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July News





Summer Game limit changes

The leadership team of MObridge takes the level of games the club offers very seriously.  We respect the feedback we get and where possible make changes.  We want everyone to feel welcome and enjoy the games we offer.  Our weekly table count is at a reasonable level however we still need more people in seats.  As such we are changing the limits on the following games effective July 8 and running through September 30.  We intend to review the entire schedule in September and the turnout at these changed games will help decide the fall/winter schedule.  The following games are changing:

    • Monday evening 0-50 will now be 0-99
    • Tuesday 0-499 will remain however the turnout has been awful.  We will leave this game at $5 and hope some people will start coming out.
    • Wednesday evening 0-299 will now be 0-499.
    • Thursday 0-3000 will now be an open game.

We realize these changes may not appeal to all, however they are temporary – pending review in September.  We hope you will continue to support these games and MObridge – and help build our overall attendance.


Thank you for your co-operation.


  • The NABC is taking place in Toronto from July 17 – 28.  The following F2F games will be cancelled during this event:

    • Friday July 19 (750) at 12:30
    • Tuesday July 23 (Open and 499) at 12:30 
    • Wednesday July 24 (299) at 7:00
    • Friday July 26 (750) at 12:30

         All other F2F and on-line games will operate as usual.  NABC beginner information can be found below.



Other News

  • MObridge will be participating, again this year, in the Golden Horseshoe Challenge. It will take place on October 6th at the Guelph Bridge Club and Amy Yin will be co-ordinating the selection of four teams to represent MObridge. Please let her know if you are interested.

  • MObridge is in the need of additional Directors.  If you are interested in becoming a director, please email us at  This course is usually run over a 2-3 day period, approx. 20hrs of class time, with a certification test at the end.  At this time we are gauging interest to determine if we can request/schedule this course.

  • After much discussion and review of what other clubs in the area do, we have decided to reduce our part year membership fee to $40 starting August 1.  This reduced membership fee will be valid from August 1 to December 31, 2024. 

  • With the help of Patricia Vigeant, we are restarting our recycling program.  The recycling boxes outside of the men’s washroom have been outfitted with recycling bags.  Please put only recyclable items in these boxes such as cans and paper.  Other garbage should go into the other garbage cans.  Patricia has also provided a small bin in the kitchen for pop can tabs. 


Upcoming events

(more information to follow)

  • Wednesday September 11 (afternoon), ACBL  Wide International Fund game.  
  • Wednesday October 16 (evening), Erin Berry Rookie -Master game
  • Tuesday October 29 (afternoon), Eight is Enough game.




NABC Beginner Information

Information for Beginners (0-20pts) on Toronto NABC at Metro Toronto Convention Center

General Info


ACBL Membership
A current ACBL membership is required to participate in all events except the 2 free sessions shown below. That said, it is still highly recommended to get an ACBL #. If you would like to become a member, information is at this link:
If you are unsure of purchasing the membership, the ACBL offers a free 120-day trial membership (at same link above). It ends up being a bit cheaper for the first year of membership if you start with a trial membership and buy your annual membership after. You can use this trial membership to play at the NABC.

Free Training & Sessions- Highly Recommended
There is free training by Barbara Seagram on Saturday, July 20 and by Audrey Grant on Sunday, July 21 at 8am-9:45am. Room 104 of Convention Center. You can play 12 boards after the training, no charge, no pre-registration required, no ACBL # required (but if you want to collect your masterpoints, it is recommended to be a member).

Other Beginner Games:

There are daily games for 0-299 points. These are held at 10am and 3pm daily, shown in red on the NABC schedule. Fees are shown at and are typically $34/person/session.
In order to play in these games, we recommend you have a good level of bridge knowledge & proper etiquette, can play with some speed (boards are timed), and you are familiar with how to score on BridgeMates. You must also have a convention card with you, and manually log the results of each board as you play. The 0-299 games will run for approx. 3 hrs each.


It is encouraged to have a partner to play. A partnership desk is available on site, however there is no guarantee you will find a partner. Most people using the partnership desk are seeking partners for advanced play.


See info about transportation at
Note that the ACBL has received a 15% discount for GO transit passes when purchased online “ACBL24” as a promo code. Details on the link shown above.

Summer 2024 Game Schedule
MObridge F2F & Virtual Game Schedule
Face to Face (F2F) Games Virtual (BBO) Games
Date  Time  MP Registration Suggested Contact for registration   Time  MP  
Monday 7:00 PM 0-99 Yes -WhatsApp Ingrid Dsouza - or text to 416-953-9292     
  7:00 PM 0-1500 N/A    
Tuesday 12:30 PM 0-499 Yes -WhatsApp  Amy Yin - or text to 416-806-6813     
  12:30 PM OPEN Yes -WhatsApp Steve Bonnar - or text to 647-330-4672     
    7:30 PM 0-299  
Wednesday 12:30 PM Supervised Play    
  6:45 PM 0-499 Yes -WhatsApp Kaveri Raviraj  - or text to 416-729-6615     
Thursday 12:30 PM Open N/A    
Friday   10:00 AM 0-299  
  12:30 PM 0-750 N/A    



Please be at the club at least 10 minutes before game start time.  This also applies to Virtual games.   The directors have to set up the game and late arrivals may effect the movement in F2F games.

DO NOT buy BBO Bucks on an app as there will be a 30% premium charged. Buy BBO Bucks directly from the BBO website.

All F2F games have the "HOST" feature.  Presently, you can HOST as often as you wish.  All games F2F and Virtual have the "FIND A PARTNER" feature.  For either, just hover over the game in our Calendar and select the respective Icon and take it from there.  Note that you must be a MObridge Member to use either of these features.

♠      ♣



  • Please take a moment to look around and clean up after yourselves at the end of your game. The directors and your fellow members will be most appreciative of your efforts.  Thank you.
  • Our 2024 Memberships are now available for purchase @ $70 with no change to our game fees.  You can purchase yours at the Club or via e-transfer ( 
  • Also take note that you can always use your purchased "Prepaid" cards to play, but if you are not a member for the current year, there is an extra $2.00 game fee, plus any additional for Special Games.
MObridge F2F Lessons/Educational Sessions

Fall/Winter F2F Lessons @ MObridge

Our fall lesson schedule is out, so please let your friends and family know. 

    • Monday, Oct 21 – Intro I Beginner – 8 weeks – 12:30-2:30pm
    • Wednesday, Oct 16 – Play of the Hand – 6 weeks – 12:30 – 2:30pm
    • Wednesday, Nov 20 – Supervised Play – 12:30-2:30pm
    • Monday, Jan 6 – Intro II, Competitive bidding – 5 weeks – 12:30pm-2:30pm


               Register by phone: (905) 403-1333 or email:              (e-mail preferred)


Members' Achievements

    Member Achievements for May 2024 




Our Honour Roll for May 2024 (70%+ Games)

May 11               Iris Walsh & Pearl Lee                               75.83%

May 13               Iris Walsh & Pearl Lee                               75.58%

May 3                 Tony Wing & Mark Trojanowski                 72.09%

May 6                 Dinshaw Burjorjee & Peter Barber            70.00%



♠  Congratulations  ♣ 


MObridge Newsletters
  • Click on Month to view newsletters:       Aug '23   Sept '23    4th quarter
    • To view any Newsletter select the Newsletter tab on our Home Page.

       LOOKING FOR A PARTNER?  Use our FIND A PARTNER Feature       

The FIND A PARTNER Program is for both F2F & Virtual Games.

Follow the Instructions under the "Find a Partner" Tab on our Home Page.

    Note that this feature services MObridge Members only.    

As a Member, you complete the request, and request can only be removed by you.


       THE HOST PROGRAM      

The HOST Program for F2F Games is Back - Guaranteed Partners

This program is designed to benefit our members, new players and visitors to find a partner.  This is how it works:   

  • Any Club Member can volunteer to HOST.  One may HOST as often as he or she wishes.  
  • You choose the game and the day that best suits your schedule.
  • To sign up to be a HOST, on our website calendar you can click any game that has “Host Wanted” in the game slot.
  • A window opens and you will need to sign in as a member.  
  • Once you sign in your name will appear on the calendar as the HOST for that game. 
  • On your designated day you will arrive 15-20 minutes prior to game time and be prepared to partner anyone who shows up without a partner.
  • Each "two singles" that show up will be paired up to play together, and if we have only even #s show, they are paired and the HOST goes home.
  • If the HOST is required to play, then they play for free, and if they are not needed they receive a Free Play to be used at another time.

NOTE that this program is for F2F Games only.

If your plans change and you cannot HOST, please let the Club know so that your name can be removed and another has the opportunity to HOST. 

Only the Web Administrator can remove the HOST.

Table Count

                            ♠  2024 MObridge Table Counts ♣                             

January 212.5 May 251.25 September  
February 213.5 June   October  
March 221.5 July   November  
April 255.5 August   December  

2023 Annual Table Count 2,842

Educational Resources @ Virtual MObridge

      MObridge "VIRTUAL" Educational Resources      

     Defensive Boot Camp     

What better way to shed The Holidays’ Excess than with a BOOT CAMP!

The challenge:  Find the only defensive line that will beat the contract.

This is not a seminar!  You and 3 other players will play and defend as many hands as you can in 2 hours.  Each hand will illustrate a defensive tip such as:

Second hand low?  Third hand high?  Cover an honour with an honour?  Return partner’s suit?  Duck?  Unblock?  …

Sign up now -- The fee is $25 pp.  Register as a pair or single.

Contact Danielle @ with your preferred dates & times.


 All Lessons & Seminars are on-going and can be booked at any time 


♣   ♠ 

       Seminars with Danielle Gosselin       

 After Stayman and Transfers  Click here.

 Re-bids  Click here.

 Slam Bidding  Click here.

♣   ♠ 

          Lessons & Seminars with Pam Husband          

*** NEW *** Cuebid Raises: In Support of Your Partner's Suit Click Here. *** NEW ***

Introductory Bridge: For the New to Bridge Player Click Here. 

Refresh Your Basic Bidding Skills  Click Here.

The Play of the Hand: Improve Your Declarer Play  Click Here.

Defense: How to Defeat the Opponent's Contract  Click Here.

Takeout Doubles and Responses  Click Here.

Overcalls and Bids by the Advancer  Click Here.

 Bergen Raises: Showing Support After Partner's Major Suit Opener Click Here. 

Using Stayman or Jacoby Transfers After Partner's NT Opener Click Here. 

♣   ♠ 


You can also check out the details under the MObridge Educational Resources menu tab.

Educational Resources - External Sources


          If you don't see what you need from our In-House Resources, visit these sites ...          

  ... John Rayner 

 Visit John's site for updates on Seminars/Lessons.  

  ... Steve Overholt 

 Visit Steve's site for weekly lessons, coaching tables and lesson videos.  Also a very extensive collection of Steve's own   bridge articles (including quizzes with answers), with most for newer bridge players, which would be great for our learners.

  ... Barbara Seagram

 Go to the Barbara Seagram tab under External Educational Resources for all info.  Click Here.

  ... Marty Bergen

 Do not forget about Marty’s Interactive Online Lessons - he is not just about Bergen Raises!   Go to the Marty Bergen tab under External   Educational Resources for all info. 

Mississauga-Oakville Community Bridge Club

 This club, operating since 1983, was taken over by the local bridge community as a not-for-profit organization in 2015. We are a permanent bridge facility serving the western GTA, with a wide range of bridge games and educational offerings. 

 Mississauga-Oakville Community Bridge Club (MObridge) ♥ Sherwood Village ♥ 2225 Erin Mills Pkwy. ♥ Unit 155A ♥ Mississauga, ON ♥ L5K 1T9 ♥ (905) 403-1333  ♥

SUBSCRIBE to our mailing list.  We mail out CLUB NEWS and UPDATES on a regular basis.

If you have subscribed and are not receiving our e-mails, please check your SPAM folders in whichever email system you are using and mark as "trusted" or "not-SPAM".

Click here to complete the form.

Tue 23rd Jul 2024
Tue 23rd Jul 2024
F2F 499er - CANCELLED die to NABC
Tue 23rd Jul 2024
Virtual 0-299
Wed 24th Jul 2024
Supervised play
Wed 24th Jul 2024
F2F 0-499 CANCELLED due to NABC
Thu 25th Jul 2024
F2F Stratified Open
Host: Wanted
Fri 26th Jul 2024
F2F 0-750 CANCELLED due to NABC
Fri 26th Jul 2024
Virtual 0-299
Mon 29th Jul 2024
F2F 0-1500
Host: Wanted
Mon 29th Jul 2024
F2F 0-99 Game- register on our WhatsApp group or by email to
Host: Wanted
Tue 30th Jul 2024
F2F Strat. OPEN - register on our WhatsApp group or by email to
Host: Wanted
Tue 30th Jul 2024
F2F 499er - Registration required on our WhatsApp group or by email to
Host: Wanted