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Welcome to Mississauga-Oakville Community Bridge Club
Our Mission Statement


   To provide a home for friendly, competitive bridge in a community of new to highly skilled players.


BBO Online Schedule


MOBridge Schedule
(as of February 28, 2021)


Monday    1:15 pm    1000 MP
    7:00 pm   300 MP  

$4 - Linked*

    7:15 pm Stratified Open
Tuesday 9:30 am 1000 MP $4
7:15 pm Stratified Open Linked*
   7:30 pm 50 MP
Wednesday 1:15 pm 500 MP
Thursday 12:30 pm 300 MP  
    7:15 pm 1000 MP    
Friday 10:00 am 50 MP  
    1:15 pm 500 MP    
Saturday 10:00 am Stratified Open Linked*
10:15 am   300 MP
Sunday 10:00 am Stratified Open Linked*
    10:15 am   50 MP  
    1:15 pm   1000 MP  


 Highlighted Games are effective March 7th.  



*Linked Games

Open games get credit for limited games that start within 30 minutes. For example, if we have a 300 MP game with 12 tables and an Open game with 8 tables the Open game will be awarded MPs based on a (8+12) 20 table game. More tables equals more potential points!

Please be careful to ensure you are registering for the correct game. 

Do not buy BBO Bucks on an app... there is a 30% premium 
charged. Buy them directly from the BBO website.


MOBridge News



Effective next Sunday, March 7th, we have added 2 Sunday morning games (Linked): 

Open @ 10:00 am and 0-50 @ 10:15 am



Watch for more games coming soon, along with Swiss Teams ... Keep watching!



Effective Monday February 15th

 The Monday 300 game start time is changed to 7:00pm  

The Monday Open game start time remains at 7:15


Effective Saturday February 20th

 New start times for Saturday Games 

300 game changed to 10:15am

Open game changed to 10am





On Saturday, February 20th, our very own Yana (Headford) celebrated her 100th Birthday! 

Yes, you heard it correct ... 100!  Congratulations to Yana and we hope you celebrated in fine style.  We’ll celebrate together when we are back face-to-face playing.





The Directors’ Corner


During the game, when calling the Director, make sure to use the 3 bar option, typing the reason for you call in the space provided, as opposed to private chat with the Director.  Director Calls using this option allows the Director to come right to your table (as opposed to having to find you, which is the case when you use chat) and it stays in the Director Call List until the Director can get to your call (They do sometimes get more than 1 Director Call at once).  Using this feature does save time with no chance of your “call” being lost in chat.


The Directors can’t stress enough how important it is for you to be registered for your game at least 5 minutes ahead of start time (10 minutes would be ideal).  And if you do register earlier, make sure you are back at Registration at least 5 minutes before game start time (again, 10 minutes would be ideal). Last minute entries quite often change the setup, and sometimes without enough time to do so.  There have also been situations where players have been removed from our listing (BBO glitch) ... time is needed before game start to help out in such situations.  Unlike at the Club, where the game setup can be entered after game start, on BBO it MUST be set before game start.  Hopefully, if this happens to you, the Director has enough time to help out.


The Directors have also noted that it’s rare they find a pair playing in our Virtual Club without a completed Convention Card.  This is was not the case a few months back.  Well done MObridge players.


You may have noticed that the Director is now listed in the game’s opening comments.





Member Survey

We’ve had a good response to the latest survey sent out on Virtual Club Games, on February 10th.  If you have not yet completed this, please do so at your earliest convenience.  These surveys are for your benefit and so that we hear your voices.  Let your voice be heard.  The added games coming your way will be announced once we have reviewed the survey submissions.



ACBL Special Events


Keep your eyes open for coming events:

... in March

Mar. 6th – 8th        Spring 2021 NABC Robot Individual

Mar. 11th – 21st     Spring 2021 North American Online Bridge Championships

Mar. 22nd – 28th    Stardust Week at Virtual Clubs

                             (2x regular club points @ 25% gold & 75% black).  $1.00 extra per player.

... and in April:

Apr. 12th - 18th      Charity Week at Virtual Clubs

                             (2x regular club points - all black).  $1.00 extra per player.

Apr. 22nd - 25th      Stay@Home, Play@Home – ACBL regionally rated event.



Education - Lessons and Seminars


Lessons with Pam Husband


Click here.


Seminars with Danielle Gosselin


Click here.



You can also check out the details under the Lessons & Seminars menu tab.




These Achievements


Junior Master
Arti Patel
Michael Proudfoot
Joan Stroud

Sectional Master
Marcia Baker
Peter Bonk
Catherine Colburn
Michael Harrison
Farida Merchant
Victor Petrenko
Mary Zadorozniak

Regional Master
Brian Armstrong
Michael Kirsh
Ron Lawrence
Kathy Mason

NABC Master
Jill Gray
Joanne Pooley

Bronze Life Master
Mariann Glynn

Silver Life Master
Russell Baird
Deidre Nevett

Sapphire Life Master
Debbie Feldman


Our Honour Roll for January, 2021


January 1st
January 14th
January 26th
January 27th
January 30th
January 31st
January 31st
  Charles McLeod & Nick Kristoffy
Ted & Zachary Suski
Linda Locke & Tory Molgat
David Kitchen & Glen Davison
Jim Priebe & Martin Hunter
Peter Rival & Susan Meed
Ted & Zachary Suski



Watch here for the date of our next Coffee Chat, coming in March. 

And don’t forget to drop any suggestions you may have in the

Suggestion Box on our Home Page.





President’s Message - February 2020


We have now completed 10 months of ‘suspended operations’! There is a light at the end of the tunnel, but it looks more like a pin hole. As I write this update, we have 3% of Canadians vaccinated at least once, but only 0.3% have received both doses necessary for full vaccination. Not nearly enough but a start. This is a critical measure for our readiness to resume in-person play, since many of our members want to be assured of a safe environment, the indication being 100% of all attending the game.


We continue to monitor the situation so the club can open safely and in a timely manner. Eric Pinto and his team have been working hard to understand the options and determine the safest environment and appropriate timing. At this time, we have more questions than answers. Many factors are beyond our control and are dependent on decisions by others.


We do control the game offerings we provide, both virtually and in-person. This is a unique opportunity to establish a program that reflects the wishes of our members. We have a legacy schedule with origins from the Rayner days and a second much different virtual schedule. Our objectives are:


  • Establish a schedule that provides a playing option for all members every day that we are open
  • Start and end at a consistent and predictable time
  • Have a structure of games that facilitates growth of capabilities


Shortly you will receive a questionnaire aimed at determining the preferred days and times. Please help us to set up the best schedule possible!


The Board approved the year-end draft financials and is arranging for our accountants to finalize the 2020 financial report for membership review prior to the AGM. Although actuals significantly deviated from our pre-COVID budget, we are projecting a surplus of just over $20,000. The summary below reflects a reduction in revenues more than offset by a reduction in operating costs. Our bottom line is a testament to good management practices and the club’s ability to adjust its business model quickly to unforeseeable challenges.


Financial Summary


Profit & Loss


Revenue   $171,879   below budget by $69,537
Expense   $150,171   below budget by $91,009
Net Income   $21,708   above budget by $21,472







Balance Sheet


Total Assets   $133,701   Current assets $131,074
Liabilities   $16,730   primarily deferred revenue
        - memberships and pre-paid cards
Total Equity   $116,971    








The surplus above has been returned to the members through the elimination of the membership fee for 2021 (500 X $40). There will be no change in game fees at this time.


Our forward planning remains challenging. The 2021 budget was difficult to establish with so many unknowns– predominantly, a reopening date and identifying the restrictions, either government mandated or voluntary, required for on-site attendance. Also, our leasing costs are undefined and will change come September. Your Board is reviewing the options and developing a strategy in this very much different real estate market.


Our budget is based on worst-case scenarios. We modelled different scenarios and decided to base projections on a July 1, 2021 opening date. Further, we have sufficient contingencies and management flexibility to attain a break even result if re-opening is delayed beyond that date.


The Club outreach initiative (telephone calling) is finishing up with a small number yet to be contacted.


The Coffee Chat we ran December 2nd was a great success. Thanks to Jerry Howarth for being a wonderful host. We plan to repeat our chats on a monthly basis and to move it to different games so we may engage a broader cross-section of our membership. The next event is planned for February 16th at 6:30pm before the Open game. Remember to sign up for the game early and join your friends. Look for details in this weekend’s announcement.


Martin Hunter has organized a number of inter-club team events with the South Midland Club near Dublin, Ireland and the Bridge Centre of Niagara. The latest was on January 28th. Eight teams were involved at levels from novice to expert. The matches have been well contested with close outcomes throughout. Many thanks to Martin for making this a great success! Plans are now underway to establish regular virtual Swiss team events. Stay tuned.


We are a community club with a strong history of volunteer support. In this update, I want to particularly thank Rick Wilson who has long been a stalwart of the Club. He manages the website, distributes the weekly eblasts and keeps the Dropbox records current. His ability to execute flawlessly and in a timely manner is hidden from most members, but the Club Manager and your Board understand and very much appreciate the value. Well done Rick! He has been performing thie role for three years and will be stepping down at the end of March. We are looking for a volunteer to take on this position going forward.


This month, with regret, the Board received and accepted the resignation of Catherine Colburn as our Club Manager. Over the past year, in addition to the day-to-day operations, Catherine has assisted with giving our website a fresh look and feel and supported the development and distribution of the member survey. Additionally, she introduced and facilitated the use of Zoom technology for our AGM, Board meetings and Coffee Chats. We thank Catherine for a great contribution during a very trying time of uncertainty, changes to our operations and renewal of most of our business processes.


We are pleased to announce that Phyllis Jones will take on the Club Manager duties once again. She was in the position in 2018 and has been a Game Director in the interim. Welcome back.


A reminder that we are planning a virtual AGM again this year on June 21, 2021. There are four Board positions opening up this year and are looking for a cross section of members of diverse talents and bridge experience to contribute to the next chapter of the Club. Please consider doing your part on the Board or as a webmaster. For more information contact Linda Planeta (lindaplanetaon@gmail.com).


Stay safe everyone. See you on BBO. (PINGLIE)


Paul Inglis



Mississauga-Oakville Community Bridge Club


This club, operating since 1984, was taken over by the local bridge community as a not-for-profit organization in 2015. We are a permanent bridge facility serving the western GTA, with a wide range of bridge games and educational offerings. 

3105 Winston Churchill Blvd, Mississauga, Ontario L5L 5S3

(905) 820-5728



#7435 Mobridge 1:15 pm 1000MP 18 Bds 7 min
#97318 Mobridge 10:00 am Open 21 Bds 6 min
#97332 Mobridge 10:15 am 300MP 18Bds 7 min
#86760 MOBridge 10:00 am 0-50 MP 18 Bds 7 min
#86958 Mobridge 1:15 pm 500MP 18 Bds 7 min
#76420 Mobridge 12:30 pm 300MP 18 Bds 7 min
#76700 Mobridge 7:15 pm 1000 MPs 18 Bds 7 m
#65765 Mobridge 1:15 pm 500MP 18 Bds 7 min
#54875 Mobridge 9:30 am 1000MP 21 Bds 6 min
#55330 Mobridge 7:30 pm 50MP 18 Bds 7 min
#55322 Mobridge 7:15 pm Open 21 Bds 6 min