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Online Bridge

As the Millstream Bridge Room is closed, we are playing ONLINE bridge.


We suggest either Bridge Club Live or Bridge Base Online. If you register for either please see Username Suggestions (in blue) below.

There is also FunBridge but you play against robots.  More on all these below.

Bridge Club Live is a UK based site where you are more likely to find Acol players (UK style bidding) particularly in the morning before the Americans wake up!

They have a range of playing rooms to cater for all levels. e.g. Social Room, Duplicate Tournaments, Teams etc

It is one of the friendlier online play sites because it has an active ethics policy and zero tolerance of objectionable behaviour.

Duplicate Bridge

Millstream Bridge Club is registered and you can register yourself on it. This would be particularly relevant if you feel like playing duplicate "style" DIDO tournaments as members can compare their results with those of other club members.

What is the DIDO tournament? Described here, it is an all-day tournament scored with pairs scoring (MPs). You commit to playing at least 4 boards at a time, and if you play 16 boards during the day (which can be at different times, in rounds of 4 boards), then you appear in the daily leader board. Email me for more information if you're interested.

The downside of this site is that it does charge.



Bridge Base Online is the biggest online play site worldwide. It is USA based so the most common bidding systems used are Standard American type (5 card majors and strong 1NT opening). However, if four of you are registered with BBO, one person can start a table and reserve the other 3 seats so that you can just play amongst yourself.

Most of the games are free although they do have some tournaments that are paid for.


Funbridge is the largest online platform for computer bridge – but with a difference. Every game you play on Funbridge had its results compared with other people, so it is a kind of computer duplicate. The standard is high; the computer opponent is better than most human players even if sometimes it does strange things (just like us).

Funbridge has a nice user interface and some great features, like the ability to replay hands as many times as you like (only your first score counts unfortunately!). Because you play against the computer, there is no waiting around, and you can play as slowly as you like without annoying anyone.

You get 100 free boards when you sign up, and can play 10 boards for free every week. Beyond that buy packs of boards or pay a subscription for unlimited games.



For BCL and BBO you will be able to choose a username. If you prefix your username with "MILL-" then you will easily be able to see if any other Millstream members are online on your chosen play site (players logged on are listed alphabetically). Call yourself (for example) 'MILL-John' when you select your username (or change your username). This way you will be able to find each other and strike up a partnership.


A few other options have been suggested by members: although I am not such a fan of this site but four of you can join a table together.

Something for family members who don't currently play bridge is to learn Mini-bridge and there is a free progam available for this from Blue Chip Minibridge, as well as information about playing bridge itself while self isolating using Blue Chip Bridge.

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