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Minehead Bridge Club
Minehead Bridge Club

Welcome to Minehead Bridge Club. We are a small friendly club and we play duplicate bridge on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at the  Minehead Methodist Church Hall (please click on the 'Information" tab in the left hand column for further details). We use Bridge Mates for computerised scoring on both evenings and on Tuesday evenings Master Points are awarded but on Thursdays, when it is a little more relaxed with a mix of beginners and more experienced players, a prize can be won by the winning pair! There is always a spare partner for each evening except for competition nights.Visitors are very welcome to either or both evenings.

Minutes of the Committee Meeting 23rd July 2019


HELD 16 JULY 2019

PRESENT:  President Chris Parkin, Treasurer Davina Lord, Secretary Sally Stuttard

Committee:  Liz Roach, Doreen & Steve Beswick, Mike Currie and Terry


Apologies for Absence received from Rose Dascombe

The meeting was called to discuss the feasibility of our Club investing in a Bridge Dealing Machine. 

We have £8,500 in funds at the moment but the downside is, we are only just covering our costs – approx. £100 per week.  We need to have six tables per session to break even.

By the time we have bought the machine PlayBridgedealer 4+ which is 3,150 + VAT, new card wallets and cards we are probably spending about £4,000 in all.  This machine has a memory stick so it doesn’t need to be plugged into a laptop. 

They have one at Taunton Bridge Club and the Wednesday people deal the hands for Friday and vice versa.  It takes approx. 15 minutes to deal the hands.  The hands can then be displayed on the Website when the results are posted.

Chris thinks about 50% of the membership would be interested in reading the results and this figure would probably rise once we were up and running.  It would also be useful for teaching as you can load specific hands including those for Sim Pairs.

At the moment we have 5 Bridgemates that no longer respond.  If we need to replace them new ones cost £112.20 each. (Subsequent to the meeting, Terry spent the weekend trying to update them and now we have 1 more but I have just spoken to Nigel Lancaster at Bridgemate UK and he says if we send them to him he will try and revive them).

The other costs we have are that Chris’s laptop will need replacing in the near future, the summer evening at the Golf Club and the Christmas Party.  Davina thought we should keep at least £3,000 in the kitty.

The Committee were in favour of buying the dealing machine but we will bring it to the membership at the AGM.

Mobile Phone

The Bridge Club now has a mobile phone which will be on during play on both evenings so that members can be contacted if need be, the number is - 07840237616

20th August 2019
Director: Chris Parkin
Spare Partner: Terry Stuttered
22nd August 2019
Spare Partner: Jean Cunningham
27th August 2019
Director: Paula Parkin
Spare Partner: David Thrush
Thursday Duplicate test
Director: Chris P
Scorer: Chris P
Tuesday Duplicate
Director: Malcolm Percival
Scorer: Terry Stuttard
Thursday Duplicate test
Director: Chris P
Scorer: Chris P