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who have scored +70% in a MObridge game.

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Welcome to Mississauga-Oakville Community Bridge Club
Our Mission Statement

To provide a home for friendly, competitive bridge in a community of new to highly skilled players. 

Monthly Newsletters

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To view any Monthly Newsletter select the Monthly Newsletter tab on our Home Page.


MObridge Special Events / News

** Special Event March 22nd **

F2F Swiss Teams @ 7:00pm -- Come as a Pair or a Team.


As of February 22nd:  F2F "Supervised Play" running from 12:30 - 2:30 pm every Wed. afternoon.  $8.00 per session.

♠               ♣ ​​​​​​

  • Week of March 20th:
    • All F2F Games are UPGRADED Club Championship Games -- No Extra $$$ but Extra MPs!!!
    • Wednesday, March 22nd we will have an evening F2F Swiss @ 7:00pm.
    • All Virtual Games are Regular Games.
  • Week of March 27th:
    • All F2F Games are ROYAL STaC GAMES -- $2.00 extra for Non MObridge Members.  It pays to be a MObridge member.   ROYAL STaC awards 25% of each:  Gold, Red, Silver & Black.Starti

   ♠    ♣  We hope to see you at the tables. ♣    ♠   

MObridge F2F Lessons/Educational Sessions

F2F Lessons have returned to MObridge

               Register by phone: (905) 403-1333 or email: mail@mobridge.club              (e-mail preferred)



In the meantime .... 

 **NEW** to F2F @ MObridge 

We are excited to have introduced Supervised Play sessions at MObridge -- F2F.  These will take place on Wednesday afternoons from 12:30-2:30 pm.  This is a stress free, fun afternoon, meant to help you along your way to better bridge.

Everyone is welcome and you don't need a partner. $8.00 per person/per session to join in.  

Danielle Gosselin, or a substitute Director, will be in attendance to run these sessions and answer all your questions.  

Maybe you know someone who wants to get back into the game. Maybe you've taken lessons in the past but haven't had the opportunity to play F2F.  This is their/your chance to get "in the game".

Spread the word!  Come out and enjoy!!


MObridge F2F / Online Schedule


Come out and join us ... meet up with ole Bridge Friends.

   Pls. be at the Club at least 10 mins. before game start time.  Even if you're expected. Anything can happen (and it has in the past) -- all affects the set-up of the game.  So we really can't start until all players are present.

In Virtual Games, the same would apply.  Pls. be registered at least 5 mins. before game start time.  The Directors have to set up the games here as well, and there is not always time to make changes to the set-up with last minute entries.

  MObridge F2F & Virtual Games             
Face to Face (F2F) Virtual (BBO) 
Time MPs   Time MPs  
7:00pm 0-1500   1:15pm 0-1500  
12:30pm Strat. OPEN   7:30pm 0-199
Wednesday   Non-Sanctioned   1:15pm 0-1000  
12:30pm Supervised Play   7:00pm SWISS 2nd Wed. of Apr.
12:30pm 0-2500        
Friday       10:00am 0-199  
      1:15pm 0-1000  
10:00am Strat. OPEN        
Revision of 02/26/23


DO NOT buy BBO Bucks on an app as there will be a 30% premium charged. Buy BBO Bucks directly from the BBO website.

All F2F games have the "HOST" feature.  Presently, you can HOST as often as you wish.  All games F2F and Virtual have the "FIND A PARTNER" feature.  For either, just hover over the game in our Calendar and select the respective Icon and take it from there.  Note that you must be a MObridge Member to use either of these features.

♠      ♣

Members' Achievements



2023 Members' Rank Achievements for FEBRUARY 2023

LIFE Master      Charles McLeod
SILVER LIFE Master      Steve Gural
SAPPHIRE LIFE Master      Jill Thompson

Our Honour Roll for FEBRUARY 2023

This is a listing of players who played in MObridge Games @ 70+%

Feb. 7th Paul Inglis & Rory Ryan 70.00%
Feb. 10th Cheryl Davidson & Linda Quinn 72.22%
Feb. 28th Phyllis Jones & Mohammed Nulla 76.00%
Feb. 28th Sybil Eade & William Noble 70.63%


Also worth a HUGE mention ...
Our very own
Danielle Gosselin has won the 2023 Audrey Grant Award.
Congratulations Danielle ... well deserved.





       LOOKING FOR A PARTNER?  Use our FIND A PARTNER Feature       

The FIND A PARTNER Program is for both F2F & Virtual Games.

Follow the Instructions under the "Find a Partner" Tab on our Home Page.

    Note that this feature services MObridge Members only.    

As a Member, you complete the request, and request can only be removed by you.



       THE HOST PROGRAM IS BACK!!!       

The HOST Program for F2F Games is Back - Guaranteed Partners

This program is designed to benefit our members, new players and visitors to find a partner.

This is how it works:   

  • Any Club Member can volunteer to HOST.  One may HOST as often as he or she wishes.  
  • You choose the game and the day that best suits your schedule.
  • To sign up to be a HOST, on our website calendar you can click any game that has “Host Wanted” in the game slot.
    • A window opens and you will need to sign in as a member.  
    • Once you sign in your name will appear on the calendar as the HOST for that game. 
    • On your designated day you will arrive 15-20 minutes prior to game time and be prepared to partner anyone who shows up without a partner.
  • Each "two singles" that show up will be paired up to play together, and if we have only even #s show, they are paired and the HOST goes home.
  • If the HOST is required to play, then they play for free, and if they are not needed they receive a Free Play to be used at another time.

NOTE that this program is for F2F Games only.

If your plans change and you cannot HOST, please let the Club know so that your name can be removed and another has the opportunity to HOST. 

Only the Web Administrator can remove the HOST.

Happy HOSTING!!!

Table Count Overview



                            2023 MObridge Table Counts                            

January 240.5 May 374.5 September 264.5
February 208.5 June 347.5 October 247.5
March 499.0 July 251.0 November 218.5
April 399.5 August 288.0 December 227.5


♠            ♣



Educational Resources @ Virtual MObridge

      MObridge "VIRTUAL" Educational Resources      

     Defensive Boot Camp     

What better way to shed The Holidays’ Excess than with a BOOT CAMP!

The challenge:  Find the only defensive line that will beat the contract.

This is not a seminar!  You and 3 other players will play and defend as many hands as you can in 2 hours.  Each hand will illustrate a defensive tip such as:

Second hand low?  Third hand high?  Cover an honour with an honour?  Return partner’s suit?  Duck?  Unblock?  …

Sign up now -- The fee is $25 pp.  Register as a pair or single.


Contact Danielle @ dsgosselin58@gmail.com with your preferred dates & times.


 All Lessons & Seminars are on-going and can be booked at any time 

♣   ♠ 

          Lessons & Seminars with Pam Husband          

*** NEW *** Cuebid Raises: In Support of Your Partner's Suit Click Here. *** NEW ***

Introductory Bridge: For the New to Bridge Player Click Here. 

Refresh Your Basic Bidding Skills  Click Here.

The Play of the Hand: Improve Your Declarer Play  Click Here.

Defense: How to Defeat the Opponent's Contract  Click Here.

Takeout Doubles and Responses  Click Here.

Overcalls and Bids by the Advancer  Click Here.

 Bergen Raises: Showing Support After Partner's Major Suit Opener Click Here. 

Using Stayman or Jacoby Transfers After Partner's NT Opener Click Here. 

♣   ♠ 

       Seminars with Danielle Gosselin       

 After Stayman and Transfers  Click here.

 Re-bids  Click here.

 Slam Bidding  Click here.

 Make A Plan (Part I)  Click here.

 Make A Plan (Part II)  Click here. 

♣   ♠ 

You can also check out the details under the MObridge Educational Resources menu tab.


Educational Resources - External Sources


          If you don't see what you need from our In-House Resources, visit these sites ...          

  ... John Rayner    www.johnraynerbridge.com 

 Visit John's site for updates on Seminars/Lessons.  

  ... Steve Overholt    www.etobicokebridge.com 

 Visit Steve's site for weekly lessons, coaching tables and lesson videos.  Also a very extensive collection of Steve's own   bridge articles (including quizzes with answers), with most for newer bridge players, which would be great for our learners.

  ... Barbara Seagram

 Go to the Barbara Seagram tab under External Educational Resources for all info.  Click Here.

  ... Marty Bergen

 Do not forget about Marty’s Interactive Online Lessons - he is not just about Bergen Raises!   Go to the Marty Bergen tab under External   Educational Resources for all info. 

A Few Reminders from The Directors

On BBO ... we ask that you ALWAYS:

  • Be back at Registration Desk 5 minutes pre-game time.  Click on "something / anything" to verify that you are still logged in.  You may appear to be but if you have had no activity on BBO Site for 20 mins. or so, you may not be logged in.
  • Remember that Slow Play affects everyone in the game.
  • Remember that once you hit the 3 min. mark, any unstarted boards will be taken away and averages assigned.
  • Remember to self-alert/announce your bids - giving a FULL explanation.
    • Pls. type your explanation of your bid on the line provided, before clicking on your bid.
  • Use the 3 Bar option to call/speak to the Director.

AND please check that your CC is an actual CC, not Table Text.

As always, we thank you for your cooperation.


MObridge Volunteers

       To all our Volunteers -- Past, Present & Future       

  We want you to know that you are appreciated. 

Volunteers are special & add value to everything they touch.

   Thanks for all you do and have done! 

Thank you for your time & expertise and for your amazing generosity & dedication.

Where would we be without you!



Mississauga-Oakville Community Bridge Club

 This club, operating since 1983, was taken over by the local bridge community as a not-for-profit organization in 2015. We are a permanent bridge facility serving the western GTA, with a wide range of bridge games and educational offerings. 

 Mississauga-Oakville Community Bridge Club (MObridge) ♥ Sherwood Village ♥ 2225 Erin Mills Pkwy. ♥ Unit 155A ♥ Mississauga, ON ♥ L5K 1T9 ♥ (905) 403-1333  




Open Pairs
Director: Phyllis Jones
#14186 MObridge 7:30 pm 200MP 18 Bds 7 min
#9931 MObridge 1:15 pm 1500MP 18 Bds 7 min
Monday Evening Pairs 1500
Director: Cathy Kinsella
Saturday Morn. Open Pairs
Director: Cathy Kinsella
#97594 MOBridge 10:00 am 0-200 MP 18 boards
#97669 MObridge 1:15 pm 1000 MP 18 Bds 7 min
Thursday Aft. 0 - 2500
Director: Phyllis Jones
#88635 MObridge 1:15 pm 1000MP 18 Bds 7 min
St Paddy Day Spec Game
Director: Nancy Strachan
Open Pairs
Director: Phyllis Jones
#84145 MObridge 7:30 pm 200MP 18 Bds 7 min