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NAOP Schedule 

Wednesday June 19


Friday July 12  Monday July 15 and Wednesday July 24


Friday August 9 Monday August 12 and Wednesday August 21


Check out the Canat Schedule in late June 25-30

There will be a Moncton Clunb game Monday June 24th but no  Club games the Wednesday night june 26 or Friday afternoon June 28

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Christmas Event  is tenatively scheduled for Friday Nov 29

Bridge Site Tools to Improve

Use the Bridge Tools on this site check your results and compare  see which pair has your number.

If you are interested in improving your game, even just a little bit spend a few minutes after a game, go on the website and look at your results.  Look at the hands that appear normal where you scored poorly to figure out what went wrong.  Do you know that most bad scores are from slipping just one trick, either on play or on defense?   If you can’t find your error, save the hand and ask someone to help you

Rules AND Regulations
DID YOU KNOW..........



Spades suit contract, North as Declarer: On trick 6, the Declarer leads a club from the North position towards the dummy and the East opposition revokes, playing a trump and winning the trick. East then leads the Ace of Diamonds, taking the 7th trick as well. On the 10th trick, East shows a club, confirming the revoke on the 6th trick. The Director is called. 


What is the ruling?




In order to restore equity, to the non-offending side, the Director will impose a two trick penalty since the offender won the trick on which the revoke occurred and won at least one more subsequent trick.