell, Donna Jett, Kathy Pfitzer
  • Curt Hussey
  • Amy Pofcher, Marti Jones, Jane Altavilla
  • September Bridge and Brunch
  • Quiches Galore
  • September Bridge and Brunch
  • Ann Ahmadi, Lyde McReynolds, Ahmad Ahmadi
  • Keith Hedlund and Stephanie Booth
  • Sharon Larson
  • September Bridge and Brunch
  • September Bridge and Brunch
  • Joe Truskot

Fifty-Eight Players Turned Out for September's Bridge and Brunch Open Game

On Sunday, September 10, 2023, the Monterey Bridge Club offered its monthly open Bridge and Brunch game and 58 club members showed up to enjoy quiches, salads, and scrumptious desserts. Lyde McReynolds, longtime bridge teacher, and Gold Life Master, directed the game.

A highlight of the game was Unit 503 President Neville Kirby (left) recognizing Incy Brooks (right) for achieving Life Master status. This important milestone happened at last week's Santa Clara Regional Tournament.

Treasurer Ray Mok reported that the game netted $1,092 including $107 in donations. These monthly Unit Games bring all members of the Monterey Bridge Club together and foster a fun environment for face-to-face duplicate bridge. The net proceeds are vital in reducing the size of our monthly deficit. We also appreciate donations.

North South Masterpoint winners were: 1st -  Helen Rubin and Trulee Ricketss, 2nd - Glenn Chee and Susan Mazzei, 3rd - Amy Pofcher and Janet Hedlund, 4th - Ken Gaskins and Neville Kirby, 5th - Fran Soskins and Rita Sturgeon, 6th - Maja and Sharon Larson, 7th - Mano Singham and Kurt Hussey, 8th - Kristen McMurray and Bill Breen

East West Masterpoint winners were: 1st - Sam Dodson and Philip Duterme, 2nd - Doug Halleen and Maureen Wittels, 3rd - Kurt Schnebele and Arlene Sekel, 4th - Candace Garvey and Keith Hedlund, 5th - Nancy Barucki and Betty Jackson, 6th Ann and Ahmad Ahmadi, 7th - Linda Gibson and Roy Shanker, 8th -  Lynne Weatherman and Sam Callaway

The Next Bridge and Brunch will take place on Sunday, October 8, 2023. All bridge players are welcome.

The Monterey Bridge Center is located at 201B Calle del Oaks, Del Rey Oaks, California. Questions? Call 831-747-1650.

Brush Up on Your Bridge Game

Lessons for Intermediate-level Players Return Wednesday, August 23

Lyde McReynolds will return for more Brush Up lessons for intermediate-level players on Wednesday, August 23 from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. These insightful lessons began on  June 21, 2023, and took a summer break. The lessons will take place at the Monterey Bridge Center, 201B Calle Del Oaks, Del Rey Oaks CA 93940. The cost is $15 per lesson. Attendees are encouraged to play in the Wednesday morning game beginning at 10 a.m.

'Intermediate' covers a wide range, from those who have had just a series of classes for beginners to those who have been playing for a while but want to improve their game even further.
For more information about these lessons, contact Lyde at 831-626-4796 or

August 13 Bridge and Brunch Nice As A Summer Breeze
  • Susan and Barbara vs Tom and Ewan
  • Rita and David vs Shirley and Diane
  • Food Line at Bridge and Brunch
  • Food Line at Bridge and Brunch
  • Hong Hai\'s Almond Cake
  • David\'s Appetizer
  • Rita, Neville and Sharon
  • Rita\'s First Portrait Painting

Bridge and Brunch Draws Happy Crowd Sunday, August 13, 2023

The Monterey Bridge Club Unit 530 held its Sunday, August 13 game with open windows and a cool breeze blowing. Lunch included chicken Caesar salad (Sharon Larson), pecan/spinach salad (Neville Kirby), mac and cheese (Rita Sturgeon), citrus/melon salad (Louise Barnard), corn relish (Allison Farrell), stuffed pimiento appetizer (David Ow), almond cake (Hong Hai Dubroff), chocolate fudge (Kathy Piftzer) Doug Halleen directed.

According to Unit 530 treasurer Ray Mok, the game had 12 tables of players and $35 in donations netting $827.

North/South Point Winners: 1st - Tom and Ewan Eby, 2nd - Gerry Kapolka and Trulee Ricketts, 3rd - Neville Kirby and Ed Schrenzel, 4th - Hong Hai Dubroff and Allison Farrell, 5th - Ray and Karen Mok, 6th - Ed Lange and Joe Truskot.

East/West Point Winners: 1st - Sam Dodson and Helen Rubin, 2nd - Ken Johnson and Joanne Wicker, 3rd - Nancy Borucki and Betty Jackson, 4th - Ahmad and Ann Ahmadi, 5th - Candy Garvey and Kathy High, 6th - Louise Barnard and Susan Mehra.

These Monthly Unit Games have become a very popular and necessary part of the Monterey Bridge Club as they offset our monthly operating loss. July 2023 was so successful that we ended the month in the black.

The Monterey Bridge Club is located at 201B Calle del Oaks, Del Rey Oaks, California. Contact us at 831-747-1650.

The Next Bridge and Brunch Unit Game is scheduled for Sunday, September 10, 2023

Summertime Bridge and Brunch - July 9
  • July Bridge and Brunch
  • July Bridge and Brunch
  • July Bridge and Brunch
  • July Bridge and Brunch
  • Friday, July 7, Game: Jim Lauderdale
  • Friday, July 7, Game: Jim and Don

July's Bridge and Brunch Game - 15 Tables Competed

On Sunday, July 9, fifteen tables of players celebrated summertime with an old-fashioned picnic theme: hot dogs from Neville Kirby, beans from Kristen McMurray, potato salad from Jane Altavilla, and much, much more. Players also brought appetizers, salads and desserts. According to Monterey Bridge Club Treasurer Ray Mok, the event netted $1,273 which included $246 in donations. These positive figures help us reduce our monthly deficit. Thank you.

Masterpoint winners for North-South were: 1st - Sharon Larson and Leonard Chriss, 2nd - Tom and Ewan Eby, 3rd - Mano Singham and Bob Dubroff, 4th - Rita Sturgeon and Glenn Chee, 5th - Ron Coffee and Ron Loiacono, 6th - Doug Halleen and Maureen Wittels, 7th - Jay Armstrong and Allyson Farrell, 8th - Carol Sendell and Ted Hill, 9th - Joe Truskot and Ed Lange.

Masterpoint winners for East-West were: 1st - Martha Hawley and Gerry Kapolka, 2nd - Sam Dodson and Mary Ann Cotham, 3rd - Nancy Barocki and Betty Jackson, 4th - Sam Callaway and Lynne Weatherman, 5th - Trulee Ricketts and Helen Rubin, 6th - Joanne Wicker and Vinny McLoughlin, 7th - Bill Breen and Kristen McMurray, 8th - Jim Lauderdale and Don Fennell.

These monthly Unit Games bring all members of the Monterey Bridge Club together and foster a fun environment for face-to-face duplicate bridge.

The Monterey Bridge Center is located at 201B Calle del Oaks, Del Rey Oaks, California. Questions? Call 831-747-1650. The next Bridge and Brunch Game is Sunday, August 13, 2023.

Unit 530 Election of Board Members 2023-24

Three Candidates Hope to Fill Three Positions on the Monterey Bridge Club's Board of Directors


Kristen McMurray: Served as hospitality chair for the Unit. Oversees Bridge and Brunch food donations. Filled in as secretary. Completed the remainder of a vacated term.

Ray Mok: Served as treasurer of the Unit. Manages and reports on the Bridge Center financial operations and lease terms. Completed his first three-year term.

Joe Truskot: Served as membership chair for the Unit and manages the website. Completed his first three-year term.

Pat Heller and Fran Soskins serve as the Election Committee and will announce the election results at the Annual Meeting Bridge and Brunch Potluck, Sunday, June 11, 2023. They will make certain that each ballot unique.Electronic ballots have been sent out. Manual ballots will be available at the Bridge Center. All members are encourage to vote. In addition, any member who wishes to write-in a name may do so. If the names are unchecked and the ballot is received, this ballot will count as a vote for the three named candidates. This process isn't 100% anonymous but will provide some secrecy.


June 2023 Bridge and Brunch - Largest Attendance Ever
  • Biggest Group in Ages
  • Ready for the next round
  • Chatting with friends
  • Group players
  • Stu Goodgold, ACBL board member
  • Welcome from Lyde and Sharon
  • Treasurer Report
  • Election Results
  • Eleonore Gutierrez
  • Rita Sturgeon
  • Neville Kirby
  • Fran Soskins
  • David Ow
  • Glenn Chee
  • Ewan Eby
  • Tom Eby
  • Alan Hedegard
  • Helen Rubin
  • Betty Jackson
  • Thank you Sharon
  • Exhausted director

On Sunday, June 11 our Annual Meeting, Open Game and Lunch drew a record 17 tables!

The Monterey Bridge Club, Unit 530 hosted its monthly Bridge and Brunch Game on Sunday, June 11, 2023 with lunch including Jumbalaya by Don Fennel, Meatballs by Sharon Larson, Persian Eggplant Dip by Ahmad Ahmadi, Italian Sausage by Joe Truskot, plus a potluck array of salads, sides, appetizers and great desserts. Thanks to all who brought things to share. Lyde McReynolds directed the game and had to recruit herself and Alan Hedegard to fill in for two no shows. According to treasurer Ray Mok, "After deducting the director fee and other expenses, we netted $1,384 as profit, a one-game record."

In addition, Club President Sharon Larson chaired the brief Annual Meeting and distributed the awards to top master point winners. She also recognized Susan Mazzei (absent) and David Ow for becoming life masters. Glenn Chee paid a warm tribute to David Ow for his persistence in achieving Life Master status. Treasurer Ray Mok detailed the financial status of the Monterey Bridge Club. Election Committee Co-chair Fran Soskins announced that Kristen McMurray, Ray Mok, and Joe Truskot were elected by the members to serve three year terms on the board of directors.

Top Master Point Winners

North - South: 1st: Sharon Larson - Ron Loiacono, 2nd: Stu Goodgold - Joanne Wicker, 3rd: Marti Jones - Farol Henderson, 4th: Ed Schrenzel - Diane Duey, 5th: Sam Dodson - Helen Rubin, 6th: Bill Breen - Kristen McMurray, 7th: Hong Hai Dubroff - Mo Wittels, 8th: Barbara Santry - Ellin Wilson, 9th: Sam Callaway - Lynne Weatherman.

East - West: 1st: Glenn Chee - Gina Brown, 2nd: Ed Lange - Joe Truskot, 3rd: Nancy Borucki - Betty Jackson, 4th: Wolf Sommer - Edee Heiser, 5th: Tom and Ewan Eby, 6th: Charles Olvis - Miranda Morris, 7th: Helga Greaver - Claudia Vierneisel.

Special thanks to Bill Breen for the excellent award photos.

The Monterey Bridge Center is located at 201B Calle del Oaks, Del Rey Oaks, California. Phone: 831-747-1650. Please park in the designated spaces, at the Moose Club, or on the street.

Next Unit Game: Sunday, July 9, 2023.

July Games Offer Red and Black Points

Janet Hedlund and Alan Hedegard offer 10 North American Pairs games throughout July.


Bridge Clubs around North America are organizing these competitions including the games at St. John's in Monterey and St. Paul's in Salinas.The schedule of games is available here: North American 2023-07.pdf.

To learn more about this competition, please review the ACBL regulations. North American Rules.pdf

Additional information is available on Wikipedia. Here.

May STaC Week - Big Winners

Congratulations Helen Rubin and Gerry Kapolka.

Thanks for making the Monterey Bridge Club Unit 530 stand out.

On Sunday, May 7, 2023, Helen Rubin and Gerry Kapolka came in first place in all of District 21

with an awesome score of 75.79% earning them 14.19 Master Points.

Other point scorers are listed below.

Pizza Party Bridge and Brunch, Sunday, May 7

Silver Seekers Get Rewarded at May 7 Unit Game



Eight tables of Silver Seekers competed in the STaC game on Sunday, May 7, 2023 with pizzas from The Pizza Factory, hosted by Kristin McMurray and Bill Breen, with salads donated by Marti Jones, Kathy Pfitzer, and Shirley Smith. Thanks, too, for the great desserts, especially Flo Grivas' heritage recipe. Maja's direction was smooth and seemingly effortless. According to Monterey Bridge Center treasurer Ray Mok, the event netted $560 to help offset our operating costs.

Top Scorers North and South: 1st Marti Jones and Judith Murdock, 2nd Pat Heller and Kathy Pfitzer, 3rd Glenn Chee and David Ow, 4th Patricia De La Montanya and Andrea Sigmund.

Top Scorers East and West: 1st Helen Rubin and Gerry Kapolka, 2nd Nancy Barucki and Betty Jackson, 3rd Chris Boncich and Ed Lange, 4th Barbara Santry and Susan Sugimoto.

The next Bridge and Brunch Unit Game will be our annual meeting on Sunday, June 11, 2023. The Monterey Bridge Center is located at 201B Calle del Oaks, Del Rey Oaks, California. Call if you have questions: 831-747-1650.

Win Silver Points on Thursday, May 4 AND Sunday, May 7

Here's your chance to win silver points!

Join your fellow Monterey Bridge Club members on Thursday, May 4 at 11:30 a.m. and participate in the STaC game. The fee is $12 and Maja is the director. The game is open to all players and will be stratified. If you have questions, contact Maja directly at the email on this message or call: 831-682-6110.

STaC is an acronym for Sectional Tournaments at Clubs. They are not run online but only at participating face-to-face clubs in specific geographic areas. A STaC tournament can be held for a maximum of seven consecutive days. Like other sectionals, the ACBL awards winners and overall places silver points.

April 2023 Bridge and Brunch Unit Game

Promises Completed: The Sun Came Out and Shone Brightly and So Did Eleven Tables of Players

Our popular Bridge and Brunch Unit Game attracted 11 tables on Sunday, April 16, 2023. Kristin McMurray coordinated with Neville Kirby, Louise Barnard and Jane Altavilla for a delicious ham, au gratin potatoes, citrus salad, sweet potato corn bread, cole slaw salad and a fruit tray,  Farol Henderson's lemon bread and Trulee Ricketts' deviled eggs disappeared quickly. Doug Halleen directed the game with his usual smoothness.Thanks to all the dessert bringers for an excellent spread.

According to Unit 530 treasurer Ray Mok, April's Unit Game netted $883.25 which included $167 in extra donations. These games are $20 which help us offset the monthly operating deficit of running the Monterey Bridge Center. The more players who attend our games, the smaller the loss is and the greater the camaraderie.

Top North-South Point Scorers: 1st - Trulee Ricketts and Maja, 2nd - Ray and Karen Mok, 3rd - Lyde and Curt Hussey, 4th - Ed Schrenzel and Neville Kirby, 5th - Pat Heller and Fran Soskins, 6th TIE - Mary Ann Pirtoee and Louise Barnard, Diane Duey and Shirley Smith

Top East-West Point Scorers: 1st - Ron Coffee and Ron Loiacano, 2nd - Chris Boncich and Ed Lange, 3rd - Mano Singham and Jim Lauderdale, 4th - Eleonore Gutierrez and Paula Robichaud, 5th - Kristin McMurray and Bill Breen

The Center is located at 201B Calle del Oaks, Del Rey Oaks, California. Call for questions: 831-747-1650. The next game will take place on May 7, 2023.


Wednesday Morning Bridge Packs Them In

Wednesday mornings at the Monterey Bridge Center have consistently drawn nine to ten tables despite the often treacherous weather conditions.

No electricity to play BBO on line? Have an old-fashioned face-to-face game at 201B Calle del Oaks, Del Rey Oaks.

Championship Bridge - Early 60s TV Show

Championship Bridge with Charles Goren


Enjoy a contract bridge program from the early1960s featuring Charles Goren on YouTube. The announcer is Alex Dreier, clearly a former sports announcer on radio.His comments are often corny. Game standards have evolved but there's information that's good to learn.There are many other episodes from this series available on YouTube.

WARNING: Language is dated and often offensive.

Just click the link below the name and it should take you to the TV Program called Championship Bridge on YoutTube.Th

Featured Programs

Here's one with Sam Stayman, (Yes, him!):

Here's one with Chico Marx, (Yes, him!).

Here's one with Peter Leaventritt. (Yes, him!)

Here's one with John Gerber (Yes, him!)


Jump Shift Into Spring

We jumped. We shifted. And we played bridge!

Bridge players from Monterey Unit 530 fought power outages, downed trees, and flood waters to play their favorite game on Sunday, March 12, 2022. Ray and Karen Mok provided delicious croissant sandwiches and St. Patrick's Day table decorations, Debbie Anthony mac 'n' cheese, Stephanie Booth three bean salad, Betty Jackson brought Brie and Crackers, and Jane Altavilla green salad. The dessert table offered Trulee Ricketts' chocolate cupcakes with out-of-this-world mocha frosting, David Ow's Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies, and so much more.
Many folks braved the challenges the storm brought. None more so than Bonnie Tragni of Scotts Valley who realized with the Highway One closed she would have to go through San Jose to get to Monterey. That trip took one and half hours! Thanks Bonnie for your dedication.
Thanks Maja for directing a smooth game with nine tables. According to treasurer Ray Mok, The event brought in a net profit of $699.75. Thanks Mary Block and others for the donations.
Here are the top pointer-getters:
North and South: 1st Ray and Karen Mok, 2nd Sharon Larson and Ron Loiacono, 3rd Thomas and Ewan Eby, 4th Bill Breen and Kristen McMurray, 5th Kathy Pfitzer and Leon Heller.
East and West: 1st Martha Hawley and Gerry Kapolka, 2nd Fran Soskins and Mano Singham, 3rd Chris Boncich and Ed Lange, 4th TIED Kurt Schnebele and Arlene Sekel and Nancy Borucki and Betty Jackson.
The next Sunday Bridge and Brunch game will take place on Sunday, April 16, 2023. A sign up sheet to play and to provide food is posted at the Bridge Center. The Monterey Bridge Center is located at 201B Calle del Oaks, Del Rey Oaks, California, 831-747-1650.
Picnic in February Unit Game

Last minute sunny skies accompanied Bridge and Brunch on Sunday, February 5

The Off and On, Sun and Showers weather worked well for the Monterey Bridge Club's "Picnic in February" themed bridge and brunch open game on Sunday, February 5. Doug Halleen directed eleven tables and we welcomed a few first-timers at this monthly event. According to treasurer Ray Mok, the net result was $776.25 profit. These funds will help us offset the operating costs of the Bridge Center.

The brunch this time featured sloppy joe sandwiches by sloppy joe himself, egg salad sandwiches by Trulee Ricketts, potato salad by Jane Altavista, baked beans by Carol Sendell, fruit salad by Maja, green salad by Sharon Larson, outstanding crab dip by Eleanor Gutierrez brought and cheese and crackers by Betty Jackson. Players also brought an array of desserts. Left picture: Jane Altavilla, Stephanie Booth, Eleanor Gutierrez and Sharon Larson. Right picture: Eleanor Gutierrez, Esther Takigawa, and Sharon Lason.

North-South Point Winners:1st: Maja and Sharon Larson, 2nd: Fran Soskins and Mano Singham, 3rd: Gabrielle Fischer and Marti Jones, 4th: Ray and Karen Mok, 5th Tie: Miranda Morris and Chuck Olvis - Meg Gallaway and Joe Truskot

East-West Point Winners: 1st: Trulee Ricketts and Helen Rubin, 2nd: Neville Kirby and Ken Gaskins, 3rd: Kurt Schnebele and Arlene Sekel, 4th: Betty Jackson and Nancy Borucki, 5th: Carol Sendell and Ted Hill

Our next Bridge and Brunch is scheduled for Sunday, March 12.

The Monterey Bridge Center is located at 201B Calle del Oaks, Del Rey Oaks, California, 831-747-1650.

Joe Truskot, membership chair

Volunteers Recognized at Clambake

Congratulations Lyde and Thank You Unit 530 Volunteers!

District 21 awarded Lyde McReynolds the Goodwill Ambassdor Award on Thursday, January 5, 2023 at the Monterey Regional Clambake held at the Monterey Hyatt. Present were Sharon Larson, president of Unit 530, Gail Gabiati, Good Will chairman for ACBL's District 21 and a crowd of supporters cheering on her recognition. 

In addition, several members of the Monterey Bridge Club volunteered time at the Hospitality Desk throughout the tournament. Pictured are Neville Kirby and Greg Norcroft. Also, doing time at the Clambake were Debbie Anthony, Glen Chee, David Ow, Maja, Bill Breen and Sharon Larson. Special thanks to Hetty Eddy who help coordinate the return of our tables to the Center. Turns out the Clambake had a larger than expected turnout and the hotel ran out of tables. Happy to help our fellow bridge players in any way we can.

New Year's Eve Dinner and Bridge Ringing Success

Monterey Bridge Center Celebrates and Says Goodbye to 2022

Bridge director Lyde McReynolds hosted a New Year's Eve party again this year which drew 11 tables. Players braved the wind, rain and sporadic power outages to make their way to the Monterey Bridge Center. The afternoon began with donated champagne, wine, and hors d'oeuvres, then an open duplicate game, and a traditional Chinese dinner served mid-game. A champagne toast and enthusiastic rendition of Auld Lang Syne led by Unit 530 Choral Director Richard Sheere drew the evening to a close. As promised, all were on their way home before 9 p.m. as the skies cleared.

North-South point winners were: 1st Joe Truskot/Meg Gallaway, 2nd Tom Eby/Ewan Eby, 3rd Fran Soskins/Kathy Pfitzer, 4th Annemarie Von Adelung/Amy Pofcher

East-West point winners were: 1st Mano Singham/Curt Hussey, 2nd Kathy High/Candace Garvey, 3rd Wolf Sommer/Helga Greaver, 4th Cindy Kirk/Carol Champion, 5th Jane Altavilla/Mary Ann Pirotte, 6th Leon Heller/Don Fennel

For complete results and hand descriptions, click here.

After the toast: from left, Amy Pofcher, Helga Greaver, Wolf Sommer, Lyde McReynolds, Carol Sendell, Cincy Kirk, Carol Champion, Kathy Pfitzer, Louise Barnard, Fran Soskins, and Mano Singham.

McMurray named to Unit 530 Board of Directors

Kristen McMurray appointed to the Board of Directors

A regular Wednesday morning player at the Monterey Bridge Center, Kristen McMurray will bring her grace and enthusiasm to the leadership of the Center.

Appointed by Sharon Larson, Monterey Bridge Center president, earlier in December, McMurray stepped in to fill a vacancy on the board created when long-time board member Patricia Heller needed to take time off. Earlier in the year, Heller actually completed her term but had agreed to serve out the term of Mary Block who left the board because of recurring scheduling conflicts.

McMurray will serve until June 2023. We appreciate her willingness to join the team. Please welcome her should you see her at the Center.

December Holiday Potluck and Silent Auction

Bridge Center members raise record sum

The Monterey Bridge Club hosted its Holiday Potluck on Sunday, December 11, 2022 with 13 1/2 tables playing in the open game. Ham, mac 'n' cheese, ambrosia salad, meatballs, croissant sandwiches, and scrumptious drinks and desserts were just a few potluck goodies donated by our most supportive players. Thanks Maja for running such an efficient game and thanks Mano for assigning tables and collecting the fees. Kudos to our decorating committee: Rita Sturgeon, Carol Sendell, Don Fennell, and Neville Kirby.

Results for North and South players: 1st - Thomas and Ewan Eby, 2nd - Tony Muller and Joyce Newell, 3rd - Marti Jones and Farol Henderson, 4th - David Ow - Rita Sturgeon, 5th - Glenn Chee - Gina Brown, 6th - Sharon Larson and Kathy Pitzer, and 7th - Carol Sendell and Ted Hill.

Results for East and West players: 1st - Jane Altavilla and Stephanie Booth, 2nd - Betty Jackson and Nancy Borucki, 3rd - Trulle Ricketts and Helen Rubin, 4th - Mano Singham and Bob Dubroff, 5th Barbara Hake and Annemarie Von Adelung, 6th - Ron Coffee and Ron Loiacono, and 7th - Jim Lauderdale and Don Fennell

Silent Auction brings Loud Results

Auction bidders helped to raise $2,170 to offset the expenses of the Bridge Center. We send our warmest wishes to those who donated items including Rocky and Judy Franich (sail cruises), Sharon Larson (Nob Hill Stay/wine collection), Ron Loiacono (Golf at Tehema), Monterey Symphony (tickets), Curt Schnebele (paella dinner), Maja (designer bag), Curt Hussey (French Wine), Glenn Chee (portfolio, glasses, coffee grinder, poker set), Lyde McReynolds (lessons/Xmas stockings/gift certificate), Miranda Morris (gift certificate), Doug Halleen (planter), Betty Jackson (lessons), Janet Kanstrup (poker lessons), and Joe Truskot (child quilt). Here are the winners: Holiday Game Auction.pdf

In addition, our heartfelt thanks go to Mary Ann Pirotte, Glenn Chee, and Trulee Ricketts for their generous cash donations. Combined with several smaller gifts at the game check in counter, we received in a total amount of $995.

More Special Games in December

The Sign Up Sheet for Lyde's traditional New Year's Eve party and open game, 4 p.m., Saturday, December 31  is posted at the Bridge Center, 201B Calle del Oaks, Del Rey Oaks.This game is $25 per person and includes a Chinese dinner buffet. Players must be pre-registered.

In addition, the Wednesday, December 21 game will also include a potluck. Celebrate with your favorite players as we approach the Holidays.


Lyde McReynolds named Goodwill Ambassador for District 21

Lyde McReynolds is the 2022 District 21 Goodwill Ambassador

Upon the unanimous vote of the Goodwill Ambassador Committee of District 21 of the American Contract Bridge League, Lyde McReynolds became its Goodwill Ambassador of the Year.

Monterey Club president Sharon Larson announced this recognition at the Bridge and Brunch Unit Game, held Sunday, November 13, 2022. The application was written by Amy Pofcher who read part of the rationale our club used to secure this important award. The Official Presentation will take place at the Clambake Regional games in January 2023. Congratulations Lyde!

As you may know, goodwill is essential in expanding the number of bridge players throughout the world and sharing the love we have for the game. Lyde's effort over the years to engage players in good bridge practices and helping us all to acquire new skills is greatly appreciated.

We also can't thank enough yesterday's Brunch Pros: Neville, Jane, Stephanie, Sharon, Maja, and all the others who brought appetizers and those incredible desserts. Oh yes ... and we thank Lyde for organizing the seating and directing the game. We would like to post several photos of the November 13 event taken by players. Please submit any pictures you have to: so we can share them with those who couldn't attend.

Mark Your Calendars

The next Bridge and Brunch Unit Game is set for Sunday, December 11, 2022. Lyde will also hold a special Holiday game on Wednesday, December 21 and her traditional New Year's Eve game on Saturday, December 31. Details will follow.

Congratulations Lyde

I cannot thank Lyde enough for being one of the best teachers of bridge and the etiquette in playing bridge and playing in tournaments.  I have learned everything from her and moved away and continue to notice the difference in Lyde's teachings and examples compared to others.  Cannot ever praise her enough,
To a game I love,
Candace Garvey


Congratulations Lyde!!
What a great turn out to celebrate you and the wonderful news of your huge award! You'll always be the best teacher ever!!! I use to have a feeling of excitement for our Friday lessons. Thank you for creating a "family" for me away from the table. Most of my dearest friends were/are from our trips to the Dunes. Those "plays" you wrote were great fun and my "child" always had a ball! Your homemade cookies are the best as are the root beer floats! I appreciate you more than you could imagine.You were always thinking of how to make something special for all of us...AND you did!!
Sending love and a big hug.
Betty Jackson
Congratulations Lyde, I received the Award in 2017 and Winners are invited to the Regional’s. The  Nationals usually have a dinner or cocktail event which the Goodwill recipients are to attend. I attended the San Diego event.
Long overdue for Lyde, what she conttributed to bridge is incredible. Pat Thomas received the award and not sure who else from our club.
Donna Jett
Thanks for sharing. I am sorry I missed that event. She certainly deserves it!
Best  regards. 
James Dergin
Unit Game Draws Largest Attendance Since Reopening

The Sunday, November 13 Bridge and Brunch Game Brought Out 13 1/2 tables - A Record Number

The Monterey Bridge Club hosted its popular bridge and brunch unit game at the Bridge Center on Sunday, November 13, 2022. The Thanksgiving theme event offered elegant turkey croissants by Neville Kirby, homemade stuffing by Maja, fall salads by Sharon Larson and much more. Decorations beautifully handled by Jane Altavilla and Stephanie Booth. Appetizers and desserts were abundant. Lyde McReynolds organized table assignments and directed the game..According to Ray Mok, club treasurer, the game netted $1,259.50.

In addition, attendees got the first look at Silent Auction items.The closing time is 3:30 p.m., December 11, 2022 and the Holiday Potluck.

These Unit Games provide additional funds to help us offset our costs and attract players back to face-to-face games.GAME RESULTS



Upcoming Sunday Unit games include the Holiday Potluck on December 11, Winter Game on January 15, Valentine's Day Special on February 12, and the Jump Shift into Spring Game on March 12, 2023. Also, a Wednesday Morning Holiday Potluck game on December 21 and Lyde's Annual New Year's Eve party and game on December 31. Sign up sheets will soon be available.




October Unit Game draws 10 tables

Unit Game sports Autumn decor and happy players

The Monterey Bridge Club held its monthly Bridge and Brunch game on Sunday, October 9, 2022 and attracted ten tables. Brunch included pulled pork sliders provided by Joe Truskot, potato salad from Jane Altavilla, and green salad from Kathy Pfitzer. Attendees brought delicious appetizers, desserts and fall flowers. Doug Halleen directed and ended up playing with our hero-of -the-day Leon Heller who changed his plans and joined us so we could avoid a sit out.

Treasurer Ray Mok reported the event netted $652.50 to help us offset the cost of running the Center.

Top scorers for North-South: 1st-Lyde McReynolds/Curt Hussey, 2nd-Maja/Jerry Kapolka, 3rd-Doug Halleen/Leon Heller, 4th-Meg Galloway/Joe Truskot, TIE for 5th-Janet Hedlund/Amy Pofcher & Mary Block/Kathy Pfitzer.

Top Scorers for East-West: 1st-Thomas Eby/Ewan Eby, 2nd-Keith Hedlund/Candace Garvey, 3rd-Trulee Ricketts/Helen Rubin, 4th-Nancy Borucki/Betty Jackson, 5th-Miranda Morris/Charles Olvis, 6th-Rita Sturgeon/Carol Sendell.

Dates for Unit Games in November and December will be established at the October 20 meeting of the Monterey Bridge Club board of directors.

Stay tuned.

Unit 530 Loses Its Champion

Remembering Brad Dow

Brad Dow, Monterey Bridge Club's hero and friend, moved to the next table on June 8, 2022 after a long battle with cancer. Dow was a life master and great advocate for the game. He personally oversaw and funded the renovation of a building on the former Fort Ord grounds for the daily use of the Monterey Bridge Club. That building served the club well for about 15 years. His negotiation of the terms of our lease with the Fort Ord Reuse Authority, allowed the club to build a cash reserve which continues to sustain our operations today.

Brad was born in Queens, New York on April 7, 1930. He came to the Monterey Peninsula in the late 60s. He is survived by his wife Hallie and four children. He was much-loved and will be sorely missed. His long-time partner Shirley Temple said, "When my time comes, I want to sit at your table."

Record Turnout to Remember Brad Dow

Thirteen Tables play bridge and remember Brad: Sunday, September 18, 2022

The Monterey Bridge Club Unit 530 paid tribute to Brad Dow at its September Bridge and Brunch event. President Sharon Larson led the remembrance at the break and attendees shared several stories gleaned from Brad's long involvement with the Bridge Club. He was a remarkable and generous person. The turnout was the largest the club has had since it reopened after the pandemic. According to our treasurer Ray Mok, the net proceeds from the event was $875. The catered lunch from Tarpy's Roadhouse was completely underwritten by Brad's friend Sam Dodson. We also were joined by ACBL board member Stu Goodgold who played with Kathy Pfitzer.

Brad Dow was instrumental in securing the former bridge center in Marina, working out the details with the Fort Ord Reuse Authority, funding its renovation into the exclusive facility that served our needs for 15 years, and most of all being one of the nicest, smartest bridge players in the Unit. Unfortunately his long time partner Shirley Temple (pictured with him on the left) was unable to be with us on this special day.

Maja directed the game. The winners North-South were: 1st Sharon Larson - Dorothy Cody; 2nd Stu Goodgold - Kathy Pfitzer; 3rd Ed Schrenzel - Neville Kirby; 4th Robert Dubroff - Mano Singham; and 5th Lyde McReynolds - Curt Hussey. The winners East-West were: 1st Kathy High - Candace Garvey; 2nd Nancy Borucki - Betty Jackson; 3rd Kurt Schnebele - Arlene Sekel; 4th Bill Breen - Kristin McMurray; 5th Ewan Eby - Thomas Eby. All scores.

Our next Bridge and Brunch event will take place on Sunday, October 9. Doug Halleen will direct. Join us!

Joe Truskot, Membership Chair


We have set up a partnership register for those members who do not have a regular partner or whose regular partner is unavailable. This register is designed specifically for face-to-face games at the Bridge Center in Del Rey Oaks. If you would like to be included in the register, please send a message to Mano Singham ( with the following information:
  • your name
  • email address
  • phone number
  • approximate number of ACBL masterpoints
Also, please specify the sessions held at the Bridge Center you are available for:
  • Wednesday at 10:00 a.m. - Up to 750 master points (Lyde)
  • Thursday at 12:30 p.m. - Open Game (Maja)
  • Friday at 10:00 a.m. - Up to 750 master points (Lyde)
We are currently updating the list and will send it to everyone who responds. The most efficient use of the list would be for people to contact each other directly when they need a partner and over time build up a personal network. We don't want you to not play because you don't have a partner.
Thanks for helping us rebuild our face-to-face games at the Center.
Survey Says . . .

What a motivated membership!

Thank you to all who completed the survey. We heard from half of our membership and got results which will help us all make decisions about playing bridge this year. For example, we heard loud and clear that members prefer morning games that start at 10 a.m. We know now that members with fewer than 500 masterpoints would like more educational opportunities. We know that most members will play both online and face-to-face bridge and a large number just haven't yet made up their minds what they'll do.

Here are the complete survey results with great thanks to Ray Mok who organized the raw data.

Unit 530 Membership Survey 2021.pdf

Looking forward to seeing you at a bridge table soon.

Joe Truskot, membership chair

Locally Directed Games Everyday


We can no longer just use the word "transfer." We now must include the suit we are transferring to. For example, "Transfer to Spades."

Traditional Support Doubles and Re-Doubles are no longer alertable.

Direct Cue Bids (with the exception of Michaels) must now be alerted.

Uncontested jump shifts no longer require an alert.

Instead of saying “could be short” when bidding 1 Club, for example, you now must specify the number of cards in that suit: “Could be as short as one” etc.

Check out the January 2021 ACBL Bulletin (page 35) for a complete listing of the changes.


When asked what your bid means, never give the name of the convention! (i.e. Cappelletti, DON’T, Precision, etc.)  Instead, you must describe your hand. There are NO secrets in the bidding.

Don’t be just a SLUG!  Add your full name to your BBO profile.  We all like to know who we are playing with at the table, since we can’t see you,

If your BBO rating is "3" or more, you're no longer a "Beginner."

Each pair must have a convention card posted.  Unless, of course, you are subs or newly paired. In this case, you must announce your systems at each table.

Please pay attention!  If your name is highlighted in YELLOW, it’s your turn to bid or play, unless you are the dummy.

Learn to use the BBO Chat function judiciously.

The "Table" setting is best for greeting your opponents which you should do regularly. Use it for magnanimous congratulations to the opponents especially when you witness a challenging hand well played. If subs are playing, thank them for joining the game.

The "Private" setting is best for discussions with your partner about the bidding or play of a game, or the sorry state of the world. As in Face-to-Face games, no one wants to hear you bickering or gloating. If you make a negative comment about your partner or the opponents, double check to make certain the right chat mode is on. Remember: sarcasm doesn't work well on these chats.

The "Lobby" setting is great for announcements, such as congratulating high point getters and special games,


Stay home and play bridge online.  We want to SEE ALL OF YOU back at the club when it reopens. Sheltering at home gives you an opportunity to play more and hone your skills.

2nd October 2023
Bridge Center
10:00 a.m.
Director: Hetty Eddy
2nd October 2023
BBO Online
10:20 a.m.
Director: Alan Hedegard/Janet Hedlund
3rd October 2023
Bridge Center
11:30 a.m.
Director: Doug Halleen
Special Message

Greetings from the Monterey Bridge Center

On behalf of the 275 plus members of Unit 530, it's my great pleasure to welcome you to our website. We hope to provide you with easy-to-find information.

I am honored to be your new president.  I have inherited a very talented, hard working, fully-returning board with each member dedicated to serving and improving the health of our organization.
Our three primary goals this year are to procure a larger more affordable facility, to improve our financial position, and to grow attendance in our in-person playing membership. With this in mind, we plan to increase the number of games we offer in order to fully utilize the use of our current space. I want to thank our board members, directors, teachers, and each of you for your participation and encouragement. Together we can achieve all our goals.  I look forward to a productive, fruitful, fun year.
Let's play bridge!!! 

Call us at 831-747-1650. If no one answers, leave a message and we will return your call.  Please bookmark this page and visit it often because the information is likely to change on a daily basis.

Neville Kirby, President

In Memoriam

Our condolences to the family and friends of Patricia Leslie who passed away on October 2, 2021 just a few days before what would have been her 94th birthday.

We regret the tragic loss of bridge player Mary Ellen Carlin on Tuesday, July 13, 2021 in a plane crash. Please send condolences to her family: 905 Egan Avenue PG. 93950. Both her husband and daughter are members of the Monterey Bridge Club.

Director: Janet Hedlund
Director: Alan Hedegard
Director: Alan Hedegard