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Welcome to Mississauga-Oakville Community Bridge Club
Our Mission Statement

To provide a home for friendly, competitive bridge in a community of new to highly skilled players.

BBO Online Schedule


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North American Pairs District 2 Finals


 North American Pairs District 2 Finals 

Compete to represent District 2 in the North American Final, to be held at the NABC in Reno, NV in March 2022.

                               Flight A -- Open             Flight B -- 0 – 2500 MP            Flight C -- NLM, <500 MP                                                                       As of May 6, 2021                        As of May 6, 2021


WIN GOLD & RED POINTS! and a travel subsidy, should you finish 1st or 2nd, and play in Reno.

FLIGHT B SUN NOV 14 10:00 am & 2:00 pm

FLIGHT A SUN NOV 21 10:00 am & 2:00 pm

FLIGHT C SUN NOV 21 10:15 am & 2:15 pm

All events are 2-session combined, contested on Bridge Base Online.

Cost: $18 BBO – to be collected by BBO prior to first session.


To be eligible for the District Final, players must

Be residents of District 2 

Be paid-up ACBL Members, and

Have a Club Qualification (June – August)


Check to see if you qualified: https://web2.acbl.org/documentLibrary/play/NAP_Qualifiers/NAP_D2.pdf

Players must pre-register to play in the NAP District Final -- Information Required:

- Flight

- Partnership Names, ACBL #s, BBO IDs, Email Addresses, Phone #s


  Pre-registration to District Co-ordinator:  

  Martin Hunter -- martinhunter@rogers.com -- 905-510-0411  


Members' Achievements



Rank Achievements for September, 2021

JUNIOR Master Michele Broley
CLUB Master Verna Dennis
REGIONAL Master Luciana Galli
Janet Philipp
Veena Sardana
Mohammad Shafiq
David Sloane
Patricia Vigeant
Michael Young
Mary Zadorozniak
NABC Master Michael Kirsh
Kathryn Kossow
Dragana Martinovic
LIFE Master Mark Pickett
SILVER LIFE Master Nora Hovland


Our Honour Roll for September, 2021

This is a listing of players who played in MObridge Virtual Games @ 70+%

Sept. 3rd Ellen Friedland & Renette Bourgeois 71.94%
Sept. 6th Tony Stuart & Dave Harris 71.96%
Sept. 6th James Priebe & Roman Klein 71.10%
Sept. 10th Jay Hamann & Linda Planeta 72.78%
Sept. 10th Joan Marsman & Peter Gardner 70.83%
Sept. 24th Hubert Moeller & Maria Moeller 73.15%


BARRY CRANE Top 500 Master Point Race for 2020

We have 5 of our Members on this list:

Mel Norton (#4)

Doug Andrews (#122)

John Rayner (#329)

Gary Westfall (#336)

Rod McLeod (#426)


        CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL!!!        


MObridge Survey Results


See all Survey Results under our "Survey Results" tab in our "Members Only" Section.

Message from The Board

October 3rd, 2021

MObridge Survey and Premises Update

The Board has received and considered the results of the Member survey concerning the return to face-to-face (F2F) play.  The Board was pleased with the response rate and thanks the Members for participating.  The results of the survey are available for review by the Members in the Members Only section of the Mobridge Website. 

The Board’s takeaway from the survey results is that while there is an encouraging indication that the Members will eventually return to F2F play, there is less enthusiasm for an immediate return.  A minority of Members would like to come back as soon as possible but a majority are expressing some reluctance. 

Like everything else COVID 19 related, there is significant uncertainty.  Nevertheless, the Board has concluded that we should make arrangements for F2F play to resume during the first quarter of 2022.  Not as soon as possible and not an indefinite delay.  Our expectation is that the COVID 19 situation will stabilize so that Members that were reluctant or undecided about returning to F2F play at the time of the survey will be more comfortable by then.  We recognize that this is a compromise that will be too slow for some and too fast for others.  The Board thinks it reflects a cautious balance. 

With that intention, the Board continues its work to identify and secure a new location (preferably rented dedicated premises but possibly shared) for F2F play starting in the first quarter of 2022.  The exact timing of the return to F2F play in that window will be determined by a combination of the developing COVID 19 guidelines and the details of securing the new premises.  The return to F2F play will comply with COVID 19 health guidelines applicable at the time.  

The Board will continue to provide updates as to our progress on premises and return to F2F play.    

Marcia Baker        Jay Hamann           Joanne Gilmore          Peter Milligan
Eric Pinto              Linda Planeta        Dan Tomlinson


Table Count Overview




                            2021 Virtual Mobridge Table Counts                               

January 808 May 883 September 511
February 702 June 719 October  
March 867 July 619 November  
April 862 August 536 December  


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Educational Resources - MObridge


       MObridge Mentoring Programme       

We have Mentors ready and willing to encourage and assist any Mentees (0-300 MPs) wishing to improve their game.

Calling all advancing Intermediate players wishing to add to your bridge arsenal, we have Open Players ready to help you achieve the next level of your game.  

Please go to the MObridge Website and click on the Mentoring Programme.  Fill out the Mentee form you find there to start on your journey to having more confidence in your games.  

All information to register is on the Website under The Mentoring Programme.

      MObridge Educational Resources      

 All Lessons & Seminars are on-going and can be booked at any time 

♣   ♠ ♣   ♠ ♣   ♠ ♣   ♠ ♣   ♠ ♣   ♠ 

          Lessons & Seminars with Pam Husband          

*** NEW *** Itroductory Bridge: For the New to Bridge Player Click Here. *** NEW *** 

Refresh Your Basic Bidding Skills  Click Here.

The Play of the Hand: Improve Your Declarer Play  Click Here.

Defense: How to Defeat the Opponent's Contract  Click Here.

Takeout Doubles and Responses  Click Here.

Overcalls and Bids by the Advancer  Click Here.

♣   ♠ ♣   ♠ ♣   ♠ ♣   ♠ ♣   ♠ ♣   ♠ 

       Seminars with Danielle Gosselin       

 After Stayman and Transfers  Click here.

 Re-bids  Click here.

 Slam Bidding  Click here.

 Make A Plan (Part I)  Click here.

 *** NEW *** Make A Plan (Part II)  Click here. *** NEW ***

♣   ♠ ♣   ♠ ♣   ♠ ♣   ♠ ♣   ♠ ♣   ♠ 

You can also check out the details under the MObridge Educational Resources menu tab.

Contact The Board


Do you want to contact our Board of Directors?

To contact The Board, click here




Directors' Corner

The Directors’ Corner (Re-occurring issues/points hi-lited)

  • Please fully explain your alerted bids.  For example:  4th Suit Forcing.  Explain this as, Artificial and forcing for 1 round or forcing to game (whatever your agreement is).  And some partnerships play systems a little differently.  Another example the Director was called to the table on recently:  An Inverted Minor Bid by Responder.  Responder simply alerted as  "Forcing".  It also denies a 4 cd. major and it promises 10 HCP min.  This information, the Opponents are entitled to.  Remember, not everyone plays/knows all systems. 
  • Slow bidding and/or play --- Help the Directors, and help yourselves ... make sure you are watching the time.  Finish the board.  On-line is no different than at the Club whereby SLOW play affects others.  We get boards with only 1 trick played or 2 ... when we have to adjust these boards, if it's not clear cut, we have to make judgement calls.  The Directors' preference is certainly that all boards are completed.   If the auction is incomplete, averages will be assigned.
  • If you're a "Pick-up" or "Substitute" pair (in other words, have no CC) and are unable to create a CC but have discussed what you will play (2/1, SA, etc.) and your cardiing, simpy post what you are playing at the beginning of each round, ie "Hi Opps .. we are subs and we are playing 2/1 and standard carding.  Any questions, please ask."  You can copy this when 1st typed and then just paste it in the "Chat to Table" line at the beginning of each round.
  • We hear it all the time:  I GOT KICKED OFF!  The liklihood is that you lost connection or you were stuck (not bidding or playing, but sitting idle) and were replaced.  Once you are back/available, you will be re-seated at first opportunity.  If your Sub is still in the Auction or is the Dummy, the Director will try and re-seat you as a Sub.  So do watch when you are messaged asking you to "Sub" that it is your tournament (it most likely will be), and accept.
  • If you have a question which you don't want to bring up during the game, or after the game, ask a Director ... simply send an e-mail to mail@mobridge.club, typing "Ask a Question" in the subject line and hit send.  It's as simple as that.  :)  Someone will get back to you as soon as time permits.
  • We continue to have issues with players pushing other players with "time".  This is not unique to MObridge.  It's a problem all over.  Please, if you have an issue with time, call the Director using the 3 bar option. 
  • During the game, when calling the Director, make sure to use the 3 bar option, typing the reason for you call in the space provided, as opposed to private chat with the Director.  Director Calls using this option allows the Director to come right to your table (as opposed to having to find you, which is the case when you use chat) and it stays in the Director Call List until the Director can get to your call (They do sometimes get more than 1 Director Call at once).  Using this feature does save time with no chance of your “call” being lost in chat.
  • The Directors can’t stress enough how important it is for you to be registered for your game at least 5 minutes ahead of start time (10 minutes would be ideal).  And if you do register earlier, make sure you are back at Registration at least 5 minutes before game start time (again, 10 minutes would be ideal).  Last minute entries quite often change the setup, and sometimes without enough time to do so.  There have also been situations where players have been removed from our listing ... time is needed before game start to help out in such situations.  Unlike at the Club, where the game setup can be entered after game start, on BBO it MUST be set before game start.  Hopefully, if you have an issue, the Director has enough time to help out.
  • We also add that pairs have had to be removed when not back at registation at game time.  In our Virtual World, we have to realize that players have allotted their time accordingly and may not be able to afford any extra time to their game.  This goes hand-in-hand with adding time to the rounds as well, ergo when registering, one knows the maximum time required for that game and can plan his/her schedule accordingly.  We run our OPEN games @ 6 mins./board and our LIMITED games @ 7 mins./board.
  • The Directors have also noted that it’s rare they find a pair playing in our Virtual Club without a completed Convention Card.  This is was not the case a while back.  Well done MObridge players.

You may have noticed that the Director is now listed in the game’s opening comments.

Educational Resources - External Sources


          If you don't see what you need from our In-House Resources, visit these sites ...          

  ... John Rayner    www.johnraynerbridge.com 

 Visit John's site for updates on Seminars/Lessons.  

  ... Steve Overholt    www.etobicokebridge.com 

 Visit Steve's site for weekly lessons, coaching tables and lesson videos.  Also a very extensive collection of Steve's own   bridge articles (including quizzes with answers), with most for newer bridge players, which would be great for our learners.

  ... Barbara Seagram

 Go to the Barbara Segram tab under External Educational Resources for all info.  Click Here.

  ... Marty Bergen

 Do not forget about Marty’s Interactive Online Lessons - he is not just about Bergen Raises!   Go to the Marty Bergen tab under External   Educational Resources for all info. 


MObridge Volunteers

       To all our Volunteers:  Past, Present & Future       


We want you to know that you are appreciated. 

Volunteers are special & add value to everything they touch.

   Thanks for all you do and have done! 

Thank you for your time & expertise and for your amazing generosity & dedication.

Where would we be without you!




Mississauga-Oakville Community Bridge Club


This club, operating since 1984, was taken over by the local bridge community as a not-for-profit organization in 2015. We are a permanent bridge facility serving the western GTA, with a wide range of bridge games and educational offerings. 

Mississauga Oakville Community Bridge Club (MObridge), Mississauga, Ontario

(905) 820-5728



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Strat. Open