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When the opponents stop bidding at the one-level, you should be loath to let them play undisturbed. They would have kept bidding if their hands were strong so your partnership must hold almost half the high cards or more; you should generally attempt to find a playable contract or at least push the opponents a level or two higher. But a word of warning - the part-score battle is likely to be won by the side holding the highest ranking suit ♠s. If you are short in ♠s - beware!

A 1  contract by South would not have fared well - probably ending up one down. But East protected with 1  and North-South’s ♠ fit was unearthed. Despite West boldly pushing his opponents to 3 ♠, the contract could not be beaten.
West led  5 to  7,  Q and  3. East switched accurately to ♠ 4 and declarer won ♠ K. He cashed  A, trumped  2 with ♠ 5, crossed to ♣ A, trumped  3 with ♠ 6, trumped  8 with ♠ 2, trumped  4 with ♠ J, trumped  10 with ♠ 7, cashed ♠ A and conceded the last three tricks. He had scored no less than seven trump tricks to go with the minor suit aces.

ANDREW’S TIP: Be wary of letting the opponents uncover a ♠ fit - adopt cautious part-score tactics with short ♠s.

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