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1442 Monterey Avenue,
Victoria, BC   V8S 4V9

Tuesday afternoon 12:15 PM Open 
Saturday afternoon 12:15 PM Open

Members of Monterey Seniors Centre
 $8.35 per game OR
   $37.50 for 5 games = $7.50 per game
Non-members: $9.35 per game OR
$42.00 for 5 games = $8.40 per game

Monterey Centre Membership:  $50.00 per year
Parking Permit for vehicle:  $13.25 per year/members
Coffee card: $14.95 for everyone

Director/Manager:  Nicole Dupuis

A fun, easy-going game with a social atmosphere.

Monterey Google Calendar

BBO GAMES:  Win a chance for a free play Thursday and Saturday Games.
Saturday 12:15 PM Open Pairs
Thursday 12:15 PM Open Pairs

See Google Calendar on Monterey site for current game times.

Games are $5 USD 18 boards
with one randomly selected player will win a free play during the games.

READ the following carefully:

  1. Use or higher.  If this is your first time, you need to add your ACBL Player Number into your BBO ID.  Log on, go to ACBL World, Update your ACBL number.
  2. Log on no more than 2 hours before game time, go to Competitive, All Virtual Clubs, Pending, search VICTORIA CLUBS, click on it, register while your partner is online.  Add VACB240945 to your friend’s list.  This is your Thursday and Saturday game director.
  3. Reserve your seat no earlier than 2 hours before game time.
  4. If it’s your first Thursday or Saturday game, send your BBO handle to right away to ensure you are included in the club database.
  5. If your partner is not online, wait for her/him at partnership desk, stay active (appearing online).
  6. If you are registered, you may go do things but be back and active 10 minutes before game time please.
  7. If you are registered at the partnership desk without a partner when the game starts, wait in the lobby, send a message to VACB240945 (or text 250-884-5414) that you are available to sub, stay active and the Director might need you to fill a half table.  You will know within 10 minutes.
  8. Please ensure your CHAT space is visible.  Directors may need to private message you or the table.
Pre-game Announcements at Monterey
Pre-game Announcements at Monterey

This club operates a Zero Tolerance Policy which means you are kind and mindful toward your partner, opponents, the Director, yourself and the cards.  Thank you for not wearing strong scents, perfumes, lotions.  No open drink containers in the play area. Cell phones off.  Have a nice game.

Finding a Bridge Partner. Click Full Screen Icon.

  1. Cold and flu season is upon us.  Please be mindful of NOT spreading germs.  Cough in your sleeve/elbow, not in the cards, not in your hands.
  2. When a round is called and you are still playing, please have dummy pass the boards one table lower.
  3. When you finish a board after a round is called, be mindful of next E/W players waiting for their table.  Do not start discussing the board, do not write down your score at the table.  ACCEPT the score and move on quickly.
  4. When the bidding has ended, please make your lead and/or put dummy down BEFORE writing down the contract on your score sheet.
  5. Please do not snap or bend the cards.  Do not cough or sneeze into the cards and do not palm the cards.  These bar-coded cards cost $3.00 per deck.  
  6. No hovering over bidding box.  Be sure of your bid BEFORE you reach for the bidding box.
  7. Always lead FACE DOWN and always ask:  "No questions partner?"  This eliminates many leads out of turn and many director calls.
  8. "Remember bridge is a timed event. Please play in a timely fashion. “If you can’t play well, play fast,” or “Talk less, play more,” are good reminders.  Anyone unable to complete the boards on a given round will receive an artificial score. No Play for both sides if none are at fault. Average minus for both sides if both are at fault. If one side is at fault, they receive an Average minus and their opponents an Average plus. A good director is proactive in this matter. Walk through your playing area when there are seven or eight minutes left in the round. Caution players who have fallen behind. Pay attention to which pairs are causing the problem so when penalties need to be applied, you’re sure which pairs to blame."  Quoted from Director's Manual.
  9. When passing boards please place them in order and North facing the North player.  When putting boards away on the assembly table at the end of the game, please place them in order again.  Thanks.
Open Pairs F2F
12:15 PM
Open Pairs F2F
12:15 PM
Open Pairs F2F
12:15 PM
Open Pairs F2F
12:15 PM
Open Pairs F2F
12:15 PM
Open Pairs F2F
12:15 PM
Open Pairs F2F
12:15 PM