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If you are an inexperienced player you are probably a bit nervous about joining a duplicate club. However there is no better way to gain confidence than to visit a club and watch (kibitz). You may pick up a few good tips (and probably a few bad ones too) but most of all you will learn how a duplicate session works and soon be ready to participate. We are happy to receive new players or 'kibitzers' at any time. Just telephone or e-mail our director (see information page) to let him know that you are coming.

If you are an experienced player and have a partner we will be happy to welcome you. If you can ring first we will keep an eye out for you but if not just turn up you'll find us easy enough. Remember this, few people are happy just playing rubber bridge after experiencing the cut and thrust of duplicate. Try it and see for yourself!


Welcome to Mildenhall Bridge Club
A Bit About Us!
A Bit About Us!

Where shall we start?  At the beginning I suppose.

We incepted ourselves  in February 1978 according to the little brown book in which all the details are stored and which is still in my bridge case.  Our club was started by Eric Pattenden, known as Pat, and a few members of that early band of card sharps are still with us today.

We have never been a club in need of EBU assistance or support preferring to police our own indiscretions with a forgiving wink rather than a heavy stick.  Overall this has worked very well for us and means that every Bridge night is a social occasion as well as a bridge night, when we like to discuss what’s been on the TV  during the past week, the weather, the latest vicar in the town and other important issues like whether, in the event of a nuclear war, people would prefer Hellman’s Mayonnaise to Heinz Salad Cream.

I remember in the early days one of our members, who came from nearby Bury St Edmunds with his wife could remember not only all the hands from each night but the ones from the previous week as well.  He was undoubtedly a good player but had the unfortunate habit of blaming his wife quite vociferously every time a hand went wrong.  When he asked about Master Points, we all looked at him as if he had appeared from outer space and he stopped coming soon after that.  I suspect that he only came to Mildenhall because he was thrown out of his usual club.

Many waters have passed under the bridge since then, people have come and gone either to other towns or to the great bridge room in the sky and we remember them all fondly. 

Lest you were thinking that we are an easy touch, let me assure you that under our soft and kindly exterior lurks a fiercely competitive urge but we like to keep it all in perspective.  After all, what does it matter if partner makes a suicidal play when, in the real world we are being robbed blind by the very people we send to Whitehall to represent us !

John Child, self appointed tyrannical director, MBC  2017

PS I found this article on my computer dated 2009.  I don’t remember writing it but everything it says about MBC, I'm happy to say, remains true to this day so, to hell with plagiarism.

Wireless Scoring with BriAn

Mildenhall bridge club is now using wireless scoring with 'BriAn' on smartphones and/or tablets, either IOS (Apple iPad/iphone) or Android devices.

If you wish to download the scores to your own smartphone, firstly you need to download the 'Free Brian Bridge Client' to your device from the Google Store or Apple Store.

You can use it at the table to store your personal results and at the end of the tournament download the entire tournament and result. Takes seconds!

The results are downloaded to Bridgewebs immediately after the end of play.

MBC in poetry

I first  saw the following on a Bridge Holiday site which, I think, sums up  Mildenhall Bridge Club. I recall it here for your enjoyment.

He opened two spades - now that was good news
His eight tricks - my five, twas nothing to lose
The grand was soon bid - it fell on it's face
They led out a King then followed an Ace.
Oh dear! We must have been playing weak twos!!!"


What a happy bunch!!
What a happy bunch!!
Director: John Child
Scorer: John Child
MBC pairs
Director: John Child
Scorer: John Child
MBC pairs
Director: John Child
Scorer: John Child