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Reminder of Game Cancellation:  If New Hartford schools are closed on game day in New Hartford/Clark Mills then our game is cancelled.  If they are on delay and then open our game is on.  If they are on delay and then close we are cancelled.  For Cooperstown we use the Cooperstown schools as our predictor.  If they are closed on game day we are cancelled.  If they are on delay and open we hold our game.  If they are on delay and close, we cancel.

90th Birthday Celebrations in 2021
90th Birthday Celebrations in 2021

Joe Grimaldi and Dominic DeCastro, both turned 90 a couple years ago. 

About Our Members
About Our Members

BIG GAMES:  ACBL considers a game of 75% or higher a big game and the 4-SPOT considers 70% or higher big games. 

Leah Gabelman and Judy Slater - 7 1/2 table Howell virtual game - September 1, 2020:  79.17% game



Sectional for 2022 Cancelled

Our MVBA Sectional originally schedule for September 2022 has been cancelled.  

Welcome to Mohawk Valley Bridge Association
Our Locations- Kirkland Senior Center

The Kirkland Senior Center is located at 11 Mill Street, Clark Mills, NY.  Thursday games are held at this site. 

Our Locations- Kirkland Senior Center
Our Locations - Preswick Glen
Our Locations - Preswick Glen



( 55 Preswick Drive, New Hartford, NY 13413

An independent residential living community.  Bridge is played in the main building on Tuesday morning.

Tony Militello Turned 90 in 2021

Tony Militello turned 90.  In the picture with him are Betty Youmans and Jo-An Cardamone.

Tony Militello Turned 90 in 2021
Face To Face Bridge To Start Again May 12

We want to restart our face to face games but we need to do that in a safe way.  Hence we will require proof of vaccination to play f2f.  We will  offer both f2f and virtual games at the same time whenever possible.  At each of our games we will require RESERVATIONS so we know specifically who is planning to play and in which game.  Both games will begin at their usual times (11:45am approximately for the f2f game and exactly for the virtual game) and will be offered on Tuesday and Thursday.  The f2f game would play anywhere from 24-28 boards depending upon the number of tables and would end around 3:15pm.  The virtual game would play anywhere from 20-22 boards depending upon the number of tables and would end around 2pm.  The two games would NOT be playing the same boards.  Both games would feature randomly generated boards (there was some discussion that we might in the future reconnect with The Common Game).  Face to Face games would be Tuesday at Preswick Glen (assuming that they eventully allow us to play at that site) and Thursday at Kirkland Senior Center.  Virtual games would be wherever you and your computer are at game time.  

So when does all this begin????   May 12 will be the first face-to-face/virtual games and the f2f game will be held at Kirkland Senior Center.  You will have to RSVP which one you plan to play in.  RSVP to or call 315-527-1294 for more information.

UNTIL THEN:  we will continue to offer two virtual games weekly at 11:45am., Tuesday and Thursday.




The MVBA virtual club continues to run games  through BBO on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 11:45am.   All games are ACBL sanctioned and we will offer at least 18 boards.  Time alloted for each board will be 7 minutes and games will run approximately 2 1/4 hours.  Players who have played in our club in the last 365 days are welcome to play and players do not need to be ACBL members.  Friends of players can also play but we must have their BBO username prior to the game to allow them access to register.  Cost to play will normally be $3 with special games offered by ACBL costing $4.  For more information about eligibility to play, how to access our games, or other questions please contact Ann Smallen at

How to Contact Us

The best way to contact MVBA is call Ann Smallen, President, MVBA at 315-527-1294 or email Ann at

Game Results

To find the results for a given game check out under Results.

Upcoming Games

♣ The next three events are listed below.♣ 

26th May 2022
MVBA Pairs
Virtual 11:45am
26th May 2022
Ksc 11:50am
31st May 2022
11:45 a.m.
#53555 MVBA Thurs Game
Director: Ann Smallen
#53548 MVBA Tues Game