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Partnerships/Host Program

NEW Beginning February 1, 2019 -  Mobridge Host Program – Guaranteed Partners

This program is designed to benefit our members, new players and visitors to find a partner.  

This is how it works:   

  • Every club member needs to volunteer to Host 1-2 games per year.
  • You choose the game and the day that best suits your schedule.
  • On your designated day you will arrive 15 minutes prior to game time and be prepared to partner anyone who shows up without a partner.
  • If two people show up, then they play together and the host goes home.
  • If the Host is required to play, then they play for free and if they are not needed then they receive a Free Play to be used at another time.

To sign up to be a Host you can click on the website calendar for any game that has “Host wanted”.  

A window opens and you will need to sign in as a member.  

Once you sign in your name will appear on the calendar as the Host for that game.